Divina Online Cleric Sub-Type Abilities List

Divina Online Cleric Sub-Type Abilities List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for abilities are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each ability does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Ability Rank (Points required at that rank)
Ability Name (Max Level of Ability): Description

A Description with something in “Quotes” refers to a class skill. This means this ability modifies a skill of that class. The skill name may not be correctly interpreted (See Notice Above). The use of | specifies the difference in effect for each ability level.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Enhanced Healing (4): “Healing Waters” up 75%|150%|225%|300%.
*Extended Reach (3): “Dexterity Blessing” Effect up 20%|40%|60%.
*Royal Decree (3): MP Recovery up 5|10|15, Cast Speed up 2%|4%|6%.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Fitness Knowledge (3): “Vitality Blessing” Effect up 20%|40%|60%.
*Quickening (3): “Quick Heal” Effect up 50%|100%|150%, Cast Time down 10%|20%|30%.
*Strong Faith (3): “Heart of Mana” Effect up 42%|84%|126%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Angel Wings (1): “Angel Wings” Learned. Healing, 380% magic attack healed.
*Divine Protection (5): “Holy Shield” Effect up 10%|20%|30%|40%|50%.
*Rapid Regeneration (4): “Holy Healing” Effect up 6%|12%|18%|24%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Luminous Shield (1): “Luminous Shield” Learned. Support, MP Recovery up 100, MP cost of Water Spells down 2%, lasts 60 seconds. (600sec Cooldown, 216MP)

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Nature’s Gift (3): “Ensnaring Vine” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds, Magic Attack up 500|1000|1500.
*Blessed Rain (3): “Holy Rain” Effect up 15%|30%|45%.
*Aurora (3): “Fairy Light” Magic Attack up 25%|50%|75%, Critical Damage up 5%|10%|15%.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Divine Messenger (1): “Divine Messenger” Learned. Summon, Recover HP of Allies every 3 seconds in a 15m area, Lasts 30 seconds (1019MP).
*Path of Heroes (3): “Awakening” Duration up 2|4|6 seconds.
*Earth Protector (3): “Earth Wall” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Divine Blessing (1): “Divine Blessing” Learned. Healing, Recover 60% of HP/MP for target (505mp).

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Lunar Dew (3): “Mental Blessing” Duration up 5|10|15 seconds.
*Fountain of Valor (3): “Merciful Gift” Duration up 3|6|9 seconds.
*Divine Will (3): “Divine Blessing” Cooldown down 200|400|600 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Holy Blossom (1): “Holy Blossom” Learned. Healing, 3500 magic attack healing, also heals “Holy Shield”.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Spiritual Blessing (3): “Holy Blossom” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.
*Angelic Guardian (3): “Holy Light” Cooldown down 20|40|60 seconds.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Corrupt Intent (3): “Indignation” Magic Attack up 40%|80%|120%.
*Scorpion Sting (3): “Dark Abyss” Magic Attack up 11%|22%|33%.
*Fatal Hunger (3): Magic Critical Rate up 100|200|300.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Shadow Pact (2): “Indignation”, “Dark Abyss”, and “Decrepify”, and “Soul Devouring” Range up 8%|16%.
*Soul Strike (4): “Indignation” Slow Effect up 8%|16%|24%|32%.
*Erosion (3): “Decreptify” Magic Attack up 12%|24%|36%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Hellfire (1): “Hellfire” Learned. Attack, 333% Magic Attack, Unblockable, Require’s “Decripify” State (5sec Cooldown, 23m Range, 149mp).
*Cursed Talisman (3): “Thermal Curse” and “Sandstorm Curse” Effect up 13%|26%|39%.
*Soul Crusher (3): “Soul Devouring” Magic Attack up 12%|24%|36%, Stun Rate up 25%|50%|75%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Mark of Death (1): “Mark of Death” Learned. Attack, 126% magic attack, overtime 30% magic attack/2sec for 20 seconds (20sec Cooldown, 23m Range, 259mp).

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Frailty Curse (3): “Death Curse” Effect up 10%|20%|30%.
*Devouring (4): “Enveloping Shadow” Magic Attack up 100%|200%|300%|400%, Cooldown down 1|2|3|4 seconds, Area up 8%|16%|24%|32%.
*Death Magic (3): “Mark of Death” Absorbs MP at 200% Magic Attack (Success 33%|66%|100%).

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Demon Warrior (1): “Demon Warrior” Learned. Summon, Improves Physical/Magical Defense, Improves Magical Attack, Improves MP Recovery, Prohibits Water Magic, lasts 30 seconds (300sec Cooldown, 679mp).
*Twilight Eclipse (3): “Chaos Healing” Effect up 4%|8%|12%.
*Midnight (5): “Shroud of Darkness” Effect up 6%|12%|18%|24%|30%.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Hell’s Inferno (1): “Hell’s Inferno” Learned. Support, Recover 500mp/3sec, “Soul Implosion” and “Indignation” magic attack up 100%, lasts 18 seconds (300sec Cooldown, 505MP).

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Haze Soul (3): “Psychic Shock” Cooldown down 2|4|6 seconds.
*Demonic Flame (3): “Hell’s Inferno” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.
*Phantom Erosion (3): “Hellfire” Physical Attack Bonus 15%|30%|45.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Eternal Nightmare (1): “Eternal Nightmare” Learned. Attack, 108%+2338 Magic Attack, Additional 100%+250 Magic Attack/Critical for 10 seconds.

Rank 10 (52pt)

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