Divina Online Cleric Skills List

Divina Online Cleric Skills List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for skills are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each skill does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Skill Category
Skill Name (Max Skill Levels): Description

Descriptions will detail all skills as a range based on the highest and lowest skill level only. This is done using the format “lowest|highest”. Descriptions include variables such as Type (the Subtype the skill gets abilities for), Elemental/Weapon, Level (Available) Min|Max, MP Cost Min|Max, Cast Time (if any), Range, Duration (if any), Cooldown, Price Min|Max, and has the Skill Effect Details on a new line. Usable Abilities are not included in this Skill List as such is fully defined in the Ability List.

Categories: Attack Skills list any skill or spell dealing a direct attack to the enemy. Effect Skills are situational skills or spells which do things like set traps/devices or debuff enemies. Benefit skills are the variety of healing and buff skills and spells which directly improve player performance. Passive Skills are Skills which do not need to be used to gain benefit of that skill.

Attack Skills

*Indignation (17): Dark, Fire, Lv1|135, 8|946mp, 2s Cast, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 0|1,810,730 Cost.
Deals 32% +57|3094 Magic Damage.

*Dark Abyss (17): Dark, Water, Lv3|139, 12|????mp, 20m, 16s Duration, 0.6s Cool, 120|2,398,260 Cost.
Deals 14|627 Magic Damage with 17% +15|675 Damage/4s.

*Decrepify (16): Dark, Water, Lv13|135, 44|????mp, 20m, 12s Duration, 0.6s Cool, 1,390|1,810,730 Cost.
Deals 30|515 Magic Damage with 7% +34|576 Damage/3s.

*Soul Devouring (14): Dark, Fire, Lv23|133, 105|????mp, 20m, 30s Cool, 7,030|1,520,040 Cost.
Deals 12% +188|1873 Defense Ignoring Magic Attack, May Recover User’s HP.

*Fairy Light (12): Light, Wind, Lv45|133, 116|????mp, 4s Cast, 23m, 1s Duration, 1s Cool, 48,230|1,520,040 Cost.
Sustained Magic, Deals 11% +227|1121 Magic Attack/1s, Critical Magic Damage up 15%.

*Psychic Shock (6): Dark, Wind, Lv87|135, 392|????mp, 23m, 10s Duration, 24s Cool, 432,400|1,810,730 +Spellbook Cost.
Deals 168% +1599|3392 Magic Attack, May set 50% Cast Time for Indignation.

*Ancient Glyph (2): Neutral, Wind, Lv123|139, 1537|????mp, ?m, 6s Duration, ?s Cool, 1,010,220|2,398,260 +Spellbook Cost.
Deals 140|150% Magic Proximity Damage, 5 targets max, 40% chance to reduce all defenses by 2000|2500.

Effect Skills

*Thermal Curse (13): Dark, Water, Lv7|131, 26|1060mp, 23m, 3min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 260|1,239,560 Cost.
Fire/Water Resist down 132|1620, Prohibits other Curses.

*Sandstorm Curse (12): Dark, Wind, Lv17|131, 57|1060mp, 23m, 3min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 3,070|930,760 Cost.
Wind/Earth Resist down 252|1620, Prohibits other Curses.

*Calming Winds (13): Neutral, Wind, Lv25|125, 50|466mp, 6m, 180s Cool, 8,820|1,052,260 Cost.
Hate down 10|70%, 5 targets max.

*Shadow Curse (11): Dark, Earth, Lv31|137, 109|????mp, 23m, 3min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 16,000|2,103,480 Cost.
Accuracy down 300|1300, Prohibits other Curses.

*Void Magic (5): Dark, Wind, Lv41|105, 128|408mp, 23m, 0.6s Cool, 36,160|635,310 +Spellbook Cost.
Remove Buffs on Target based on skill level.

*Enveloping Shadow (11): Dark, Wind, Lv47|133, 614|????mp, 15m, 10s Duration, 10s Cool, 55,390|1,520,040 Cost.
Sets 8 Traps in range randomly, Traps Deals 75% +1338|6268 damage.

*Ensnaring Vine (1): Light, Earth, Lv51, 514mp, 2s Cast, 23m, 7s Duration, 30s Cool, 72,340 Cost.
Cause Rooting.

*Death Curse (8): Dark, Earth, Lv59|133, 253|????mp, 23m, 3min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 119,730|1,520,040 Cost.
Critical Damage up 18|40%, Prohibits other Curses.

