Divina Online Buff and Debuff Items Guide

Divina Online Buff and Debuff Items Guide by Aoyuki

Everyone was discussing about buffs and debuffs as skills, but the items are being left behind, so here will be our little guide about them.
Buff and debuff items will be found everywhere in the game and they are level range/restrictive to use, for example, a level 20 player cannot use a level 30 item, but a level 150 player can use all levels of buff/debuff items. As the level of those items increases, their effects also increase, so the best items are the top level ones.
Those items are classified as:

1-Power Drugs– Each one will increase one status of each 6.

2-Power Crystals– Statistic effects increase.
Attack Crystal
Magic Attack Crystal
All Defences Crystal
Life Boost Crystal
Magic Boost Crystal
Evasions Allover Crystal
Criticals Allover Crystal
Speed UP Crystal

Power Leech
Magic Power Leech
All Defences Crack
Life Leech
Magic Leech
Evasions Allover Down
Criticals Allover Down
Hate Generator
Sacrifice Life For Magic
Sacrifice Magic For Life

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