Battle Pirates Hitting Salvages Guide

Battle Pirates Hitting Salvages Guide by FBgamer

I thought it might be a good idea to start a guide on salvages by sharing videos.

This is my first video. It’s for players with Leviathans and D53 Assault Missiles. It shows how to kill a level 7 salvage with auto-pilot. Zero effort, minimal damage (1 minute to repair).

Lead ship: 4 x D71 Shockwaves + 1 x Hailstorm B with Reactive Armor 2 and Guidance Scrambler 2

Other ships: 3 x D53-C Assault Missiles + 2 x Hailstorm B with Laser 2 and Solid Fuel Booster 2

The only purpose of the lead ship is to draw missile fire so the weapons don’t matter. What makes the difference is the Reactive Armor and Guidance Scrambler to reduce the damage.

I plan to make more videos showing different fleet configurations and various salvage levels. If anyone else has videos then feel free to add them here too.

This one’s the same fleet as above but against a level 8 salvage. Again, auto-pilot but a bit more damage this time. Still, it’s only 3 minutes repair time.

This particular fleet configuration no longer works! Kixeye has tweaked something. I know this because I’ve been auto-killing level 8s with this exact fleet configuration for months. And now this has changed literally overnight. Instead of the expected 3 minutes, the repair time for the flag ship is now 12-18 mins.

If I were paranoid and believed in conspiracies, I’d say that this tweak is too conveniently soon after I shared how to auto-kill level 8s.

Anyway, I have an idea how to counter this. I’m not going to let Kixeye stop me from auto-killing level 8 salvages.

I think I know what the problem is. I’ve now refitted my missile levis to SFB3. So I’m guessing that this particular configuration only works with SFB2. Now I need to find something that works with SFB3…

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