Divina Online Item Rarity Color Guide

Divina Online Item Rarity Color Guide by Aoyuki

Rarity is what makes your item different than the common ones as how much effort you need to get them, as everyone wants to know what they are holding, here we have the item nomination due to their rarity shown as different name colors.

1-White- Common items, some are garbage, some are quest items and others are potions and food you buy at npc shops.

2-Green- Ordinary items, most commonly found at npc shops, these are weak items exept potions you craft at your territory that are more effective than the white ones and some CS costumes gotten by gathering capsules.

3-Blue- Good items, those are better items wich you can craft equipments, some fairies are classified as blue.

4-Purple- Quality items, those are much better, purple equips have good statistics and can give extra skills when you complete a full set of core and materias of the same name.

5-Orange- Quality Rare items, the equipments are really rare as drops from dungeon monsters and have some advantage from the purple items, there are fairies and SM that are classified as orange.

6-Golden- Rare items, these are really good and have a lot of advantages as the equipments does, golden items are powerful as the upgrade stones and rare fairies, golden items are must have, so, everyone will attempt to get them.

7-Red- Legendary items, take twice the efforts to get as the golden items, legendaries are mainly equipments and are upgraded versions of the weapons, cores and materias, the accessories are just unique, also, red equipments has their own skills wich make them the best items in the game.

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