Divina Online Ninja Tips

Divina Online Ninja Tips by Lanie

For most classes, things are really simple and straight forwards. You get a weapon (magical or physical) which does damage based on a single stat (with a Mechanical Machinist needing no Stat for damage), and critical damage with a specific other stat. This means two of the stats are fundamentally useless. Then you go and learn skills, and you use those skills with MP (and maybe an item if you are, again, a Mechanical Machinist, in addition to them using ammo with their weapon). Life is generally simple and straight forward, nothing complicated about it.

But then there is the Ninjitsu Path Skills. Suddenly things get a whole lot more complicated as we feature attacks which do a combination of magic AND physical damage, meaning if you’re interested in increasing damage you’ve got to worry about two stats, and if you want more critical rate, that’s another two stats. There isn’t a single stat which is useless to a Ninja Assassin as a result, and you’re going to want to be careful to make sure your overall damage doesn’t suffer as a result.

Things get more complicated from here. Most magic attacks require NO MP. Instead, you spend chakra points, gained either very slowly by casting one of two spells with an annoyance of a cooldown… or their passive ability. The passive ability racks up their chakra by doing physical attacks. This means you have to do many of the physical attacks to reliably use magical attacks, which are also considerably more powerful than the physical ones even without that int-granting gear.

What makes this different from a Shadow Assassin? Their specialized skills are generally exclusively physical attacks, with no reason to worry about magical attack (and thus they usually are prime candidates for racking up major evasion stats). These skills are all also simply MP based…. making Shadow Assassins work just the same as a normal class. Concerns for things like mixed damage types and chakra are really only meant for a ninja to deal with.

Overall, this makes Ninja Assassins a very difficult class to work with. Only players skilled enough to be prepared for such a challenging class should attempt it.

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