Wonderland Online Pet Rebirth Guide

Wonderland Online Pet Rebirth Guide by clo1983

Rebirth Pets

Condition: – For a pet to be rebirth , you must do his/her death quest. and then revive him/her at the church. It will cost you 5 stars.
– lvl 100+ or more.
– Currently not available on this version but would come soon hopefully (version 5)
– Unlike human reborns procedure, pet’s one does not involve any reborn quest.
– You’ll have to do a very long quest if you want to get the pet quest skill.

How does it work?
It works the same way as in getting human rebirth. Your level will be -99 but u keep all the status you have accumulated. there is also bonus  stats after pet reborn.For the bonus stats, its being added randomly however u can always cancel and retry it until u find the best and optimal bonus stats for some certain stats. For example: you want ur pet to have more str and con but less wisdom, just keep trying until u are happy with the bonus stats. See this 2 ss for comparison.  Dont worry your pet would be much powerful and learn new skills.

The rebirth changes the style of the pets Slightly, some would be as if they have grown up

Location : Hanging Garden (at europe)
then go to 2nd cave

Pet additional points :
Pets                                |      Revival Stars               |        Stats bonus               |
Roca                               |      6                                    |     127                                |
ShaSha                           |      8                                    |     130                                |
Niss                                |      5                                    |     127                                |
Cliff                                 |      6                                    |     126                                 |
Xiao Lan                         |      4                                    |     126                                 |
Qylaya (Naqi la)             |      6                                    |     130                                 |
Magellan                        |      4                                    |     129                                 |
Elin                                 |      4?                                  |     129     
Kanako                            |
Fred                                |      10                                  |      128                              |
_______________________________________________________________ |
These bonus stat points once applied, cannot be resetted with forgotten scroll. So make sure choose the best distribution

Reborn pet would be given a weapon and a skill

*Note* Any pet can be made powerful. That is if you are willing to spend and carefully plan the build. You might need item mall item such as this , none released yet on english wl (see pic below) and pet return scroll.
weapon moulder –> could combine 2 diff weapon together. for example,: +60 attk combine with +70 attk will be +130 attk. The weapon will have the same look as the first chosen weapon.
armor moulder –> same concept, just on armors
pet stats boost package –> random get stat boost item for pet, only increase 1 pt and there is no guarantee u will get for ur desired pet. untradable.
weapon/armor crystals –> adds 6 stat points to armor/ weapon stats
human/human pet pill –> unleash hidden potential of human or human pet. Adds extra stats to all ur stats… at +1, +1 to all stats (all str,con,agi,wis,int), at +2 , +2 to all stats, at +6 ,+9 stats.. at +10 .. +25 to all stats? (never attempt +10 before) +12 is +30 stats? .. if you fail in the process, will minus level. max level is +10. It  works for non human pet as well. Max potential is lvl 12

Pet reborn skills Introduction

Pet reborn skills they are 2 type of skills. 1 of which you get from pet rebirth The other one is optional but you can get it after doing a very long quest. Of course this quest is not easy but its worth the skills.

Pet reborn skills Lists

1. Angela
Reborn System : Up
Rebirth skill : AOE freeze
Quest skill : Curse ( a support skill , which sort of curse the enemy will increase ur dmg greatly after some turns i think at the 3rd turn will check it later)

2. Snow Wolf

This is a version 5 pet which will come to english wl in the future

Reborn System : Up
Rebirth skill : A better attack Skill, single target
Quest Skill: Blood Pact

Blood Pact is extremely powerful. It consumes 50% of ur pet hp to deal MASSIVE DAMAGE. Wolf is a fighter pet he got alot hp , really worth learning this skill. However, if your hp is below 50% you cannot use this skill.


The famous frederico , could also get 2 type of skills

Reborn System : Up
Rebirth skill : phoenix strike (fire imbued type of magic) Quest Skill : A lightning thrust spell ( the one u saw while doing his quest , painful right?)


Reborn System : Up
Rebirth skill: A much more powerful gun skill  ” ION BEAM
Quest Skill : Terrafication.

Reborn elin could hold any weapon so if you dont like gun and wanna reset her its also possible . Before reborn ,gun shot , lvl 1xx mob have some resistance to gun. Later on reborn gun shot penetrate all resistances. Right now there are some problems. I wont tell u tho huhuhuhu

5. EVA

As you know before reborn her attk skill was combo-able only up to lvl 10.. once lvl 10 above its became aoe, hiting front and back and no longer combo-able. Good thing about Eva is that u can bring her to burst level.

Reborn System: Up
Rebirth Skill: A poweful fire magic single target.
Quest Skill: A powerful magic + 20% chance of causing Status ailment on the target ( like terafication,paralyse,mess or freeze,sleep)

Oh her weapon ,eventhough it doesnt says + % critical but actually her weapon does make ur dmg multiply by 2.
If you can combo her with ur skill ,ur character skills got the double damage effect as well. By some % of chance of coz.

6. Yan Lin

The double sword girl
Before reborn her skills are : – support skill increase attack
– a high damage fire attack

Reborn System : Down
Reborn skill : –
Other Skill : –

7. Rocca

Reborn System: Up
Rebirth skill: – Aoe fire attack
Quest Skill: –

8. Niss

Reborn system : Up
Rebirth skill : Cylone array of ice and lightning magic , single target  max lvl 12
Other skill: Curse max lvl 10

9. Xiao Lan

Rebirth System : Up
Rebirth skill: Stone magic, summoning a stone golem to punch a single target , dealing 2 hits.
Other Skill: –

10. Clive

Rebirth System : Up
Rebirth skills:  powerful wind slashes attack. This skills hit many many times. Not combo-able if not wrong will check.
Quest Skill: –

11. Qlaya

Rebirth System : Up
Rebirth Skill: – A poweful magic (comboable i think ) will check
Quest Skill:  –

12. Louis ( the cowboy human pet using handgun)

Rebirth System : Down
Reborn Skill:
Quest Skill:

13. Sha Sha

Rebirth System : Up

14. Magelan

Rebirth System : Up

I dont like this pet but will update tomorrow

pets that were previously weak, getting balanced after trans.
i dont have rb magelan ss, but will update

15. Charollete

Rebirth System : Down
Rebirth Skill: powerful Wind magic
Quest Skill: Bind ( the wind charaacter debuff bind. bind front and back line)

16. Werefox pet

apparantly has relation with the snow wolf, u need to get snow wolf first in order to triger her quest.

before reborn :- Claw attk skills
– bind

Rebirth System : Up
Rebirth skill : -Powerful Claw attack
Quest Skill:    – paralyse??????( will check)

17. Kanako

Kanako ingnore anti-bow features.

Rebirth System : Up
Rebirth Skill: Airborne Arrow
Other Skill: N/A
Weapon: Suigetsu Bow

18. Ding Feng  AKA  the kurokawa ninja, “high wind”  Completed

A wind element ninja girl.

Reborn System : Up
Rebirth Skill: …. how come, its magic ?????
Quest Skill: Unknown

Weapon after rebirth : +50 atk + 30 spd katana
Death location : yamatai the town below japan.
Reborn skill: whirlwind — sp 100 , high spin + sword skills.

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