Battle Pirates Basic Base Building Guide

Battle Pirates Basic Base Building Guide by Echo227

This is to help those people who have just started up this game and are having extreme difficulties with other players and wish to have a fighting chance in keeping there resources. For starters My name is Mordekaiser of Sector 8 originally Echo227 my original sector is Sector 8. I have been to sectors 8,137,144,377(I believe that is the sector not quite sure) so as you can see i have experienced different sectors and different playing styles of each sector. Travelling taught me quite a bit about what was wrong with my base and my ship designs but the most important lesson i learned is “Base comes first” i say this cause sure you can have the biggest baddest ships in sector but what is the point of having those ships if you get robbed blind from your base everytime cause there is always a way to sink ships your base on the other hand is more complicated if built right to be leveled. When offline your ships you leave out are vulnerable and unless you got people watching your base and protecting you while your offline your pretty much going to lose your ships guarding your base and possibly your base in the assualt.

Be smart cause your base does bubble for at the least 16hours roughly that means your base gots plenty of time for repairs even if you got Depleted Uranium IV defense platforms. Now you might be thinking hey what should i consider when building my base well the simple answer is what isn’t there to consider? For starters your ships those are inconsequential when getting hit at home cause they are generally in yoru dock getting washed by your pirates that sail them. Lets start with Turret placement. How many turrets you have is relative to Kixeye updates, Outpost level, and how many you actually built. Your first two Defense platform levels are instant repair because you can always use the 5 minute repair for free as often as you want however keeping those turrets is a lot easier when your online for the base hit. Well if your just starting out here is some great advice. Do not and i plead to you do not get rid of your 7 day starter bubble cause you want to hit a base for whatever reason that might be. You can easily get Titanium III at the very least level 15 16 being probably the average if you do upgrade or research some stuff.

Just before your last day of being in a bubble i highly suggest you start making your base now think that one over in what you can do to make them more prone to losing there ships. Well by now you should be able to put out as good as you get but not everyone is going straight toward base defense some are going for ships and others inbetween. So here is a little heads up the most range you should have any important structure is 5 squares away the 5th square having the building on it the other 1st,2nd,3rd,4th square making up the range of a peacemaker mortar but i doubt with a level 3 outpost if that is what you got your gonna be able to withstand against that so try your best cause there is always someone in sector willing to help you get salvage or mines. When you make the layout of your base give it 1 entrance so your turrets can focus down the entering ships and make the threat minimal or small. now think of where you should put your turrets to gain the most effectiveness from them. Now think of how can i better protect my turrets. Well you got a few choices you can go with walls which reduce any splash damage or you can use defensive turrets that will shoot down mortars or missiles. Remember now the formation of your turrets and design of your base aswell as placement of yoru turrets go hand in hand.

This will be the last bit of information i have for you and it is of great importance your warehouse’s and Outpost store your resources if you lose your warehouse’s and outpost you will lose roughly half your resources collected so protect those buildings and also any building that is upgrading or researching but gets damaged or destroyed it will set you back on your time for how long it takes for example say your upgrading Weapons lab takes 14hours to finish upgrading from start to finish well let us say you have 2 more hours till it is finished. Now just to be cruel cause someone came into your base. Your upgrading Weapons lab was a casuality and was completely destroyed well guess what? The upgrade will not continue it has completely stopped and after you finish repairing it instead of 2 hours left to wait you now have 7 hours left to wait this also applies to research but there is a bright side it will never take longer then when it actually takes to upgrade from starting of the clock to the end of the clock but it can always be set back. I hope you all find this information useful and best of luck on Battle Pirates.

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