Zone4 Newbie Guide

Zone4 Newbie Guide by Minrathicus

After coming back to zone 4 with only a level 10, I have set out to level every class to at least 30.I have succeeded in doing so and now I release what I have learned for many newbies.

1. Don’t beg for jack.PPL hate beggars.If you feel the need to beg, delete your character because you in the wrong game.

2. Don’t whine if you get beat, Most ppl you fighting have a few chars and you aren’t fighting a naked newbie, Just inspect them, they have beefed skills, hidden astros, full xeno, and anything they can use.

3. don’t talk to no one.PERIOD. Its not worth the hassle.Just do what you came to do, fight.

4. If you can lay your hands on it, USE it.Spam, W, E, Q, superior gear, if it helps you win, go with it and forget everyone else’s comments.

5. Don’t bother with support there isn’t any.You are on your on for better or worse.

6. Figure things out yourself.Go into training rooms, find someone to practice with, stay in closed games until you think you are good, once you think you are good, then make sure you have a thick skin.No one can stand losing to a superior player so everyone cries.

7. Lucky number seven.Never say:


or anything like those because it makes you look not very smart.If you lose remember skill means nothing.The games set up so everyone loses and if you use a crutch or cry no one will want you in a game.

Whatever your class, learn it.Forget it.Relearn it, forget it again and then learn it a 3rd time, after that, build one of every class, every ‘character’ and every combination you can think of.

When building new characters:

1. Make the character you want.Do the first quest and go straight to free zone.Pick whatever class it doesn’t matter, go into Duel matches.Win 1 and go to lvl 6 first match if you win, I have hit lvl 7 in the first match, lvl 10 within 3-4 duel matches. lvl 15 if you can get in enough matches before freezone ends.

from 15 on jump into hotel groups and hope for someone to S rank.When you see ME or E run to the back let them use their E and dont get in the way of the higher lvls.Just by doing that they will carry you and invite you to groups later.

Now about character creation..

Joony..Most common of the characters, anything joony is going to cost you because there is so much competition. Joony however has better speed, less hit points than the bigger guys.

Ray – Best reach, best suited as TKD, Muay Thai, Boxer, Sambo or even judo.

Wells– the tank of the guys.Not as common as ray or joony and therefor ALOT cheaper to gear up.I bought a pair of wells xeno pants for 200k, chest 400k and astros generally go from 100-400k for the higher end for wells.

However wells does seem slower using like capoiera, so choosing that fighting style is painful at best.You would have more fun busting your teeth out with a screwdriver.

Sera – Joony in female form, super fast, awesome as a sumo or hapgido or even capoeira.

Nicky – ray in female form.Nice reach, slightly slower than sera but not enough to not want to use her.

Lilru– Nobody makes ru. Which is good and bad, you can full gear a ru out with 1 mil zen easily.However good luck finding things like flags, higher end astros. Simply put nobody has them very often.As well don’t bother with ru as a capo.Its painful just like with wells.

Skill coupons..Save em.Wait until you have thousands then go nuts raising skills.

– Save it because you will need tons of it. Don’t get stupid and deck your newbie out in top of the line astros. It’s tempting but you can do just about as well using the cheaper astros.Try to go for suit bonus’s my favorite is Adventure because it seems the best balanced but the other suit bonus’s are good too.Also don’t go nuts with cubes trying to make xenocide because you will fail a lot.I have blown 9 million trying to make a xenocide cape and that’s just in cubes alone.Not counting the back pieces.

All those lip sticks, baseball bats, etc that you find, save them for keys, Buy the zen lucky chests and pop em, thats how you get your unique hats, rings and back pieces.You don’t find them in arcades or hunting grounds.

Search you tube.Find a video that shows you how to AOE pull and learn to aoe grind.When groups are slow you will be doing that.Save your tickets, it doesnt matter to where, just save them, dont be stupid and sell em because quite simply at higher levels tickets become fewer and harder to get.

Also get boss graphics.Find them cheap on vendors 20-50k and dont over pay for em.Learn to use violets 24 hour graphics its nice and cheap.Also use gold coins to get those of singo, skunk and violet and AOE grind with those.

Save all picks, drills, whatever..

when you are logging for the day put up a vendor if you can leave your pc running.Sell stuff while your not playing.

do free astro offers for a astro suit, or get the astros to build a sumo or a dirty x.

and yeah about sumo and dirty-x…

Sumo is awesome for pvp, however its real strength is in PVE after the upper 20s.You get quite a few AOES to play with.Dirty x is more of a single target style, and therefor is weaker in pve than sumo.Sumo can annihilate many opponents coming all directions, dirty-x multi target attacks are more cone attacks making it harder to aoe grind with.

The almighty E…the end all be all skill..

Go into a combo..Then E.Never just e off the bat on a boss or mini boss.You will miss.Try to make sure large groups are cluttered together tightly before you E them.

Remember class like Judo, Pro wrestling, and the other rushs are grab arts.. There’s not a lot of room for grabbing in Arcades or hunting grounds..therefor..

Your DDD attack needs to be as high as you can get it.+6 is easily achievable, preferable is +8.

Your E should also be between +6 and +8, the rest of your skills will suffice in PVE at around +4 and that wont waste too many of your resources to do.

In my opinion the strongest PVE classes are:

a toss up between sumo and capo.

The rest feel about equal pretty much with dirty-x bring up the rear.

In pvp:
Boxing and Muay Thai hands down.Easy to spam with and easy to change up tactics with.

sambo is just..a lame no skill class.

Judo and hapgido are fun all around classes.

Sumo is great you can spam or you can mix it up with grabs.I have seen both done effectively making it a very versatile class.However it is lacking severely because it cant juggle as easily as the other rush classes.

Again on sumo and dirty-x.Start them as rush.There’s nothing to be gained at all by going street dirty-x and you lose the ability to grab out of the air, which is one of the things that makes capo players cringe.I have grabbed a DDD capo spammer on many occasions. Another thing..about sumo..They have a slide which is ->D and you can grab while using it if you get proficient with it.

After reading all of this, your best friend is still research and doing.You wont just roll a boxer and go faceroll with it.You have to get experience playing it before you can do that.I suggest using every freezone to practice with each of the level 50s if you don’t want to put the time in to make one of every class, and then deciding from there which is for you.

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