The Godfather Five Families New Player’s Guide

The Godfather Five Families New Player’s Guide by THE END

A big change has been made and I really want to give you the information, strategy and shown you the way to build rapidly and effectively and new system. A lot of players decided to make a new fortune in new server (include me) with new players and thus tips are essential. In this thread I will mention and discuss mainly about

1) building
2) strategy

There are some basic changes in building and its function as follow :

1) LIBRARY : I don’t think there is any change at library but this building is very important. Have you even wonder why Kabam let one line just for research? In fact, library is the most important line in the top right of the screen. It influences all process in game from resource; upgrading, training time to power and health of all units. Razia have mentioned about its fucntion but I think we should have a schematic view about library. You will find it helpful when you want to train some units.

There are some extra requirement in ( ) when you want to do some research. oh I forgot one thing: you need to upgrade cement factory, restaurant and steel mill to certain level in order to do the first three research.

2) HIDEOUT, WORKSHOP, GARAGE h recall that the second line (training) depends mainly on these buildings:
Here is some numbers:

And some buildings and research that need to train them:
-Damage units :
+Thug : level 1 hideout
Demolitionist : level 3 hideout, level 3 garage, level 4 proficiency
Enforcer : level 7 hideout, level 6 garage, level 8 proficiency
Professional : level 9 hideout, level 9 garage, level 12 proficiency
+Health units :
Arsonist : level 2 hideout, level 1 logistics
Bruiser : level 4 hideout , level 3 workshop, level 6 corruption
Tommy Gunner : level 8 hideout, level 6 workshop, level 10 corruption
+Balance unit:
Hitman : level 6 hideout, level 5 workshop and garage, level 7 corruption and proficiency

-Barbed Wire: level 4 logistics, level 2 wall and guard post
-Booby Traps: level 8 logistics, level 4 wall and guard post
-Guard Dog : level 12 logistics, level 6 wall and guard post
-Armed Guard: level 16 logistics, level 8 wall and guard post

-Delivery truck : level 5 hideout, level 2 garage, level 6 mechanics, level 8 capacity
Bonus effect:
OFFENSIVE UNITS: each units can gain bonus damage to two units above (see the table) and of cource, everyunit is stronger than any above. (pro > tommy > enfor > hitman >……..thug)
DEFENSIVE UNITS: barged wire and guard dog are to health units and armed guard and booby traps are to damage units.
Normally, units will die from thug through Professional to delivery truck.

B) GARAGE : each level will help you reduce 2,5% training time to damage units and 1,25 % to balance unit.
C) WORKSHOP: 2,5% to health units and 1,25 to balance unit.

This is the guide for those who want to make a new fortune in new server or those who are new players. I you have any question pm me.
Let’s go!

++First, you have to choose your family. People might choose the first one that would give them more advantage when playing game but my suggestion is “choose the last family in the far right of the screen”. In fact, in godfather, you can attack everyone in the server (except your crew mates) even members in your family. However, we are not supposed to do that in purpose- friendly attack is rude and we are not dirty players. When you choose the family that has the fewest number of players, you can attack and farm other players more than those who in 4 other families.
(If you join game at level 5 and see that there is some level 26 players in other families, don’t worry you can get level 26 in 3 day playing game if you follow my guide)

Now, after completing Godfather guide, there is a big question to you? “What to build first?”. Okie, now there are 4 lines in the top right of the screen and the aim here is to “keep it in red color all time”.

Now, play with me:
You build first 2 factories, restaurants, mills and apartments first then build hideout into remained slots then upgrade all them to level 3. In mansion, you should determine what is the most important buildings here! There are only 3: mansion, library, garage. You have to build to level 1 or 2 of others but do not try build it high if not necessary. After having higher level mansion, you have to build in all slot as many as possible and upgrade some to level 6, especially hideout, res, factory, mill (one for each building is enough because they are the requirement to do the research in library and some buildings in mansion)

+What to train? There are two chain of unit you need to know about: Damage unit and health unit. What to build? Of course, the unit you want is professional why do you train health unit? The important thing that makes you become the exceptional player is here! If you spend time to build workshop and upgrade CORRUPTION, you will take more time and the final unit you get is tommy gunner. On the other hand, if you build garage and upgrade proficiency, you can train pro far sooner than other players in this server. That makes difference. REMBERBER that you have to upgrade workshop to level 3 because That is requirement to upgrade level 12 proficiency. And you unintentionally can train bruiser.

We shall move to the second red line- training. The ultimate strategy is train 1 thug first (for the mission), then build about 7-10 arsonists and farm level 1 gang. You will lost some goons but you can have some after the battle and you lost nothing.( sorry I don’t have any picture about that)
Keep farming level 1 gang until you have demo

Keep farming level 2 until you have 100 bruiser

Keep farming level 3 until you have 25-26 enforces

Keep farming level 4 and train tommy gunner until you have pro
Don’t forget to train some couriers and delivery trucks , they will bring more resources to your mansion.

+Job in neighbor:If you reach level 5 mansion keep 3-3-3 , 4 for apartments and 11 hideouts like this. Remember that don’t change any structure in the neighbor until you are in Part II : arms race.
Remember now, you can gain resource so that you can upgrade everything in your mansion and neighbor. However, don’t ignore restaurant and factory. You need them in some upgrading requirement, thus the best way is to upgrade ONLY one of each type to level 7 or 8. About hideouts, except first one, other hideouts will be upgrade all to one level first and then go on. I upgrade all to level 2 and 3 then 4….. You will have to more chance to reduce the training time if you don’t upgrade each hideout to high level one by one.

+If you reach level 5 mansion keep 3-3-3 , 4 for apartments and 11 hideouts like this. Remember that don’t change any structure in the neighbor until you are in Part II : arms race.Come in to the mansion, as I said above, only mansion, library and garage are needed to upgrade. Just build other buildings in mansion to level 2 or 3, you don’t have to upgrade them now, just because they contribute nothing to you process from level 1 to 27.

+Final point is about library, in fact, I upgrade library to level 5 before level 4 mansion. In library, you should focus mainly on two words “Construction” and “proficiency”. How to upgrade them? Let’s take a look at the second post in my thread to find the answer.

+Sorry, I missed one thing: LUCKY CHANCE TICKET. So for the beginner, I personally think there are some cards you need
1) change estate’s name : make some differences lol ( just a game , enjoy)
2) speedup from 1h to 8hs
3) package
There are two lucky chance tickets each day one in 00;10 PST and 23:50 PST. You do wonder how lucky you are, don’t you? Yes, of course but you have to know some tricks. Here it is! There is a deck that includes 8 cards for you. What you should do now is to reshuffle the deck until you have a good one, just click the right mouse to the lucky chance ticket bar in the top right of the window. So what is the good deck? Okie the good deck is one that include things as follow: Don’s blessing, whistle, olive branch, 1w boost, relocation , package, ih to 8hs speedup, health and attack boost (if you are not patient player). In this new server, I luckily got the 8hs speedup and I think you are lucky too. Just be patient in some minutes you can get some cards that need to enhance the process.
72 hours playing game (sleep 22 hours) + no diamonds + no cheat = level 27

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