Battle Pirates Longship Guide

Battle Pirates Longship Guide by wint3rb0rn

Hello everybody My name is Wint3rb0rn and this is just my guide to the proper use some smaller ships most notably Longships.
This has become something i have been known for in the sectors in which i have resided.

The build i use is
Special slot—-Eng 1 (until i unlock further i will keep using this)
Armor slot 1— Steel 2
Armor slot 2— Blank
Weapon slot– Both are filled with Havoc Torpedo’s 3

this puts you at 214/216 tons

Now there are some downfalls to these long ships.
the main ones of them being
-Hardened Barrels 3 with thuds (they come out with about the same range as havoc’s rendering your range advantage useless)
-Seawolfs with eng2 or greater because they can then outpace you also reducing your range advantage
-Submarines because you cannot hit them at all times and they also have havoc’s on them (getting rid of your range advantage)

The two main uses i have for these are Destroying larger fleets while taking no damage at all
—-This works best when fighting BB’s Levi’s FF’s… and slow seawolfs
——The way that i have learned to go about this is during the countdown timer turn all of your ships around to group them together.
——The next step is to start ranging in on your (hopefully later i shall be posting videos) opponants while taking into account their speed and what weapons they have on their ships. on these larger ships the hardest Weapon to fight will the Cutlass missiles just because of how close their range is to yours. But as i was saying start ranging in on your opponents and this does not mean charge in on the headlong i mean try and head perpendicular to them keeping them as far away as possible until you start to judge their speed. then you will start to inch in until your havoc’s start to fire when this happens you will want to keep all ships right at the edge of your range. because that is where you main advantage is.
——–When you have gauged this properly and are keeping ships in range you will have to pay attention not to get cornered… this will come with using the ships and it almost becomes a second nature. one of the best ways i have found to stay alert during a fight is to always keep clicking… always having the mouse and arrow keys moving slightly… keeping up those clicks per minute will make you more adept at controlling all 5 longships adeptly.

—How to use them to take out 8s—
***this will take 2 hits*** but the longships are instant repair so it’s no worry

#1 first hit to this level 8 you will do as i directed above and turn all of your ships around—
#2 one of the major changes is that you will not pursue any of these ships you will let them come to you—
#3 the two fastest ships are the two you will go after during this first hit. they are the missile ships they have the same range as your havocs
#4 you will single them out killing them but most likely will lose 2 longships in the first ship because of missile volleys and you should lose 3 the second time because you will be doing less damage.
#5 and with your second fleet you will take out the 2 slower ships and the large Sled like ship. you will turn yourself around and kill those 2 ships by just simply staying out of range easy stuff.
#6 and last but not least the Sled, okay a few things about the sled it has 2 weapons Mortars and the close range rockets.
—-great things about these weapons your longships are fast enough to outrun the mortars…
—-and your havoc range is great enough to stay out of range of the Rockets.
#7 so what you will be doing is running a circle around that sled keeping it right at the range of your havocs. after you have taken the time to kill this last ship you can reap the reward of your 2.2+ million recs. this is almost as much as a 500% BB fleet with none of the effort of finding a base

Hopefully this helps some of you

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