Battle Pirates Battle Barges Guide

Battle Pirates Battle Barges Guide by Kevin Shen

Battle barge is the 5th ship you will unlock. In the past bbs were researched and everyplayer only built a few fleets and when they have leviathans they just kick the bbs out and they were forgottened. BBs are cheaper than leviathans and you can fit bbs with rocket boosters to increase missle range. Good high lvl weapons can also be equipped on bbs. Here are some good combos that i seen:

Combo 1:BBx5 All with thud 4s with highest lvl auto loader and hardened barrels(HB).Put highest lvl armour

Combo 2: BBx2 Both with highest lvl cutlass and rocket boosters and laser targetting gear.Put meduim weight armour
BBx1: This one should have 2 cutlass and 2 thuds(rippers also work). Have rocket boosters and autoloader(AL).
Put meduim weight armour.
BBx2: all with thuds or rippers with hardened barrels and highest lvl engine upgrade.Put heavy armour.

Combo 3(base attacking):This i have to admitt -BBs suck at base attcking.So use other ships but here is a combo i found: 5 BBs with 1 cutlass and 4 motars each. Fit your highest lvl motars on them. Rocket boosters also work.

Combo 4: 5 bbs with 4 thuds and 1 cutlass. Fit rocket boosters and hardened barrels on them.Have meduim armour.

Combo 5: BBx1: 2 cutlass missles and 2 peacemaker motars. Have your highest lvl guidance scrambler and engines. Fit light armour.
BBx2: 3 peacemakers with 1 ripper. Same specials and armour as above.
BBx2: 3 cutlass with 1 ripper. Have rocket boosters and engines.

Combo 6(crappy combo): BBx3:Have motars with Electronic range finder 1,2,3(does more damage than cutlass).BBx2: All thud 4s. Have Hardened barrels. Equip engines on all the bbs.Have no armour!

Combo 7(sub-hunter):BBx5:All thud 4s with hardened barrels 1,2,3. Engine upgrade is necessary. Have Meduim armour like titanium 1,2,3 or steel 3,4 or DU 1,2.

Combo 8(salvage farming):BBx5:PM2x2,PM1x1, cutlass x1(you can put lvl 1,2 you choose). No armour. Have engines and electronic range finder for specials. 7 min. repair time.

How to use bbs properly: Now i’ve seen lvl 20 players just charge a fleet of bbs with mix weapons into battle not even standing a chance. Here is a section to how to use the combos properly:

Combo 1: Against long ranged ships just charge into the inner range and shred them up. Against short range just charge also and frighten the enemy try to last as long as possible. Against ripper cannon ships just kite them.

Combo 2: This is a mix ranged fleet. Against long range ships use your own long range ships as cover for your short range ships then just charge in and shred them. Against short ranged use < and > arrow keys to switch between ship and turn them around. Make sure your ships moves in a pack and kite the enemy.

Combo 3: Base attacking bbs are not the best option but try this tactic: Move the bbs carefully and battle 1 or 2 turrets at a time. Repeat process to inflict alot of damage on the turrets and break through.

Combo 4: This a is weird fleet so when battle starts count to 5 and turn your ships around. Kite them with both cutlass and thuds. Spread out to avoid splash damage.

Combo 5: Start running when the battle starts. Just fight at long ranged and don’t let the enemy get close. Have you bbs move at a 100-130 degrees angle if you want the peacemakers to have more accuracy.

Combo 6: Just charge and kite at the same time theres no right strategy for this combo.

Combo 7: When the subs are underwater get into there range. You will be bombarded by havoks. Go after them when the havoks fire follow the direction. Chase them and gun the subs down.

BBs against seawolfs and submarines: These are both a bb’s weakness. So try to do alot of damage on them before you die.

Seawolf battles: If you have longranged ships spread out and form a net around the attacking seawolfs corner them and use your ranged weapons. Keep moving to avoid short ranged combat.For short range combat charge the seawolfs and try to corner them.Stay calm.

Submarine battles: Ok for this battle try to corner the enemy. Lets just say if the subs could move left and right and up you’d wanna essentially block the left and right routes. This will force the subs to go up which will give you a chance to trap them.

Other BB types:
Speedy bbs with engines and hullstreamliners made to catch up and suicide against enemies to do damage. Very rarely seen.

Cargo bbs that have cargo holds. Combo 4 is a good cargo fleet type.
They sacrifice 1 special slot for the cargo hold.

Tips for BBs: Try to fit a engine upgrade on BBs. Most BBs do need engines so you can tweak my combos a bit. Also make your bb good at something like having layered armour to block against ballistic weapons.

Ok that’s the end.

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