Zorg Online Starter Guide

Zorg Online Starter Guide by Desert_Reaper

Ok, I noticed that the main How to Start guide is a little tricky to understand, especially for new players who have virtually no experience with games like ZE. I have decided to write my own version, in the hopes that it will be easier for newbies and veterans alike to understand. And a side note: I honestly don’t really care too much if they become competition; I play the game mostly for fun.

Ok, so let’s start at the very beginning when you first make an account. The first thing you want to do on your planet is to build a couple levels of metal mine. Then, build a solar plant to give your planet a little more energy. Now, build 2-3 levels of crystal mine. Ok, now you have some mines so you can start building up your supply of resources. Next, you should build another solar plant (if necessary), then build up 2 levels of deuterium synthesizers so that you can start building up your deuterium supply. Once your resource supply builds up enough, you will want to start researching the techs needed for small cargo type ships, light laser type defence, shipyards, and robot factories. You can look at the requirements anytime you are logged into the game by clicking the technologies button in the left hand menu. From there, you can branch out and start unlocking other types of ships and defences. Five techs you will always want to keep researching are weapon, shield, armor, combustion engine, and impulse engine. Hyperspace engine is vital to speeding up the big ships like battleships and battlecruisers, but it gets a little expensive so you won’t want to research it too often.

Now I will start to explain the different game mechanics. First I’ll start with moving ships around. First, you need to click the Fleet button in the left hand menu. Remember, this will only show you the fleet on the planet you have selected. If you want to switch planets, use the drop down box at the top of the screen. Now, once you figure out which planet you want to move ships from and have it selected, make sure you are still viewing the fleet. Now, select how many of each available ship you want to send (remember, you can only send the ships you have built). Once that’s done, click continue. Next, you enter the coordinates of the planet or moon that you want to send the fleet to. If you want to send to one of your other planets (or moons if you have them), click the name of the planet or moon below the coordinate entry box and it will automatically enter the coordinates for you (those names below the coordinate entry box are called shortcuts, they are automatically created for your planets and moons, and I will explain at the end of this section how to create them for other planets and moons). Now if you are sending to someone else’s planet or moon, and you do not have a shortcut created for the desired destination, then you need to enter the coordinates into the box at the top of the menu. Then you can change the speed (this is really only used for fleet saving), and it will tell you how much deuterium you will need in order to launch the fleet. Once you have the coordinates entered and you have your fleet speed set, click continue. Now, you need to choose the mission for the fleet. There are different types of missions:

Transport: this mission type makes the fleet drop any resources it is carrying at the target destination. For this mission type you need to enter the amount of resources you want to carry in the 3 boxes on the right of the mission selection screen.

ACS Defend: this mission type makes your fleet help defend the target destination, if the owner of the target planet or moon has an ACS Depot there they can use their deuterium to re-fuel your ships. If you use this type you need to use the little drop down box on the right of the mission selection menu to set how long the fleet will stay. Useful mission type for fleet saving.

Deploy: this type can only be used if your fleet will be going to one of your planets/moons. It basically sends the fleet on a one-way transport mission (meaning they will deposit any onboard resources but they will stay on that planet/moon rather than returning to origin of launch planet/moon)

Attack: if you need this one explained then you are an idiot that does not need to be playing games like Zorg Empire.

ACS Attack: a fairly new mechanism that allows multiple players to attack one target at the same time. Requires at least 2 levels of
ACS depot on the planet you are launching from.

Now I will explain the concept of fleet saving. Basically what you do is you take all your ships (except espionage ships), load them up with all the resources from the selected planet, and send them to another location that is usually at least 1 galaxy away from your planet. While your fleet is moving, it cannot be attacked. However, you must be very careful. A good fleet save location is an inactive player’s moon, since it will be invisible to sensors in the area. Be very careful when sending to a planet! If someone has a sensor phalanx within range they will be able to see it!
(Note: to build unlocked ships you of course need the resources, and you click the Shipyard button. Then you simply type in the number of each ship you want to build. If you put in 20 but only have the resources for 10, the game will automatically start building 10.)
(Note: if you want to look at the info for different ship types and you do not have them unlocked, click the Technologies button in the left hand menu, scroll down and click the name of the ship you want to view the information for.)
(Note: some ships are re-fitted with stronger engines when the respective tech for the better engine is researched to a certain level. You can find this information when you click the ship name)

Now I will explain the different buttons in the left hand menu.

Overview: you can view your total points in this screen, and you can switch which planet or moon you have selected. Also, if your espionage technology is high enough, this is where you will be able to see incoming fleets owned by other players.

Resources: this is where you can see your overall resource production on the selected planet. The drop down box in the top left part of the screen allows you to switch between planets.

Buildings: This is where you construct buildings like mines and shipyards.

Research: this is where you research the different techs you have unlocked.

Shipyard: this is where you construct ships and solar satellites

Defense: this is where you construct turrets like light lasers and gauss cannons

Fleet: this is where you view and launch available ships on the selected planet

Merchants: if you direly need to trade for a resource, you can use 1 zorg ruby to sell a resource to a merchant for the resource you need. (USE AS A LAST RESORT)

Empire: this is an overall view of all your planets and moons

Alliance: if you are in an alliance this will take you to that alliance’s home page

Galaxy: here you can browse different systems and see what they hold. If you click on a planet or moon icon you will get a small menu of options

Technologies: allows you to see the requirements for different things. Met requirements are highlighted in green.

My messages: allows you to look at the different types of messages you get

Search: allows you to look up player names, planet names, alliance names and alliance tags

Ranking: allows you to see who is in what rank (based on points)

Score Board: allows you to see who has the highest level or number of each item in the game (except rubies)

Friend List: opens a new window and shows whether or not ppl on your friend list are online

Notes: you can use notes to store important information

Chat: takes you to the game’s chatroom

Forums: takes you to the game forums

Options: allows you to change certain things like number of espionage ships sent with each probing

Logout: self-explanatory

Refer & Earn: this is a reward system that gives you rubies when players that register with your refer link reach certain point levels

How to Start: takes you to the standard guide for starting out in ZE

FaQ: Frequently asked Questions, self explanatory

Rules: self-explanatory

Contact: gives you the contact information for the admin, bug reporting, and contacting a forum moderator

Battle Simulator: use this to get an idea of how a battle will turn out. BEWARE: it is not 100% accurate
Note: battle mechanism uses the rapid fire mechanism. Rapid Fire is how many times a ship or turret can fire in a single round. The number of rounds in a battle varies from battle to battle.

Union of Honor: takes you to the Union of Honor sub-forum for the universe you are currently viewing

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