Wonderland Online Jobs Guide

Wonderland Online Jobs Guide by Ezry

Requirement to change job :
– Must level 100 and above to activate job mission.

Information :

-Be notice u can’t change to other Jobs after joining one.
-Your stats will be keeped after changing Jobs.

-Every 1 level (Start From 100) will effect ur future levels.
Examples : (Like what Night says)
-Level 100 > Level 1 (After you change your Job)
-Level 101 > Level 2
-Level 102 > Level 3
-Level 103 > Level 4
-Level 104 > Level 5
And so on…

There are 2 Job types. (This is not a job its a path where u will go later)
1- Mage Type.
2- Warrior Type.
The computer / system who will choose which will u become….but theres a way u can choose : (Night have say this before)
1- If your strength (STR) is more then ur intelligence (INT) > U will become a Warrior type.
2-If your Intelligence (INT) is more then ur strength (STR) > U will become a Mage Type.
3- DO NOT MAKE A HYBRID CHARACTERS!!!!! (Note: U will end up dead on the ground on pvp’s and etc) ^_^ Sorry for the caps.

There is 3 Jobs for each type. (Means total of 6 jobs)

Warrior Type:


Description : The best protection is to atk, after passing through the job baptism, it will increase more strength power to ur char and becomes Murderer. Kill the enemies effectively is the most important task for a murderer. In the battlefield, Murderer need to kill the core player or monster as fast as they can, and then to disintegrate enemies’ team power.

-If u like to have nice attack tho. Choose this Job.

Description : With the high def and hp, warrior sacrificed their agility and atking spd, but they can defense enemies’ atk effectively. Because warrior has high def and hp amount, he can survive in the battle ground for a long time and make enemies feel stress.

-Choose this job if u like High HP and Def.


Description : Knight has his own high spd and the riding skill is one of their strenth, so they don’t need saddle to ride a monster. All in all, knights own their glory and at the same time, they also have their own powerful leadership in the team..

-Agil warrior? pick this job >.<
Mage Type :


Description : After passing through the job baptism, the mages who good at magic skills will transfer to Wizard. After transfering, they will get more power than be4. In addition, wizard has mind of strategy and fast reaction, those strenthes make them easy to find out what enemies want to do and how they going to do, that will benefit his team to win the battle. Therefore, Wizard is a crusal job in a team.

– Choose this job if u are a base MATK (Int) mage.


Description : With formidable belief and thought, those ppl gradually come into a new group – Priest. They have ability to against magic power, coz the wisdom which they have gives them ability to resistant enemies’ energy, that will increase their def power and ability to survive in the battles.

-Choose this job if u are a Wisdom built / Healer .


Description : They have ability to notice things which not occur yet, beat enemies at first place is their strenth. Be4 the enemies take any actions, they had already started spell and ready to knock down the enemies..

-Agi mage? Choose this job.
Job Skills :
-Every jobs u choose have a own unique skill. ONE skill for a job
-I heard that u must complete a quest AFTER change the job to obtain the skill. (Correct me if im right or wrong)


Skill Name : Assassinate
Skill Effect : When the enemies at the situation of sealing, give them a high dmg strick. (basic dmg is 2000)


Skill Name : Shield of the Temple
Skill Effect : This skill will stay for 2 rounds, and it can refract enemies’ magic atk (the dmg limited is 2000)


Skill Name : Knight Spirit.
Skill Effect : After casing this skill, it will give 3 ppl in the team a chance to avoid debuff from enemies in 3 rounds (including the round which knight cases this skill)


Skill Name : Curse
Skill Effect : An enemy which is cased by this skill, our team ppl can deal 1.5 times dmg on it/player.


Skill Name : Rest
Skill Effect: This skill will effect on dead player for up to 5 rounds that he/she can’t be revived.


Skill Name : Prediction.
Skill Effect : Spell to the player who hasn’t effected by sealing skills yet(debuff skills), then the player who is effected by prediction will automatically release from debuffs in the next two rounds.

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