Battle Pirates Comprehensive Guide

Battle Pirates Comprehensive Guide by The M

General information/introduction
Before I get started this is a war game so don’t complain about getting attacked but if you are thinking about it go and look at the alliances and tips and tricks sections. This is meant to be a guide that covers everything to do with Battle Pirates (or BP for short), if there is anything that I haven’t covered then please tell me and I will try and add it. Also tell me if there is anything I need to correct. I have gotten bored with making this so I’m just going to post what I have, I might not finish the rest of it as recently I don’t have the time, if you want to help out by adding your own bit then just say it or PM me with what you want to add.

The game description “Battle Pirates is set in the year 2067 and Earth is covered in water. Due to a terrorist-sparked world war, only a small amount of Earth’s original landmass remains. With a 95% extinction level, the only remaining survivors are split into two factions: the Foresaken, impoverished survivors who rely on engineering hacks, guerilla warfare and piracy, and the oppressive Draconian Empire, the once elite citizens who’ve now become a giant military complex.”

Early game play
At the start of the game you will be given 7 days of Damage Protection (or DP). This should never be wasted as there will always be someone who is a higher lvl than you just waiting to attack you as soon as your DP has gone. Use this first 7 days worth of protection to help get a head start on the others by upgrading and building as much as you can.
Day 1-3: For the first 2-3 days just focus on buildings, upgrade as much as you can to as high a lvl as you can with resource gathers (RGs) as your main target.
Day 4-5: For the next few days switch your focus to research and aim for marauders and high damage weapons (see weapon table below). These weapons should work well against the Draconians that control all the mines and salvages but not for the long term game play. Try to mine as much as you can from the lvl 1-5 mines so you have enough resources for all your upgrades and research.
Day 6-7: For the last few days of the DP, work to create a hard to attack base so again switching your focus to building and upgrading your defences. Also try to make a good layout for your base.
Try to get as many tier 1 blue prints as you can from attacking mines of a fleet level (lvl) higher than lvl16.

Mid game play
The mid game starts from either when you start attacking other people’s bases for resources or unlock battle barges (or BB). This is where you get the chance to get ahead of the other players or if already ahead, to extend your lead by gaining more than your enemies. To make things a little easier to do this you can try and find others of a similar lvl as you so you can then work together (as an alliance) to achieve this target more easily. It will also mean that if anyone stands in your way then they won’t be much of a threat against your combined forces and usually makes the game more fun to play. You should then go and attack other people’s bases as it’s a much easier way to gain resources and it only takes one fleet only one attack to gain you a few mil of each resource which would have taken hours of mining or salvage hunting to gain. Now you will have the resources needed to get ahead of the others. Aim for long range weapons or speed (engine upgrades) such as the peacemaker mortars or cutlass missiles. Start building ships for mainly base attacking which mortars as your main weapon. But depending on the base other weapons like rippers might also be useful. A little warning, having all mortars isn’t good fleet fleet battles so feel free to put in a few cutlass or hydras on the fleet just in case you end up in a fleet battle. Instead of this you could go round the map raiding other people’s mining fleets, let them mine for you so you don’t have to wait hours on the mines and collect their resources by destroying their fleets when they are almost full. For this kind of fleet combat, the enemy will most of the time be offline so for this make a fleet with mortars and missiles or close range weapons depending on the enemy fleet and your favorite battle strategy. If you don’t want to attack others and would like to play in peace then use a good mortar and missile ship to raid salvages quickly and easily and if done right, without taking damage as well. RGs from this point will start to become useless as you will be gaining enough from your attacks to upgrade repair and build everything. Near the end of this you should be finishing the last few tier 2 specials and most of the forsaken weapons. You should have a good amount of blue prints both with Tier 1 completed and most of Tier 2 blue prints found.

Late game play (end game)
The late game or “end game” is near the time when there isn’t much left to do in general and it’s mainly when most people have unlocked Floating Fortresses (FF) or Hammerheads (HH) and have full fleets of them. At this point some players would have stopped playing for long enough for them to get replaced by new people. Also the top players will end up at this point having maxed out fleets and bases that are extremely hard to destroy. The only thing left to do is to finish off the last few upgrades you haven’t already done and just spend your time building up all your fleets to big FF/HH fleets and specialized seawolfs while collecting the last of the blue prints, which will drag on for a long time. For the most part it will have become for most people boring, so most will start moving sectors if not already done so just to find new challenges and fun.

