Battle Pirates Base Defense Tips

Battle Pirates Base Defense Tips by Helikaon

probably some higher lv players may have additions or changes, so understand the followin rules as background for further discussion.
Hope it gives lower lv players an orientation while building their defense…

So here are my 10 golden Rules “How to defend your base!”

1# Focus on primary targets.

Thou it´s impossible to protect all buildings at the same time, build your defense, that it covers the important ones (warehouses & Outpost) first.
There are few buildings that are nice to have (undamaged) – such as Labs, Dock, Shipyard etc..
Try to get as many of them also covered by your turrets and use them at the same time as shields in front of the important ones.

Resource creatin buildings and few others seem to be insignificant – they are fast and cheap to repair.
But there´s also a tactical use for them ( see rule #8)

2# Its all about time!

Design your island in a way that the attacker has to go through a channel with as many corners as possible. Every corner means lost time to turn for the opponent and gives your turrets time to fire on him. That´s where the mortars are most effective.

3# A single turret is almost a dead turret!

Like in a chess game every turret should be covered from other ones.
Your opponent may fire from 5 ships – a single turret will be erased pretty fast, without making a lot of damage.
Build clusters of turrets and make sure that your base can payback from several turrets, every time one of them is attacked.

4# Beware of spread and splash damage!
Most basefleets use mortars with a lot of splash damage, what is devastating to defense clusters.
Therefore put your turrets into a matrix of walls, that separates every turret from the other ones.
That makes sure, that the opponent has to take them out one after another.

5# It´s not only about how many turrets can fire – its also about how long they can fire.

Don´t forget to defend your turrets.
I suggest to use antimortar “bombard rockets” within a defense cluster of 3-4 Sentinels or Victory mortars.
Even though it will not protect your turrets from every hit it gives them more time to fire back, until they go down.

6# It´s a weakpoint to have only one line of defense.

When you build a defense cluster you may be tempted to put ALL your turrets together in one.
You think that looks terrifying to the attacker? – May be at the first look.
The truth is, you have only one line of defense.
And only one well placed rocket may stun or damage several turrets.

When You are able to build enough turrets make a second and a third defense cluster separated from the others.

It´s demoralizing,when you have to stop while fighting one cluster and beeing under fire from two other clusters you need a lot of time to get to.

7# No building is insignificant for tactical use.

Even those who seem to, as resource generators.
Use the oilrigs to block the channel, the opponent has to got through to get to your warehouses.
Although it´s easy to take them out it costs a few seconds, and if they are fortified…

But also the others (metall foundry, zynthium foundry, Energy) can be used in a tactical way.

Your base is now strong enough for even a ff fleet? – No problem, the raiders will come with two or even more fleets.

Make sure, that an attacking fleet passes few RG´s before getting to your defense clusters.
The target is to get 25% damage on your base and get a bubble – but only the 25% that do not hurt to much and are repaired fast and cheap.

8# guarding fleets

A guarding fleet is just to weaken an attacking fleet. Submarines are very annoying, cause they always make damage.
Other guarding ships should have long range weapons like cutlass, so that it´s impossible to outrange them.

9# Hide your strength/or weakness

Use your guarding fleet to cover your level on the great map.
The cowards may avoid the risk, that your level is higher than they expect.
You´ll never know how many attacks never take place…

10# Become a worthless target!

No-one will risk few hours of repair time, when there´s nothing to win.
Keep your warehouses empty as often as possible,
and make sure that the RG´s never get the red “!”

11# Use a mix of different weapons,else special armors will be your death

12# Put at least one row of walls in front of your turrets to protect yourself of ballistic weapons 

# 13 A square base is a dead base.

A large square base is a open invite to get farmed. You gotta invest in a turn heavy channel. You want them to waste their time getting your goods. Yes redoing your base is time consuming but worth it. Gonna be working on desighn number 7 soon.

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