Divina Online Instance Dungeon List

Divina Online Instance Dungeon List by Aoyuki

Here we have our ID list available in Divina until now.

Chaos Dungeon, level 30.
Orwell”s Pile, level 30.
Dragon’s Palace, level 40.
1000 Years of Grudge, level 50.
Golden Bangles, level 55.
Heaven’s Rock, level 60.
Experimental False God, level 65.
Ice Witch, level 70.
The Legend of Orochi, level 70.
World Tree Crisis, level 75.
Ragnarok, level 75.
Mimir Fountain, level 85.
Story of the White Snake, level 90.
Bull Overlord, level 95.
Sky Godess, level 100.
Time/Space Godess, level 105.
The Staff Girl, level 115.
Ghost Town Witch, level 120.
Saint Graal Judgement, level 125.
Unfortunate Philosopher, level 125.
Unexplored Fuji’s Venom, level 130.
Secret Society, level 130.
Test of Truth, level 130.
Imhotepp, level 135.
Evil God Seth, level 135.
Tower of Glory, level 135.
Girl Who Lost Her Light, level 140.
Spirit Sword, level 143.
Hero Candidate, level 145.
Devil Shadow, level 147.

That is it, quite a huge selection.

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