Salvages and Mines
At the start it will be best to mine for resources as you won’t have a good enough fleet to attack other players or salvages above lvl 4, mines have weaker guard fleets compared to the same lvl salvage so will be easier to take them and you will be able to keep it for a few hours and mine from it. It also gives you the benefit of choosing what resource you want instead of getting a mix from a salvage or another player. You will gain a small amount of resources when first taking the mine, but then you will have to mine for more. The mining rate depends on the lvl of the mine so the higher lvl mines give more over a set amount of time. Here are the mines with the amount of resources you gain from attacking them, the drac fleet guarding them and the mining rate.

I haven’t included the lvl10 mine in that pic as they are extremely rare for the oil, metal and energy ones as you might not even have one per sector. But there are a fair amount of the lvl10 Zynthium mines.

After a while mining will start to take hours to fill up a fleet, even on the higher lvl mines so it might be best to move on to some other source of resources. Although salvages have bigger and better guard fleets, capturing salvages is one of the easiest ways of getting loads of resources without taking much if any damage.
Here is a pic of every salvage from lvl1-9 with the fleet guarding it and the resources that you will gain from it.

As I said before, its easy to take over a salvage without taking damage as shown in this video:

Although drac fleets have changed a bit since that video was made, it should still be the same and just as easy to defeat the lvl4&5 salvages and hopefully the lvl6 as well.
Finally here is a little extra info on salvages.

In the table when it says ‘near’, the salvage doesn’t always appear right next to the base that affects the lvl of the salvage and sometimes appears much closer to a different base making it seem that for example a lvl9 salvage spawned next to a lvl15 player.

As in all battles the ability to strike down the enemy before they can even fire at you can allow you to win, so range in this case is important. This is why most of the top players pick to use missiles, mortars or thuds with HB3 (Hardened Barrels) due to their long range.
It’s best to know which weapon is the best weapon out of what you have unlocked so here is a table showing them all.

The Forsaken weapons. Credits to Kevin Kilfoil.

The Drac weapons.

Any of these weapons can give you the winning edge in a battle if used correctly or in combination with certain specials.
My personal advise would be that I would never make a ship with mixed weapons, as they will all have different ranges making the ship harder to control effectively. But a fleet can mixed weapons as long as you know what you are doing.

Before I move onto ship/fleet builds I know you might not be able to build or just look at it in the ship yard if you are currently building a ship. So if you are currently building a ship or don’t have stuff unlocked then you can use the Offline Ship Builder made by Schmee to test out new builds to see how good they are. I’ll also include code for each ship so that you can just copy and paste it into the ship builder instead of having to go and select everything one by one.

There have been many updates since I first posted this guide and I have had to recreate this part of it time and time again with each update to the game. In the end it has caused me to stop updating it as I just can’t keep up with the ever changing game. Thankfully changes to fleet builds have slowed down with the main focus of the updates being on bases. So I’ll attempt to update this section of the guide one last time.


This is the most common tactic used. If your ships have a longer range than your enemy, then you can turn and keep out of your enemy’s range while they are within yours and you can fire at them. That allows you to pick off their ships without them being able to do any damage to you. This was the old “one type beats all” method and is still very effective against ships that don’t have either reactive armor or engines. Using this kind of method always works against salvages, mines and usually against low lvl players, allowing you to gain easy resources without taking any damage. Just take a look at the salvage part of the guide and the videos.
For this any missile (with SFB (Solid fuel booster)), thuds with HB3 or certain mortars (mainly shockwave A or assualt mortars) are the best weapons to use for this strategy. So here are the kind of ship builds to use:

MarauderPredatorBattle BargeLeviathanSeawolfFloating Fortress
Weapons:Cutlass IIx3Havok Torpedoes IVx2Cutlass IIx3,
Cutlass IIIx1
Cutlass IIIx5Assault missiles x2
Cutlass IIx3
or SFB1
or SFB2
Highest lvl Engines
Engines I or LT I
SFB1 or 2
LT II or Engine II
Engine II
Armor:Steel IIx1None.Titanium IIIx2Titanium IVx3None
Stats: Armor:

