Battle Pirates Fleet Tactics Guide

Battle Pirates Fleet Tactics Guide by Connor

Lets start out with simple tactics for beginers:

  • 1) Auto Control
  • 2) Loop Around

1) Auto Control: Letting the computer control the fleet, which is always targeting enemy ships. This is a poor excuse for a tactic, but it is what the computer does when fleets are not manually contolled.

2) Loop Around: A simple tactic for use on Draconion fleets or off line player’s fleets. Your flagship distracts the enemy fleet’s ships, while the rest of the ships make a loop around the enemy fleet. Use this with ranged weapons such as Thud Cannons, Rapier/ Cutlass Missiles, and Diplomat/ Peacemaker Mortars. Ripper Cannons and Hydra/ Malstrom Rockets are too short ranged for this tactic. Strong Armor should be on the flagship, with medium armor on the other ships.

Now lets get into some more advanced tactics.

  • 3) Base Fleet Killing
  • 4) Kiting
  • 5) Kiting Advanced
  • 6) Assault Missile / Boosters 3 Kiting

3) Base Fleet Killing: Your friend has been attacked and the fleet is about to come out of your friends base. What do you do? Use a high capacity fleet to hold the cargo and put on medium range weapons that have no minimum range so you can charge in and eat the enemy base fleet alive. Engines are standatory for ships Battle Barge and larger so you can dodge the mortar shells that come from the enemy fleet. Be aware that some base fleets contain short range weapons such as Hydra/Malstrom Rockets or Ripper Cannons for protection from charging. Its your choice, mortar shells or ripped apart by close combat weapons. Submarines can be easily used here with engine 1 and torps 4, doing massive damage while dodgeing the threat of mortar shells.

4) Kiting: Your fleet will turn around and use Rapier/ Cutlass Missiles and Diplomat/ Peacemaker Mortars to fire on the enemy fleet from afar without the enemy fleet firing at you, unless they have long range weapons too. Minimal to no armor can be used for all ships, medium armor for begginers at this tactic, for you may not get it right, and get fired at.

5) Kiting Advanced: Your fleet will be split up to diverge enemy fleet’s fire and ships. Use the same fleet setup as with Turn and Run in the previos section. But the only difference is that this tactic will split up your fleet. You can have 3 ships go one way and 2 another way, causing the enemy fleet to split up and follow your ships. Like I said before, use the same fleet setup as in Turn and Run in the previos section.

6) Assault Missile/ Boosters 3 Kiting: This is essantually kiting with the new Solid Fuel Boosters with Assault Missiles. The range is 96.2, which is the same as Sentenial Missiles lvl 3. You can use either Kiting or Kiting Advanced tactics with this weapons combination. I also recomend this combo for antisubmarine useage. Simple use Assault Missiles Boosters 3 Engine 3 and any armor you want on a Sea Wolf. Fan out your fleet and wait 30 seconds for the subs to surface and then watch the missiles fly!

Need a way to counter these tactics? I have those tactics too.

  • Countering these tactics
  • 1) Anti Auto Control
  • 2) Anti Loop Around
  • 3) Anti Base Fleet Killers
  • 4) Anti Kiting
  • 5) Anti Kiting Advanced
  • 6) Anti Assault Missile/ Boosters 3

1) Anti Auto Control: This tactic is simple. You have the exact opposite opposite weapons as the enemy fleet, if the enemy has long range weapons, you should have short range weapons. Depending on the weapons, you can either charge in (long range) or turn and run (short range). Armor is your choice for this tactic, I recommend strong armor and medium range weapons such as Thud Cannons with Hadened Barrels 3 and Strike Missiles D51-L and Laser Retargeting 2. Why those weapons? Thud Cannons with Hadened Barrels 3 will challenge the range of most missile based weapons, such as Cuttlass Missiles 4. And Strike Missiles D51-L have no minimum range, so they are as dangerous as Ripper Cannons with the range of a Thud Cannon.

2) Anti Loop Around: This is simple to counter. The worst thing you can do is stay still. The best thing you can do is charge the enemy fleets ships and let some shells fly.

3) Anti Base Fleet Killers: There is no possible way to dodge this threat without a spotter outside the base you are attacking. If you are fast enough, you can move your fleet before the battle report window pops up. Worse comes to worse, move your mortar ships so the range on them covers your own ships so chargers have to doge shells every second of the battle. You can also put in ships to your base fleet that have Cutlass Missiles and explosive heads to also avoid chargers.

4)Anti Kiting: Stay in one spot so the enemy HAS to turn to attack you. When the enemy ships have turned, charge them and get into the minimum range of thier weapons as fast a spossible to avoid counter manuvers and damages.

5) Anti Kiting Advanced: Do the same as Anti Kiting, exept charge one goup of ships. The combined firepower of your ships will rip apart a small amount of kiting ships. Beware of the other group(s) that could try to trap you in a corner of the screen.

6) Ant Assault Missile/ Booster 3: At the current point in the game, there is NO cou.ter to this deadly combination other then engine 3 torps 4 predator subs, RA 3 Booster Torp 4 Assault Missile DU 4 Stalker Submarine, or your own Assault Missile Booster 3 DU 4 Engine 3 Sea Wolves. I recomend advoiding a fight of booster 3 Assault Missiles.

All these tactics that are related to Kiting can also be used with subs. Subs are a GREAT tool for stealth and death from below.

These tactics are what I suggest, but you can make up your own, and even post them below, becauce this guide is now open for suggestions! But becauce of the recent attacks on Sector 315, and the retaliations to Sector 314, it may be some time unitll you see your tactic up in this guide. But I promise improvements to the tactics will be made as time and attacks allow.

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