TERA Online Crafting Your Fortune Guide

TERA Online Crafting Your Fortune Guide by Scapes

Babur bent so low over the forge that Mikken worried the master smith would lose an eye. Sparks flew from sweat-drops on the coals. Babur grinned. “Yeah, that’s it! Ore gets a smell when it’s ready to hammer.” He grabbed Mikken’s hair, pulling him to eye level with the molten stones. Mekken smelled burning hair…and, faintly, something stony and acrid. He nodded nervously.

“Nothing more valuable, stripling, than what you make yourself!”

The Basics

TERA‘s crafting system is simple but deep. Gather materials, refine them with reagents, then combine them in a recipe with some purchased parts and fittings. Gather fiber from plants for cloth. Mine ore from rocks for metals. Draw energy from crystalline shards for alchemical essences. You will use alchemy when you’re crafting focus weapons. Monsters drop hides for leather armor, as well as the runes that give items the magic of the two titans: Runes of Shara imbue weapons with Shara’s power, while runes of Arun imbue armor. Higher level armor and weapons also need Runes of Titans, imbued with both.


Any character can craft any item, regardless of the item’s intended class. Craft halls in Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator sell basic designs and any parts you’ll need. All crafting you do with a skill increases it, but success boosts your skill faster. Refine enough materials for a few items to raise your crafting skill enough to build them. Buy the recipe, learn it, hit your bench, and crank out an item!


That’s it! Each profession produces worthwhile items across a ten-level spread from just one basic material, so little of what you gather goes to waste as you advance.


To get the best bang from your crafting buck, there are three things you need to know.

First, you can’t buy the best recipes. Instead, kill monsters to find crafting recipes that teach you to create rare and superior gear. If you’re lucky enough to learn one, your goods will be in high demand.

Second, you can put most “useless” items (wrong class, below your level, and so on) to good use through extraction. Extraction recipes, available from general merchants, teach you how to take apart equipment and salvage raw materials. Those old shoes? Extract them into cloth for a new robe. That substandard axe you got as a quest reward? Break it down for the metal!

Finally, there’s enchanting. You can enchant many dropped items, but attune any crafted item and you can then enchant it. Attunement requires another trip to the crafting bench, but once you enchant your gear you get some nifty benefits. After an item is attuned, you can enchant it anytime, anywhere.

Each plus of enchantment gives your gear a flat bonus to its basic attack or defense value, but at specified bonus levels you unlock the item’s special abilities. Enchanting a robe to +3 might unlock improved crit resistance, while +5 might bring MP regeneration at the start of combat. Each bonus is harder to unlock, but doing so creates some very potent gear. Each time you attune a piece of gear, the unlockables will vary slightly, so if you don’t like the results…try again!

See you at the workbench!

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