300 (5min free repair)
36.4 DPS
80 (5mins free repair)
56.2 DPS
1482 (24m 42s repair)
53.1 DPS
35-79 or 35-86
Ship build code:42200626262610150094946101633336362626261000173434346363636363920001800e3e362626293620001

FFs are just bad for any kind of fleet battles without using engine because of their slow speed, it means that people can catch up and get right next to them with short ranged ripper ships with ease. or stay well clear of them using cutlass and PM to destroy them from a far, for that reason a ff fleet purely for one type of combat will be weak and easy to destroy. So I won’t show any designs for it except for in the mixed weapon section (still to come).

Up close

Marauder, the classic ripper marauder first seen in this epic battle (click link), since then I have seen people have one in their own fleets which have been very effective in battles.
There are 3 versions of this kind of ship. For best armor use ripper IIx3 and DU IIIx2, this is a common one.
For more damage people have used DU IIx1, DU IIIx1, ripper IIx1 and ripper IIIx2 or that same armor with ripper IIx3 and auto-loader II.
Finally using the new specials there is a new one for better speed using DU IIIx1, ripper IIx3, then you can add either engine I with titanium III or engine II with titanium II.

BB is slower than the marauder and from what I have seen will usually be shot down before it gets in range of a long ranged levi which is running away from it. For that reason either hardened barrels or engine is a must. For that reason I would like to suggest ripper IIIx4, DU IIIx2 with auto-loader II and engine I. It will be a little bit faster than a marauder with enough speed to catch up to a levi before being shot down. This is just a good all rounder one but could be changed to do more damage, faster or have more armor depending on taste.
It will be slightly faster than a marauder with only 300 more armor, the only really big difference is teh massive damage.

Levi is the first ship able to carry DU IV and also powerful weapons at the same time, you should always use the highest armor for short ranged ships so that they can last long enough to get in range so having DU IV is the biggest advantage the levi has over BBs and marauders. Since people first started making DU IV ripper levi ships it was obvious that it would be too slow to get up close to another levi running away before it was shot down, even with its high armor, but now with engine it can.
To start with I’ll suggest using DU IVx3, ripper IIIx5 with auto-loader and most importantly engine II. With auto-loader II the ripper IIIs will do more damage than ripper IVs on their own.

Mixed range
These kind of ships are made to take out what ever is thrown at them and is a good all rounder ship able to fight off almost all enemies. They can destroy short range ships, even ones that manage to get up close as they can do a lot of damage using the long range weapons and then finish them off with its own short range. For that reason it is the best type for fighting against short ranged fleets.

FF isn’t fast or good for fleet battles as if someone want to get close up they can easily do so and its the same for staying at a long distance as a ff is never going to catch up to much, even with engine II. So you need weapons that can fight off any kind of fleet.
To start with I haven’t made any FFs for fleet battles but I have seen this in action, PM IVx2, cutlass IVx2 and Ripper IVx2 with DU IVx3 which does work very well against most things.

Base attackers
Destroying bases are one of the best ways to gain resources and fast. But usually it will creates a lot of repairs or might need a specially equiped ship to take out a certain base. But here are some of the more basic and over all really good base busters.

Description: It shreds most early bases with the ability to add an armor special so as the make it better against certain bases it is really the first of all base attackers even if only good for the first few low lvls. It is also one of the instant repair marauders allowing for quick repeated use, if needed the armor can be increased but would mean you can’t use the 5min speed up. Thanks to Daniel Fryer for this ship build.
Build: Diplomat II x2 and a thud IV x1 with steel II x1. I would recommend adding reactive armor I or II.
Armor: 300
Damage: 78.66
Range: 0-76
Ship build code: 466aa400

Also if you think you have a better ship build or any suggestions (even just a slight change) then please post or PM to help improve this guide.

