Zorg Empire Battle Engine Guide

Zorg Empire Battle Engine Guide by Zorg

While on graphical report, click on detailed report and you will get the details of the combat. Here is how to understand them:


Important Notes:
-There is no first hitter, both attacker and defender fire at the same time.
-Each ship shoots separately.
-RF is decided by stack and not by ship. (The difference with forthcoming Massacre Engine)
-For ACS Attacks, the same principles are maintained.
-If opponent is anihilated, then ships stop RF. This is why you may notice low RF rates at some rounds, especially the last one.
-Armor reduction will never be displayed although always taken in mind. Still, you can verify damage vs armor by adding up total damage (Probably not possible in big scale combats as there will be most probably excess damage).

Any questions, feel free to ask here.

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