Divina Online Machinist Sub-Type Abilities List

Divina Online Machinist Sub-Type Abilities List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for abilities are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each ability does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Ability Rank (Points required at that rank)
Ability Name (Max Level of Ability): Description

A Description with something in “Quotes” refers to a class skill. This means this ability modifies a skill of that class. The skill name may not be correctly interpreted (See Notice Above). The use of | specifies the difference in effect for each ability level.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Unbound (3): “Cannon Shot” MP Cost down 10%|20%|30%.
*Compressor (5): Physical Crit Rate up 100|200|300|400|500.
*Blast Chain (2): “Bullet Wound” Duration up 3|6 seconds.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Artillery (3): “Twin Fire” Physical Attack up 15%|30%|45%.
*Scoped Aim (3): Gun Accuracy up 10%|20%|30%
*Cannon Fire (3): “Cannon Shot” Physical Attack up 5%|10%|15%, Effect up 15%|30%|45%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Sniping (1): “Sniping” Learned. Attack, 262% unblockable physical attack, damage increased with range.
*Paralysis (5): “Stun Shot” Physical Attack up 10%|20%|30%|40%|50%, Cooldown down 2|4|6|8|10 seconds.
*Steel Rain (3): “Bullet Storm” Physical Attack up 20%|40%|60%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Burning Bullets (1): “Burning Bullets” Learned. Support, bonus 20% fire damage for 30 seconds.

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Surveillance Scan (3): “Weak Point Scanning” Effect up 10%|20%|30%.
*Synchronization (3): “Charge Energy” Effect up 15%|30%|45%.
*Power Burst (3): “Shotgun Blast” Physical Attack up 10%|20%|30%.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Final Burst (1): “Final Burst” Learned. Attack, normal damage, Targets with below 35%hp take an additional 1085 damage regardless of defense.
*Hatred (3): “Hate Shot” Physical Attack up 12%|24%|36%.
*Point Blank Burst (3): “R-Zero Shell” Physical Attack up 10%|20%|30%.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Berserker Bullet (1): “Berserker Bullet” Learned. Attack, 183% physical attack, 10m Area, bonus 170 physical power for 15 seconds.

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Guidance System (3): “Missile Barrage” Area up 10%|20%|30%.
*Electric Surge (3): “Laser Cannon” cooldown down 5|10|15 seconds.
*Berserker Rage (3): “Berserker Bullet” Cooldown down 10|20|30 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Gambler’s Storm (1): “Gambler’s Storm” Learned. Attack, 162% defense piercing physical attack, 20m area/5 targets, deals 80% damage to user.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Rapid Storm (3): “Gambler’s Storm” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.
*Weapon Modifications (3): “Endless Pain” Overtime Damage up 200|400|600.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Extra Charges (3): “Landmine” Physical Power up 10%|20%|30%.
*Complex Toxins (3): “Venom Trap” Physical Power up 12%|24%|36%.
*Quick Engineering (3): Trap Deploy Time down 15%|30%|45%.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Improved Sentry (4): “Sentinel” Critical Defense up 3%|6%|9%|12%.
*Blasting Zone (3): “Regeneration Ring” Area up 12%|24%|36%.
*Sonic Resonance (2): Trap Area up 25%|50%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Hydrogen Bomb (1): “Hydrogen Bomb” Learned. Attack, deals 100% physical attack, every 4 seconds deals another hit with 84% more damage, lasts 8 seconds.
*Explosive Expertise (3): “Blast Mine” Damage up 13%|26%|39%.
*Black Box (3): “Rage Amplification” Duration up 10|20|30 seconds.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Loud Bombardment (1): “Loud Bombardment” Learned. 159% physical attack, area attack, up to 5 targets, prevents skill usage for 3 seconds.

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Magnetization (3): Mechanical Fields Area up 5%|10%|15%.
*Electroshock (3): “Pulse Trap” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds.
*Backup Battery (3): “Stasis Shield” Duration up 2|4|6 seconds.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Blitz Turret (1): “Blitz Turret” Learned. Summon, consumes HP, attacks up to 5 targets at once.
*Power Generator (4): “Energy Station” MP Healing up 100|200|300|400.
*Peaceful by Design (4): “Calming Station” Duration up 5|10|15|20 seconds.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Nano Laser (1): “Nano Laser” Learned. Attack, 157% physical damage, deal 150 defense ignoring damage/second, lasts 15 seconds.

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Nanite Controller (3): “Detonator” Area up 10%|20%|30%.
*Chain Reaction (2): “Remote Bomb” Affects 6|7 Targets.
*Supercharge (3): “Energy Station” Cooldown down 40|80|120 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Satellite Uplink (1): “Satellite Uplink” Learned. Support, Detect Stealth, Allies Accuracy up 500, Lasts 60 seconds.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Satellite Upgrade (3): “Satellite Uplink” Cooldown down 30|60|120 seconds.
*Advanced Claymore (3): “Claymore Mine” Duration up 2|4|6 seconds.

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