Base building
It’s never going to be impossible to crack open someone base, but you should try and make it as hard as can so that people will go after the easier targets.
All bases should have:

  1. Good tower coverage where most of the defence platforms can protect each other.
  2. Impossible to get to the warehouses, outpost and any other important building without having to get past all the defences first.
  3. Defences spread out enough to avoid splash damage.

So far the best base layout that included all these is the spiral but with the latest changes in weapon range changes and that islands are now allowed, there are many other types of bases slowly appearing.

[Pictures of bases will be added soon]

Basic base building instructions.

To build the base, first start by making an island in the middle and place your warehouses and outpost on it while leaving a space or two for labs. You could also place the defences on it and other buildings if there is any room left (do that last). Now leave a gap of 4 water squares around the island and dock and use the rest of the land to make a ring around it (it doesn’t have to be 4 squares at the corners). You will have to leave an entrance so not to create a “lake”, place all your defences at this entrance to protect it as the only way the attacker can get to your warehouses is by getting past this point. The more defences that cover the entrance and be able to fire at the incoming fleet at the same time (CF) the better. You might want to leave gaps between the defences to stop the splash damage of mortars and then fill the gaps with walls to also protect against Siege cannons. Never make all the defenses the same weapon as if they are all sentinel missiles then the attacker can just use a reactive armor fleet and walk over your base while similar things with other base weapons. Now it’s time to place the rest of the buildings, so put the RGs near the entrance as a “meat shield” to help trigger DP sooner. Then place the other buildings anywhere on the outer ring of land. That is how to make a good base but there are other kinds of bases and other little tricks to add to them, which is all up to you and the main part is trial and improvement.

Advance base building tips and ideas.
There are 3 kinds are base attacking fleets that have their strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind the weaknesses when making a base to defend and counter against that kind of fleet. Although you might wish for it, it’s almost impossible to make a base to counter all 3 fleets at once. No base is impossible to destroy.

Siege cannon.
Siege cannon fleets are usually blitzing fleets as they are very deadly when they get up close doing a great amount of damage in short time. They are ballistic type weapons with a short range, even with HB3 to increase it. The S-type Siege cannon also has splash, so even if the shot misses (accuracy of 40%) it will still do damage.

  • Usually put on fast ships to get past the defenses quickly, they are able to dodge victory mortars because of the speed.
  • High damage. Turrets left exposed without walls to protect them are easy to destroy targets.
  • Double layers of walls stop them from killing a turret in one shot and keep the turret alive longer to carry on hitting the ships.
  • Short range allowing howitzers to out range them killing them fast. Usually about 4 or more howitzers will stop them.

Siege mortar.
Siege mortars are heavy so you often find you will only fit one onto a ship and having the rest of the weapons as a mix between Hailstorms and Shockwave mortars. The S-type Siege mortar with High Explosive Shells lvl3 (HES3) has such a huge splash range that can damage multiple defenses at once.

  • It’s huge splash and damage means that grouped up defenses fall very quickly.
  • The Hailstorms which are commonly used with Siege mortars take out almost all Victory mortar shells making them of useless useless.
  • Spread out defenses to reduce damage done by the splash. Note: Fill the gaps with walls to protect against Siege cannons.
  • Victory mortars force them to be used with Hailstorms. The more Hailstorms on the fleet, the less mortars which will do you damage.
  • Bombard turrets are useful for reducing the incoming Siege mortar shells.

Siege missiles.
Siege missiles aren’t good on their own unlike Siege mortars and Siege Cannons, they require to be used with Solid Fuel Boosters lvl3 (SFB3) or else they will be out-ranged be Howitzers. The high weight of them means you are limited to around 12 Siege missiles, which is still enough to quickly kill off a single turret. You can fill the other weapons slots with Hailstorms (B-type) to protect against Victory mortars. The result is you are able to snipe off a turret from range within seconds and then quickly moving onto the next one.

  • With the amount of Hailstorms on the fleet, Victory mortars are useless.
  • Howitzers can be sniped at range so don’t get a chance to fire. Although the Howitzers do have to be taken from range so takes time.
  • Missiles can be shot down in mid air by Flaks. The effectiveness of Flaks are still unknown.
  • An excessive amount of Flaks and Howitzers used in combination should in theory delay this kind of attack long enough so they never reach the warehouses.