Benefit Skills

*Healing Waters (17): Light, Water, Lv1|135, 17|1592mp, 2.5s Cast, 23m, 0.6s Cool, 0|1,810,730 Cost.
Heal 80% +96|5157 Magic HP.

*Holy Healing (14): Light, Water, Lv3|107, 12|????mp, 23m, 12s Duration, 0.6s Cool, 120|662,560 Cost.
Heal 10% +16|437 Magic HP/3s.

*Vitality Blessing (13): Light, Earth, Lv5|125, 35|????mp, 23m, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 160|1,052,260 Cost.
Vit up 1|55.

*Quick Heal (12): Light, Water, Lv15|103, 85|????mp, 1.5s Cast, 23m, 16s Cool, 2,140|609,090 Cost.
Heal 64% +195|1785 Magic HP.

*Dexterity Blessing (10): Light, Fire, Lv19|109, 107|????mp, 23m, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 4,170|690,870 Cost.
Dex up 5|46.

*Revive (6): Neutral, Water, Lv21|101, 203|????mp, 8s Cast, 15m, 0.6s Cool, 5,490|583,870 Cost.
Cause Ressurection, Heal 234|2002 HP/MP, Prohibited During Combat.

*Shroud of Darkness (6): Dark, Earth, Lv35, 211|????mp, 15s Duration, 10min Cool, 22,620|822,310 Cost.
Magic Evasion up 1000|3500.

*Holy Shield (10): Light, Earth, Lv37|131, 271|2120mp, 23m, 30s Duration, 30s Cool, 26,600|1,239,560 Cost.
Absorb 872|6337 damage.

*Life Burst (9): Neutral, Water, Lv43|107, 273|992mp, 2s Cast, 15m, 0.6s Cool, 41,850|662,560 Cost.
Heal 206% +518|1833 Magic Area (8m) HP, 4 targets max, 7% reduced healing per extra target.

*Earth Wall (1): Light, Earth, Lv55, 381mp, 23m, 10s Duration, 4min Cool, 93,470 +Spellbook Cost.
Physical Damage Immunity.

*Holy Rain (7): Light, Water, Lv57|105, 401|955mp, 6s Cast, 8m, 5min Cool, 105,890|635,310 Cost.
Sustained Magic (6 uses max), Heal 31% +637|1532 Magic Proximity HP/s, 5 targets max.

*Awakening (1): Light, Lv63, 232mp, ?s Cast, 6s Duration, 3min Cool, 152,250 +Spellbook Cost.
Stun/Sleep Immunity.

*Relaxation (1): Neutral, Earth, Lv65, 390mp, 1s Cast, 23m, 20s Duration, 5min Cool, 171,300 Cost.
Cause Sleep, Sleeping target Heals 10% of max HP/MP each 2s.

*Vitality Aura (4): Neutral, Earth, Lv75|129, 1221|3184mp, 10m, 45min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 303,210|1,141,240 Cost.
Proximity Vit up 34|67.

*Dexterity Aura (3): Neutral, Fire, Lv79|127, 1330|3297mp, 10m, 45min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 387,460|1,095,910 Cost.
Proximity Dex up 36|52.

*Chaos Healing (6): Dark, Water, Lv79|123, 665|????mp, 1.5s Cast, 6m, 0.6s Cool, 378,460|1,010,220 Cost.
Heal 60% +391|802 Magic Proximity HP, max 8 targets, Hate up for all targets.

*Mental Blessing (3): Light, Wind, Lv97|119, 995|1432mp, 23m, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 536,270|930,760 +Spellbook Cost.
Mid up 36|48.

*Merciful Gift (2): Light, Water, Lv107|121 2305|????mp, 5s cast, 23m, 15min Duration, 15min Cool, 662,560|969,740 +Spellbook Cost.
Target’s Death causes Heal 4000|5000 HP in 50m, unlimited targets.

*Holy Light (2): Light, Water, Lv111|131, 25%mp, 2s Cast, 10m, 3min Cool, 788,830|1,239,560 +Spellbook Cost.
Heal 25|30% max HP in proximity, 5 targets max.

Passive Skills

*Cleric’s Faith (19): Lv1|109, 0|690,870 Cost.
HP Recovery up 2|59, MP Recovery up 4|107.

*Heart of Mana (13): Lv5|129, 160|1,141,240 Cost.
MP up 48|2085.

*Divine Protection (17): Lv27|129, 10,890|1,141,240 Cost.
Magic Critical Damage recieved down 4|20%.

*Angelic Oath (??): Lv140, 2,309,580 +Spellbook Cost.
All Stats up 10.

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