Divina Online Dual Classing Tips

Divina Online Dual Classing Tips by Lanie

Having played games with the whole “pick two classes” (aka, Eden Eternal doesn’t count), I’ve learned a few important tips to always consider.

1: Neither Class should have the same Role.
This means you should keep aware what the game needs in a party, and try to be varied in what role you play. Playing Monk and Ninja isn’t the most recommended combination, because they play nearly the same role (DPS). The Fighter/Cleric combo though is best recommended for people who love support, even with the role sharing, only because these two options are typically in more demand than supply.

Assumed Roles: Fighter (Tank, Support), Cleric (Healer, Support), Wizard (AoE, DPS, Lure), Ranger (Trapper, DPS, Lure), Ninja (Scout, DPS, Spike), Monk (DPS, Spike)
*Spike: A term used to indicate the class in charge of dealing “Spike Damage”, or in other words, the single target high damage type (typical of classes with high crits too)
*Ranger: The Ranger class, when acting as a Dedicated Trapper/Lure, does not count as DPS, although they may be an acceptable AoE in this case with the right traps.
*Mage: The Mage class, when acting as a Dedicated AoE, does not count as DPS. Records indicated that this class may not be very special when against single targets anyway.
*Co-incidently, Lure also means Ranged and Spike means Melee. Fighters and Clerics do not count for either because they are not DPS.

This means the following are possibly too similar to each other: Fighter/Cleric (see above), Wizard/Ranger, Ninja/Monk. Keep this in mind to improve your demand in parties.

2: Dedicated Role or Bust.
Don’t trust you don’t need a healer (solo or team), because of Cleric being an alt-class for someone’s current class. If you need to change class, you aren’t healing fast enough. This is also true for any other role. This is an especially frequent mistake which is caused when the most common combo is [DPS/Heal]. Don’t make this mistake planning, expect that you will be stuck without healing as a DPS, and without damage as a Healer. If you can be ready for this, you should have a good combo.

3: Balanced Role Usage.
This is especially important if each class has their own level. Keep both classes at around the same level, otherwise your stuck with one class, as the other class is unsuitable for your current area and party. If both share a character level (instead of using a class level), this isn’t as important, but it’s still good for practice so that you’re equally skilled in either class and can play either one as required (just not at once, see #2).

4: Play your Current Role.
Having two Roles, NEVER try to do things your current Role is not intended for. Even with their defensive bonuses, a Monk is no Tank (same with Ninja and their evasion). Lure attacks are always ranged attacks of someone mobile, so all melee classes can not do this (not even the tank), and the healer should NEVER lure, the best classes for this task are suppressive in nature (wizard spells with AoE Lure or rangers guns which can be supported with Traps). When it comes to a boss, Wizards and Rangers are simply support damage (and the Wizard is in charge of any summons, since they have the AoE Role), so there is focus on Ninjas and Monks for dealing the damage. When it comes to grinding in a team, AoE is only played as a Role once the Tank has established control (often with the help of traps), so when playing an AoE role the AoE-ist remains immobile in the middle of the team. Fighters and Clerics should never be concerned with how much damage they cause, only how much aggression (fighter) or healing (cleric) they cause.

Roles per Task:
*Boss – Tank, Healer, Spike.
Bosses with AoE attacks make Melee (all the Spike classes) less useful (minus Ninja’s Shurukens), because those DPS are not allowed into AoE range.
Bosses with Summons require an AoE if there are more than a few. If there are only a few, they can be addressed with extra Spikes (and certain traps).
*Grind – DPS, Lure.
Grind on Weak Groups require one or more AoE. No Tank required. Healer may be only optional if the team is powerful enough.
Grind on Strong Solos require Tank, Healer, Trapper/Lure, and Spike. This makes the wizard only optional.

Class per Task:
*Ftr – Bosses (Require 1), Strong Grind (Recommend 1), Weak Grind (Optional 1).
*Clr – Bosses (Require 1), Strong Grind (Recommend 1), Weak Grind (Optional 1).
*Mge – Bosses (Special), Strong Grind (Optional 1), Weak Grind (Require ++).
*Rng – Bosses (Special), Strong Grind (Require 1-2), Weak Grind (Recommend ++).
*Nnj – Bosses (Require* ++), Strong Grind (Require ++), Weak Grind (Optional ++).
*Mnk – Bosses (Require* ++), Strong Grind (Require ++), Weak Grind (Optional ++).
Bosses with certain special attacks (AoE/Summons) may make things harder for Spike classes and easier for Lure classes.
Ninja’s can play their scout roles in instance dungeons, and can offer minor support damage against AoE Bosses.

This should give a good impression of what Role a person would need for their Alt Class. You should be good in both a Grind situation and a Boss situation, for different reasons.

Please note, these guidelines are only for PvE, PvP is a whole different question. Learn what you can do in PvE first before taking it into PvP, because roles becomes something a whole lot more complicated.

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