For a more in-depth and an alternative view on base building, take a look at Florian Precht’s Guide to Base Designing.

A guide to the specials.
Since some people seem to be getting a bit confused with the effects of these new specials, so here is a short guide explaining them.
You can only have one type of each equiped at a time and that doesn’t just mean only one Reactive armor but only one of any of the armors.

Reactive armor.
This only effects the weight of the armor and not the weapons.
A ship equiped with this will take less damage from missiles so its the best special to use for a base attacking fleet since almost all bases still have mostly sentinel missiles even with the new victory mortars. It will also be good for fleet battles as people will still have alot of cutlass levi until they replace them with thud and HB III.

Ablative Armor
Again, only effects armor weight.
Less damage from mortars will help a lot but mortars are mainly used for base attacks, then it could also be used against maelstrom or hydra but with the other specials it is now easier to kite short range weapons so this can be ruled out for fleet battles as un-needed. It might be best used against the new victory mortars but since you can only have one armor its up to you which one you choose.

Layered Armor
The last of the ones effecting only armor.
Now this one is for added protection against rippers and thuds which aren’t a common weapon choice as they can be easily be dealt with by use of cut kiting making a lot of players switch to cutlass themselves. That might not have happened in your sector yet but it has in the first ones and will spread.

Guidance Scrambler
This effects the total weight.
It will increase the evade of a ship but I think its a bit pointless for the bigger ships which have -40% evade or more so even with the lvl3 guidance scrambler they will still be in the minus. It might be usefull for the smaller ships to make them better at fighting the larger ships which with the inaccuracy of high lvl cutlass and the evade the small ships have, they won’t be getting hit by much at all.
It only effects the ability to evade missiles, not the other weapons.

Electronic Range Finder
This one I’m not sure about myself for a few reasons. I’m not too keen less spread as I’ve always like mortars for there spread that allowed them to hit a bigger range of targets at once, but on bases now where defences aren’t in a big group then I think having more mortars hitting the actual defence you want instead of all those near it will be better.

Engine Upgrade
Another one which effects the total weight.
It increase the speed of the ship but will it be enough to make much of a difference? Yes it will with the new lvl3 and I can see that everyone with short range weapons will be wanting this straight away as with it they can move fast getting closer up and under the minimum range of long range weapons. Short range weapons could soon replace the long range weapons as best or it could even it up.
I think that it having 2 different negative effects might be too much for me to use on my big long range already inaccurate ships but I’m sure it will pay off for the smaller or short ranged ships.
This with the reactive/layered armor could be the perfect combination for being able to run past base defences.

Enhanced Warhead
This is always a welcomed special for any cutlass fleet as the missiles don’t do much damage. This will be a big improvement that allows any missile to try and take back the place of ‘best kiting weapon’ from the thud and hardened barrel combination, atleast for lower lvls.

Its the last one to effect total weight.
This one has 2 good effects with it not only increasing the turning speed but also the evade.
I think it would be used best with the guidance scrambler to give a big amount of evade other than turning speed itself. It could also be used with the engine so that you could turn and run a lot faster.
I don’t really care much about the turning speed but it seems alot more important now in battles where ever second turning is a second wasted.

Now this one only increases the weight of the weapons for the negative effect.
Please note that the fire rate increase only effects rippers and cannons but all weapons are effected by the weight increase.
The amount of weapon weight increase is a lot, so you might have to use lower lvl weapons with the auto-loader on some of the smaller ships but that doesn’t matter as with a 120% increase in fire rate, lower lvl weapons with the auto-loader can be much more powerful than the higher lvl weapons on their own.

Hardened Barrels
Again it only effects the weapon weight and I would also like to stress that it only effects the range of rippers and thuds and Not peacemakers.
With this rippers will no longer be the shortest ranged weapon and with the lvl3 hardened barrels thuds now outrange cutlass missiles and diplomat mortars with being only 6 range shorter than PM giving them the second biggest range and making them the new best kiting weapon (as long as you have HB3). This combined with Auto-loader can be deadly.

