Battle Pirates Mass Exploration Guide

Battle Pirates Mass Exploration Guide by The M

Exploring is key to finding new things like mines and other player to battle against. At first exploring will take some time but if you want to explore the whole explorable sea (everything in your 850 range) then here are a few tips.

Basic exploration
To speed things up when exploring you could use multiple fleets that only have gunboat in them as they are the fastest ships. Another thing so that you don’t miss any bit out is to go to edge of the map at (X,0) or (X,599) and send your fleet there. What ever the coord is for X go to the other side of the map and send your fleet to that same X coord. For example if my fleet was at (767,0) I would then send it to (767,599), this will take about 18mins so you must stay on the map veiw or else it wont explore.

Mass exploration
Now for this just do the same as before with the basic exploration but use more than one fleet, line them up at the edge of the map with 7 coords apart so if I put one at (767,0) I would put the next one at (760,0) then (753,0) and so on. You should get something like this:

As before go to the other side of the map and start sending the fleets to the same coords on that side so the one at (767,0) will be sent to (767,599) and the next fleet to (760,599) then (753,599) and so on. You will end up exploring a bit chunk of the sea in one go like this:

And when they get to the other side they all be lined up again so all you need to do is move them all down abit and then just repeat.

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