Divina Online Buffs and Debuffs List

Divina Online Buffs and Debuffs List by Lanie

Fighter (Buffs):
*Self Phys Atk Up – 3min
*Self Phys Def Up – 3min
*Defensive Stance (Toggle/Passive): Self Phys Atk Down, Self Phys Def Up, Self Block Up, Self Hate Up. (Funny how that last one sounded)
*Aggressive Stance (Toggle/Passive): Self Atk Spd Up, Self Phys Crit Up. (Issues translating this line)
*Self Mind Status Immunity – 6sec; Fainting, Hypnosis, Metamorphosis.
*Self Phys Status Immunity – 12sec; Sleep, Paralysis. (Also includes Phys Crit Rate Up)
*Self Max HP Up – 30sec
*Life Shield (15min): Restore Self HP by Defending (Being Attacked)
*Self Regeneration (3sec) – 30sec
*Self Phys Crit Dmg Up – 8sec

*Target Int Up – 30min
*Party Int Up – Toggle/Passive
*Ice Shield (30min): Self MP Regen Up, Self Attacker Atk Spd Down.
*Self Absorb Mgc Dmg – 15sec
*Self Mgc Atk Up – 15sec
*Self Mgc Def Up – 30min

Cleric (Buffs):
*Self Mgc Evd Up – 15sec
*Party Vit Up – 45min
*Party Dex Up – 45min
*Target Hp Regen Up – 12sec
*Target Sleep Status Immunity – 6sec
*Target Tranquility (20sec): Hp Regen Up, No Mp Regen.
*Target Vit Up – 30min
*Target Dex Up – 30min
*Target Absorb Phys Dmg – 30sec
*Target Phys Def Up – 10sec

Ranger (Buffs):
*Party HP/MP Regen Up – Toggle/Passive
*Party Phys Crit Dmg Up – Toggle/Passive
*Party Mag Crit Dmg Up – Toggle/Passive
*Party Mag/Phys Evd Up – Toggle/Passive
*Energy Charge (30sec): Self Phys Crit Down, Self MP Regen Up
*Self Atk Spd Up – 60sec
*Self Hate Down – 30sec
*Self Phys Crit Dmg Up – 15sec
*Self Phys Crit Rate Up – 20sec
*Electro Cover (Toggle/Passive): No Action, Damage Immune.

Ninja (Buffs):
*Self Phys Atk Up – 30sec
*Self Mag Atk Up – 18sec
*Self Stealth Form – Toggle/Passive
*Self Phys Evd Up – 15sec
*Self Counter Atk – 15sec
*Self Shadow Form – 3min
*Self Move Spd Up – 15sec

Monk (Buffs):
*Self Move Spd Up – 30sec
*Self Str Up – 3min
*Self Hate Up – 3min
*Concentration (Toggle/Passive): Phys Crit Rate Up, Phys Crit Evd Down.

Monsters, Common (Buffs):
*Group Phys/Mag Atk Up (15min)
*Self Phys Def Up

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