Divina Online Choosing Your Class Guide

Divina Online Choosing Your Class Guide by Lanie

To pass on information to help people know which class is most suited for them, I decided to write a quick guide on the subject. This will include SubTypes and clarify the sorts of things you will do if you pick the given Class/SubType. Remember, in the end, you get to pick two of the below when making your choice.

*Guardian Knight: GKs are Knights of the Guardian Path which boast the best in defensive talents, the tanks of the game. This class fits the standard expectations of such, with their melee weapon plus physical defense shield. They also get plenty of ways to draw hate onto themselves, which is a requirement for any tank, and even the ability to rush to any ally. However, they don’t boast much in either damage or magic defense. They will be very slow to grind alone because of the slow kill rates (just don’t forget that the ability to do damage helps with adding hate), but they aren’t expected to have issues staying alive… usually. Getting hit with a magic attack will hurt considerably, and is their bane.

Players should play GK if they prefer survival over killing and enjoy keeping others alive at the same time. Similar to a Light Cleric, this class is just more aggressive as they will always be the first into battle, instead of avoiding it.

*Destroyer Knight: DKs are Knights of the Destroyer Path which are one of the melee DPS classes, while still having a decent defensive ability. Their large melee weapons do considerable damage, slowly. They are much easier to grind alone than their counterpart SubType because of this damage, but aren’t as skilled at taking physical damage. DKs still maintain that lack of magic defense, and it tends to hit them hard. DKs don’t have much in the area of speed or critical power, but they have the raw stable power for reliable damage, as well as functions like drastic reduction of defense.

Players should play DK if they enjoy High Power Melee combat. Similar to a Shadow Assassin, this class just surrenders critical attacks and speed for raw melee power. A considerably headstrong class for players of a similar mindset.

*Light Cleric: LCs are Clerics of the Light Path which are the Healer of the game. This class is the support class which focuses highly on it’s ability to heal and buff others, with most of their skills being various forms of healing. Beyond that, they are very inadequate in combat, having a limited magic defense and almost nothing for physical protection. To remedy this, they may opt to use a staff and shield, which improves magical defense (even giving Magic Block) at the expense of healing quality, instead of using a book. Either way, they can do very little for physical protection, and aren’t very capable of dealing damage. Leveling solo isn’t at all recommended, but this class is vital to most parties.

Players should play LC if they enjoy being supportive and helpful far more than attacking. Similar to a Guardian Knight, this class is just as vital to a party, but does so as far from combat as possible.

*Dark Cleric: DCs are Clerics of the Dark Path which are keenly capable of deadly magic attacks. They command spells of remarkably quick cast times, with fairly decent damage, and still have access to healing capabilities (although they aren’t really a skilled healer type). They also command access to various curses and debuffing magic. However, they have a complete neglect for their personal defense, as they are usually best suited with a book (using a staff/shield is still optional, but this class gains far more use from damage than defense). This class is considerably efficient with a critical build, although this will reduce the quality of whatever healing potential you might have had. This class also promotes the best Magic Evasion.

Players should play DC if they enjoy deadly magic and long term debuffs, and enjoy quicker casting over higher damage per spell, in addition to having a ‘side’ of healing. Similar to an Ninja Assassin, this class is efficient with speed casting, but has higher mp costs. However, unlike Ninja Assassins, this class can reliably cast any spell using only mp.

*Destructive Sorcerer: DS are Sorcs of the Destructive Path which focus primarily on slow casting destructive single target magic attacks. They command the highest potential for single target damage per skill in the game, yet have some spells with considerable wait times (longest of all classes). While capable of using a staff/shield, their command over considerable magic damage grants no reason for ever not using a book. They also have a decent capability to build into critical magic attacks, which will reduce non-critical damage to increase critical damage potential (Spike Damage Style). However, they have absolutely no regard for defense at all, with the lowest physical defense potential and having sacrificed more magic defense potential than any other caster who uses a book. As a result, this class is difficult to play without the support of a team, yet contributes considerable damage and Freezing/Slow status potential.

Players should play DS if they love seeing the biggest numbers possible for damage, regardless of how long it takes to rack out that damage, and usually just for a single target. Such is usually enjoyed in parties where Freeze/Slow is of use to players with physical/melee attacks. Similar to a Artillery Machinist, this class takes their time to hit with an intense amount of wide area/long range damage, but of a magical nature.

