SWTOR Armor and Weapons Modding Guide

SWTOR Armor and Weapons Modding Guide by Criminall

This a guide to help players with the modding of armor and weapons in the game. Threw out my travels I been running into players who don’t understand how to do it or even think it is important. Those same people struggle as I once did and became very unhappy with the game. Then I found out how to mod and it changed the hole game for me.

Lets first talk about orange items in game. Orange items can be modded and have 3 slots for mods. What you want to do is pick a look that apeals to you and you can have those items untill 50 if you choose.

Purple items are locked at their current level and I sugguest not buying purple items untill your 50 because after 2 levels or so that item will not be worth it any more. Purple items have 2 slots.

The 3 slots on orange items are:
Armoring, Hilt or Barrel: this slot sets the item level and power of of item and has some stats thrown in. Keep this always up to date with your current level by looking at the required level to use it as a gauge.

Mod: Sets the stats for the the piece

Enchancement: Also sets the stats for the item

Now mods come in green blue and purple this is what I go by: if the required level is the same level as you.
A green mod will be 2 levels below you
Blue will be your level
Purple will be 2 levels above you.

SO this means stay away from green mods use those for your companion.
Blue is ideal for having in your gear.
Purple is best when you can find them, these will place you above the rest.

Purple gear has only 2 slots a Mod slot and a Enchancement slot. So after 2 levels you will see blue mods equil to or better than your purple equipment and itll need to replaced very soon. Save your money on these items untill 50! At 50 it wont matter because your max level already. If i get a purple drop ill strip the mods out and throw them in a orange piece of equipment.

Now if you get a new orange piece that is higher than what you are currently wearing you can remove the mods from the piece and place them in the piece you are wearing. Cheaper than commidations to buy those same mods.

Now for finding mods.
Every planet has a commidation Mod vendor. What I do is when I get quest rewards I look what is best to accept. Mods cost 7 for barrels, hilts and armoring mods….. 2 for Mod and Enchancement. So if the quest giver is offering a armoring mod or 1 commidation do the math you will be saving 6 commidations that can be used to throw in other items by getting the armoring mod. Same with the other 2 Mod and Enchancement if quest giver is offering a Enchancement mod or a commidation take the mod because you will be saving 1 commidation.

Mods have diffrent stats I am a warrior dps so I go for more STR than endurance. Most mods have names so I go for “Might mods” because they have more STR if I was a tank Id go for guardian mods because they have more endurance. So look what stats you need for your play type and get those mods.

Write down on a piece of paper whats in all of your gear. Before you start the planet check out the commidation vendor and commidation mod vendor see what you want to buy and start saving. Sometimes you dont need anything and than can accept other awards beside the commidations.

What I do for rewards I accept orange items if they have better stats than your current item pull the mods out and replace current item worn. If it offers me a blue mod ill take that second. If its none of the above ill accept the commidation. If I need nothing than Ill go for what will sell for most. What I cant get off planet for mods ill buy in the galatic market to fill the gaps.

Short but sweet if you have any questions I am sure someone else will post here and help you. This is what I do but I am certainly not telling anyone how to play their game.

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