TERA Online Beginner’s Guide

TERA Online Beginner’s Guide by Grooguz

Locating Quest Objectives

Sometimes when you’re on a quest, you may end up scratching your head wondering where a particular monster or item is. When that happens press the L key to open the quest log. Inside, you’ll find some highlighted blue text within the quest text.

If you click on the blue text to the left, the location will be marked on the map to your right.

As seen above, if you click the blue text, a bright red marker will appear on your map showing the location of the quest’s objective. Using this handy feature, you should never struggle to complete a quest ever again!

Combo Skills

This testing client will feature many more skills than the CBT3 client did. To help you use new skills easily, the developers have added the combo system.

Combo skills will be on the right side of the center of the screen.

As seen above, combo skills will appear if you do something to begin a combo chain and you can press the Space Bar to execute the combo skill. There are two situations in which combo skills become available for use.

Example 1) Using specific skills to activate combo skills.
A Warrior’s tornado skill is only usable after a dodge. A Slayer’s bisection slash is only usable after the skill smash.

Example 2) Combo skills activated in reaction to a situation.
When the player is knocked back, the skill soaring attack will become active. Recently we have made it so that when soaring attack becomes active, all you have to do is press space bar to recover and get back up.

As you can see, many useful skills will be activated situationally, but the most important thing is your style and how you want to play the game. Hopefully you can all come to personalize the combo system!

Acquiring Enhancement Crystals

Enhancement crystals are used to enhance weapons and equipment. Crystals are placed in special gear slots to buff stats and abilities.

You can acquire crystals by:

  • Killing monsters.
  • Buying them from a shop.

Beginning with this test, you will be able to buy crystals from Enhancement Crystal vendors.

You will be able to buy enhancement crystals in the first town you visit, the Island of Dawn’s Expedition Base Camp. Be careful that you don’t just walk past it! Make sure you buy some crystals because they will help you in a lot combat.

Ramsha in Island of Dawn sells the enhancement crystals.

Crystals with unique effects or very good attributes drop off of specific monsters.

Enchanting Gear

You can enchant gear anywhere around the world.

In the UI mode, if you press the ‘Life’ tab you’ll be able to select the Enchant menu. To enchant your gear you need three types of items.

  • The piece of gear you want to enchant.
  • The Gear that will be used as the ingredient.
    • – The gear that will be used as an ingredient will have to be of the same equipment slot and item level.
    • ex) If you want to enchant a 3rd stage Shining Bow, you’d need to use any weapon that is also on the same stage. (Amira: This is pretty unclear! We’ll have to wait for a clarification from EME or another translation.)
  • Enchantment Dust

You can purchase the dust in a town’s general store.

Valkyon Points

Valkyon Points can be acquired through quests or instanced dungeons. The points can be spent in the “Velika Strategic Headquarters” on armor or weapons.

The weapons acquired with Valkyon points are fairly high quality, so you’ll be able to replace your main weapon or you can use them as ingredients for gear enchanting.

Valkyon Points have many grades and each grade has a different vendor.

As you can see, you can only trade Valkyon Points at the Velika Strategic Headquarters so if you happen to visit Velika make sure you take the time to visit!

The Headquarters is located on the Northwest of Velika.

Quest Difficulty

In TERA there are many monsters that you can solo but there are also many monsters that you cannot solo.

At times you will be given a quest to hunt a difficult monsters. In that case, a very obvious indicator will appear next to the quest.

Because of this, it is always a good idea to look at the quest difficulty before you proceed with a new quest. This may save you unnecessary deaths!

The above quest log contains Solo, Mix, Party and Skull quest markers. Here’s a run down of what they mean!

  • Solo – You should be able to solo this quest with ease and the quest location will be in a solo play area.
  • Mix – The quest takes place in an area with both solo and party monsters.
  • Party – Most of the monsters will be party level monsters and they will be difficult to solo.
  • Skull – This means the quest will involve a monster that is very difficult to solo.
  • Quest text in Orange – This means the quest is meant for a higher level character. If you find orange quests hard to do on your own, try and gather some party members or try again after gaining few more levels.

[Monster called Suspicious Cultist]

A monster marked with skull means it is hard to solo.

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