*Mystical Sorcerer: MS are Sorcs of the Mysterious Path which controls the field. They command fairly wide area attack spells with decent cast times and damage (fairly balanced of both), which grants them an extensive talent at crowd control. They also have a lot of defensive traits, such as transformation spells, Mana Recovery spells (making this class very mana efficient), Magic Absorbption/Defense buffs, and Shields (granting stuff like knockback or faster casting). This class is far more capable using a Staff/Shield than any other class, considering their high affinity for magic defense (However they may still use books when area damage is preferred over magic defense). This class has absolutely no concern of being hit by magic attacks, however physical attacks are still dangerous.

Players should play MS if they wish to play a class which supports a team using powerful area attacks or high magical protection talents, along with having the best mana efficiency. This class is a very Hybrid style class in that it plays a major role in area damage, defense, recovery, and crowd control. Similar to a Mechanical Machinist, this is a supportive class which also deals area damage, but of a more magical nature.

*Artillery Machinist: AM are Machs of the Artillerist Path which are the experts in long range physical damage, as well as doing considerable damage per hit, even with a basic attack. GMs are the experts in accuracy, range, and physical damage capabilities (even being decent with critical hits too), yet have the lowest attack speed in the game. This class is reliant on ammunition, as well as dependant on physical evasion for survival, being otherwise balanced defensively between magic and physical defenses, resulting usually in an average and balanced quality defense (evasion is improved if they focus on a Critical build, which is decent for them), so it’s recommended to keep enemies at range when possible.

Players should play AM if they love the maximum quality of range possible, in addition to doing impressive numbers for damage, regardless of attack speed, and have no interests other than doing just big numbers at long range. Such players should also be prepared to track ammunition. Similar to a Destructive Sorcerer, this class is effective at high power attacks at long range, even in an area, they just do so physically (and are the only class who deal ranged physical damage reliably).

*Mechanical Machinist: MMs are Machs of the Mechanic Path which are experts in area attacks. Every trap deals area damage which is unaffected by stats, allowing the MM to focus on defensive stats such as Evasion. They are also skilled using other deployable options which are considerably supportive, such as the recovery stations and field buffs. This class is reliant on parts for it’s skills, and depends on physical evasion for survival, but is otherwise very balanced defensively, so the Trapper must be cautious when placing traps too close to threats.

Players should play MM if they wish to play a supportive class for team play which supports the party with tactical Area Attacks and Buffs, as well as decent mana efficiency. This class is a very Hybrid class which plays a role in area damage, crowd control, recovery, and constant buffs. Similar to a Mystical Sorcerer, this class is a very supportive class with some area damage dealing options, just of a more physical nature.

*Shadow Assassin: SAs are Sins of the Stealth Path which focus on exceptional melee DPS, at high speeds with considerable physical critical hit potential. Additionally, this class specializes in stealth and physical evasion (having the highest physical evasion of all classes), although is otherwise balanced defensively, so this class is reliant on such stealth and evasion to do combat in melee.

Players should play SA if they are intent on solo play using speed to their advantage. Similar to a Destroyer Knight, this class just focuses less on raw power and instead prefers depending on critical strikes to deliver their damage counts in a volley of attacks. This class tends to not be very party-friendly, and it’s players are usually of the same nature.

*Ninja Assassin: NAs are Sins of the Ninjutsu Path which are in command of the ninja arts, which combine magic with physical attacks. This class is capable of playing at range or melee, but is usually found close to their foes (making this class the closest range caster of all) to rack up free basic attacks at melee. This class is often designed with a mixed intent due to having skills which are both physical and magical (and thus can be difficult to play being still balanced defensively), yet still having a decent capability for physical evasion, and can freely focus on either style of critical hits. This class is highly dependant on collecting souls, either by consuming mp/hp or by doing physical attacks, to use their fast and powerful magic attacks.

Players should play NA if they are interested in a hybrid combat style mixing magic and physical attacks. Similar to a Dark Cleric, this class focuses on dealing damage rapidly, but it’s best spells require souls. However, most spells which require souls do not require any mp. This class is not recommended for novice players due to it’s complexity.

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