Battle Pirates Killing Drac Outpost with Subs Guide

Battle Pirates Killing Drac Outpost below lvl 25 with Subs Guide by greymalken

Target: Level 25 outposts
Fleet: Token Flagship (battle barge) and 4 predator subs (eng1, havoc4 x2, no armor)
If done properly you can take down an entire lvl 25 outpost with this fleet and lose only the flagship!

Step 1: Insertion
Align your fleet on the map so that you will enter the battle map already right on top of one of the corner defense platforms, I would reccomend one of the bottom two corners as it delays the time it takes for the missile ships up top to head your way.

If done right your entry should look like the above image. You will have enough time to smash the corner with your subs and turn them around to kite the fleet down. (there are plenty of guides on how to kite a fleet with subs, not going to picture that)

Step 2: Take your marks!

Your subs are going to position themselves for a sprint to the next tower. Count 12 tiles from the edge of the defense platform and place your subs in the center of the 13th tile. Now pause a second and watch the dive timer.

Just after the subs surface, use your arrow keys to select each ship and move it to the target square.
The target square is 2 1/2 tiles away from the defense platform, once there your torpedo launchs will have the shortest travel time while still being able to target the platform. This is important! if you sit at max range for torps the travel time will mean dead ships as the defense platforms cannons do NOT have travel time and they will get more salvos off while your torps are swimming through squares you could have taken care of already!

Step 3: Kill the center platform (it doesn’t have guns)

Step 4: Repeat step 2, this time for the third and final platform.

Note: If your timing is just so, you can do this without a single sub dead. If you timing is slightly off, you will lose 1 sub on the second tower and the remaining 3 subs on the last tower (although the tower and your last sub will both die at the same time, lol)

This works, I have managed to garner 2 million points using just this method and 3 fleets of subs running in and out.

For all you naysayers about subs – look, if I could use bigger better boats, I would, -still waiting on the researches

Best of luck and good hunting all!

P.S. I imagine the timing on all this would be loads easier with engine 2 or 3. engine 1 gets tricky with the tower diving.

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