An alliance is a group of players working together. The best way to form an alliance is to follow these 5 easy steps.
1. Recruitment, use the in game chat to recruit those in your sector or recruit from the forum.
2. Basic set up, now you have the players all you need is a group page to organise it all so make a Facebook group. Make sure that the group is locked to avoid spies from seeing what is going on in your group.
3. Organising, create a document in the group for a member list so you don’t accidently attack each other and you know who is friend or foe. You might also want to make other documents for things like member lists of rival alliances or a hit list.
4. Communication, use the group chat to talk to each other instead of the in game chat so that people don’t know what you are either talking about or planning. One main use of this could be to organise a mass attack on an enemy group or player.
5. Helping each other, you should all try to help each other when possible so that they will help you back when you need it. Share ideas ship weapons and armor combinations or base designs to encourage others to do likewise and to show what works well so that all of your alliance can improve their bases, ships and skill.

People being inactive can be the death of an alliance as it will slowly start to fall apart since no one is there to help out or to talk to. Try to remove inactive players from the alliance and replace them with new ones to keep it growing stronger. You might want to keep a member limit as if there is too many members then you might not be able to control them all and there will be less people to attack.


Q: What is damage protection and how do you get it?
A: Damage protection (or DP) is a set amount of time for which your base can’t get attacked. At the start of the game you are given 7 days of DP, but apart from that it is only given to you when your base is attacked. If the attacker does more than 25% damage to your base then you get 18 hours of DP.
If the attacker does more than 50% damage to your base then you get 36 hours of DP.
If you are attacked 4 time in one hour by the same player then you will get 1 hour of DP.
If you are attacked 10 times in 24 hours then you will be given 48 hours of DP. Please note that it doesn’t have to be the same person just as long as its 10 attacks in total.

Q: What are sectors?
A: A sector is an area of the map which is 600×600 coords, it is what determines what sector chat you are in. There are 100 sectors in each “world shard” which is basically 100 sectors per server.

Q: Can I change which sector I’m in? Can I move my base?
A: Yes, by going to your OP (Outpost) you can select to relocate button. Moving near a friend will place you in the same quarter of the sector as they are but not always as close to them as you wanted.

Q: There is someone with multiple accounts ruining the game for me!
A: Are you sure it is the same person? As far as we are currently aware, a few players have joined together to create an alliance. Maybe asking them on the chat about it might help or just have a look at this thread: Player with multiple accounts ruining my game!

Q: What is an alliance/clan and how do I make one?
A: An alliance/clan is a group of people who have joined forces to work together in peace. Look at the alliance section to see how to make one.

Q: How do I get blue prints?
A: Each time you attack a lvl16 or higher drac fleet you get about 2-3% chance of gaining a blue print. Please note that lvl16+ drac fleets are found in lvl4+ salvages and lvl6+ mines.

Q: How do I get the Hammer Head hull?
A: The hammer head was giving out as a prize to the winners of the revenge raid event. I don’t think there is another way to get it or if there will even be another event like that again.

Q: What does OP5 mean?
A: It stands for outpost and then the lvl it is. Each outpost lvl gives you a different amount of land and defences so at higher lvls it is easier to make a good base so putting OP5 in a way just shows people what to expect.

Q: How much loot is given from a ware house and from an outpost?
A: Each warehouse gives 10% of the resources that they are currently holding and the outpost will give 20%.

Q: How do you post a picture of your base?
A: Just follow the easy steps in this guide –> How to post an image of your BP Outpost

Q: Do fortifications add health or change the DP activation?
A: “Fortifications do not add health to your base and so do not affect Damage Protection activation.” said by Paul Preece. All it does is decrease the amount of damage done against it. So for example 50% protection will half the damage that building takes making it take twices as long to destroy.

Q: How rare are blue prints?
A: The chance of getting one is very low, its about 2-3% so its possible to go through 100+ battles without getting a single one. If you get 2 or even 3 in a row then consider yourself lucky.

Q: What is the repair rate?
A: The ‘normal’ repair rate is 1 armor point per second but can be increased with an officer by 10% to 1.1 armor point per second. Subs repair at 1/4 of the normal repair rate. If you have any other repair rate them it is a bug and should be reported even if its a fast one.

