Zorg Empire Fleetsave Guide

Zorg Empire Fleetsave Guide by Torgard

The standard definition of fleet save is this:
“a procedure used to protect your ships and resources from other players”

But all too often do I see other players spout the same quotes time after time. “You should fleetsave to keep your fleet” or “Why didn’t you FS to keep your resources from being captured??”. Well, in most cases, the player did fleetsave, but was doing it incorrectly or under a phalanx sensor.

Well, this guide was created to help everybody, from the novice that just started to the more experienced players. You will learn not only how to fleetsave, but how to keep that fleet safe after an attack.

To set the stage, I categorize fleetsaves into “Tactical Fleetsaves” and “Strategic Fleetsaves”. Under each scenario, I will outline the proper procedures to keep your fleet and resources safe. Also, remember that the riskiest type of fleetsaves is to a Espionage mission and an Expedition mission. If you try to fleetsave to using either of these two missions, the odds of you losing your fleet are almost always imminent. So do not do those.

Tactical Fleetsaves.

Under this type of fleetsave, you are being attacked by another player and you are online. Before sending your fleet and resources, always try to figure out if you can destroy the incoming fleet first. If you cannot take out the incoming attack fleet (also called a “Ninja”), you will need to perform the following procedures:

1. You can try to reason with the attacker that you are online, and more often than not the attacker will recall. Don’t send hate mail because this will entice the attacker to continue the attack and destroy your defenses, and possibly hunt you continuously. If this does not work, go to the next step.

2. If your time of attack is short, you should do one two missions. You can do a quick recycle mission to your own DF (requires at least one Recycler), ensuring your fleet returns after attack arrives. Or send your fleet and resources from your planet to moon (or moon to planet).

3. As soon as the attack is done, you should consider performing the procedures for a Strategic Fleetsave below.

4. Also, you may want to re-locate your fleet and resources to another planet/moon if you have time. (This step is recommended)

Strategic Fleetsaves.

Under this type of fleetsave, you should have plenty of time to coordinate your fleetsave mission and it should be well thought out before you send your ships and resources away. You want to have your fleet arrive back when you are online. This type of fleetsave can be any length of time you desire it to be. And if you have Death Stars, this will help lengthen the time of your fleetsave. If you perform a Recycle mission as your fleetsave strategy, you will need at least one Recycler.

1. If you want to save some resources for later or you are short on fleet storage capacity, try to put as much resources into a Research project. This will allow you to reduce the amount of resources you must carry with you when you fleetsave. Also, you can always cancel the research and return your resources later.

2. If you have a moon, then send your fleet and resources to the moon. It is always recommended that you fleetsave from a moon to another moon, which is considered a safe way to keep your fleet from being spotted. If you send your fleet from planet to planet, then your fleet can be spotted by a phalanx sensor.

3. If you do not have a moon, that is not a problem. Just don’t perform a planet to planet fleetsave.

4. Look around to find an alliance moon. Perform an ACS defend to that moon. Also ensure that the Stay time is set to 0 hours. If you set it higher than 0 hours, then your fleet becomes visible on espionage reports on the defending moon/planet and your fleet becomes vulnerable to attacks.

5. If you do not have an alliance moon nearby, you can fleetsave to an inactive moon. First check to see if that inactive planet has an ACS Depot – if it does, then you can perform an ACS Defend to the moon. Remember to set the Stay time to 0 hours. In the event that the inactive planet does not have an ACS Depot, then you can send your fleet on attack to that moon. Ensure you fleet can survive an attack against the target – you don’t want to end up losing your fleet and resources because the inactive moon had more defenses than you fleet can handle. It is best to ensure that the target moon has no defenses when fleetsaving by attack on an inactive moon.

If you follow these simple steps, you can keep your hard-earned fleet and resources safe.

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