Zorg Empire Phalanx Guide

Zorg Empire Phalanx Guide by Zorg and Desert_Reaper


Phalanx is a building that you can construct only on Moons.
You can use Phalanx to detect fleet movement of a planet.

Sample screenshot:

1.Go to a moon where you have a phalanx through Overview (click moon icon) or Buildings list at top navigaton bar.
2.Once you are to the moon, go to Galaxy.
3.You can now scan (Phalanx Level * Phalanx Level – 1) systems away (You cannot phalanx to other galaxies)

All fleets from or to this planet will appear in your phalanx.

It costs 5000 deuterium per usage.

-Only planets can be scanned. You cannot scan a moon or outer space (expedition slot).
-Missions towards or from a MOON are completely hidden at all times.

-You do not get a warning if someone has phalanxed you.
-Keep an eye for enemy phalanxes by spying their moons to see the level of their phalanx.
-If someone fleet saves from a moon to a df, and the moon is destroyed, the fleet will then show on planet phalanx.

(If you still have questions, please post below)

Sensor Phalanx is a special building. It can only be built on a moon (and of course takes up a building slot with each level), and is used to find moving fleets within range.

To use this building, you of course need a moon and building slots on that moon (Gotta build lunar base to open up slots on a moon). Once you have the phalanx built, using it is really quite simple. Make sure that you have the correct moon as your current location (You can change your current planet/moon to a different one using the drop down box in the top left corner of the game screen), then click the Galaxy tab, and put your mouse cursor over any planet icon that is within your phalanx’s range. Then you just click Phalanx (make sure you have a decent amount of deuterium on the moon, each scan costs 5.000 deuterium!) and it will show you any fleets moving to and from that planet (note: launching fleets from a moon makes them invisible to sensor phalanx scans, only way to make those fleets visible is to destroy the moon they were launched from BEFORE the fleets reach their target!)

Now, like all good things in life, the sensor phalanx has a few drawbacks. It uses 5.000 deuterium for each scan, has a limited range (you can click the name of the building either under buildings or in the technologies page to see the ranges granted by the first 10 levels. The formula for range is phalanx level squared minus 1), and it can only pick up fleets launched from planets.

Below is a copy of the Sensor Phalanx page


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