Q: I purchased an item in game with facebook credits but didn’t receive my purchase, what can I do?
A: Just follow the simple steps found here: Missing In-Game Purchases

Tips and tricks

Hiding fleets
It is possible to hide fleets under a base, lvl9 metal or zynthium mine. Here is how you hide a fleet. First send a fleet to go straight over the base or mine you wish to hide it behind. As soon as the fleet is behind it just click to attack it and the fleet will stop right behind the base/mine. If it is a base then you can just click retreat to avoid battle while that isn’t possible with a mine.

There are a few reasons for wanting to do this such as when attacking a base you won’t be able to move your fleet away straight after the attack which makes it the perfect time for someone to ninja you. (The BYM ninja is now in BP!) So hiding your fleet under the base you are attacking means that no one can attack your fleet while it is under the base. That means you can safely attack without the risk of someone attacking you straight afterwards. Another reason for hiding a fleet behind a base is that when your fleet is 40mins away from your base and you need to keep it in that area for later but you won’t be online for awhile, to avoid it being attacked you could just hide it. It can also be used when guarding your base to hide a guard fleet so that the attacker won’t know about it until its too late.
Hiding fleets under mines doesn’t really help miners but it can give a fleet raider the element of surprise. Simply hide the fleet then wait for a miner to come along and start mining, when you think the mining fleet is almost full just attack it.

DP exploitation
Now this is kind of cheating but still a lot of people do it. You can gain 48hrs of DP meaning that your base can’t get attacked for 2 days but getting a friend to attack your base and retreat, after 4 times you will get 1 hour of DP so you will have to attack someone else (most likely your friend to give him 48hrs of DP as well) to get rid of the DP, keep doing this until you have 48hrs of DP. If you are doing this with a friend then one of you will get 48hrs DP while the other will have had 9 attacks so just one more from anyone trying to attack him/her will give him 48hrs DP.

Free FB credits.
There is such thing as free facebook credits which can be gained from the site by doing a daily search and quiz. Please be warned that using it only for free FB credits isn’t what it’s about and the rewards are really given out just because you are using 4loot instead of Google or any other search engine.

Credit card users.
Yes they do ruin a lot of peoples gaming experiance but without them the game won’t be freee to play or even made to begin with. Usually they don’t play much and just use FB credits to progress in the game so most of the time they lack skill (please note not all do). Having one bulling you isn’t the end of BP as there are many things to do to fight back, this includes spamming marauder fleets using the free 5min repair so that you end up killing their FF fleets without needing long repairs. Also you could form alliances and even for a CC user having loads of small BB or marauder fleets can be annoying and drive them away from attacking or going near you and your allies. Since most (not all) CC users lack skill you could always try kiting them or using strategy to beat them using a lessor fleet so more repairs for them and less for you.

BP= Battle Pirates, or more recently Blue Prints
FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions
DPS= Damage Per Second
DPM= Damage Per Minute
lvl= Level
RG= Resource Gatherer
OP= OutPost
Mar= Marauder
BB= Battle Barges
Levi= Leviathan
FF= Floating Fortress
HH= HammerHead
Dread= Dreadnought
SS= Sea Scorpion
Armor, Weapons and Specials
DU= Depleted Uranium
Tit= Titanium
RA= Reactive Armor
AA= Ablative Armor
LA= Layered Armor
PM= Peacemaker Mortars
Cut= Cutlass
RC or Rippers= Ripper Cannons
DM, Dip or diplo= Diplomat Mortars
HB= Hardened Barrels
AL= Auto-Loader
EU or Engine= Engine Upgrade
GS= Guidance Scrambler
LT= Laser Targeting


Salvo= A salvo is a volley of shot fired each time the weapon reloads. For sentinels the salvo is 2 so it will fire two shots every time it reloads. Another important thing is that the damage is split between the shots in the salvo.

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2 Responses

  1. Wynderunner says:

    check your data on salvages…. u state lvl 16 for new players still in damage protection .. it is level 12 and 16 mines and cargo fleets to gain T1 prints. cheers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great guide. got any ideas for salvage hitting fleets?

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