Super MNC Products Tier List

Super MNC Products Tier List by chronomaster

Alright, Products have been out for a while, there’s been some debate on which ones are good, and which ones are bad. I think it’s time for an all-inclusive guide for public play.

More and more I’m moving the list towards what the community sees in each product. Over time, I’ll collect the opinions of those who post here and have good data on the general effectiveness of a product, or on some new way to use a product, etc. The end goal of this guide is to objectively sort all the Products into general tiers (at which point I’ll change the name), from general utility to most technical utility with all the information collected, and eventually factor tournament level play.

This guide is accurate to my opinions as of Update 21 and has factored the opinions and data of everyone who has posted here up to my last post. I have not personally tested all the products, and those that have been will be marked as such. Please note that even with the analysis, the estimated utility of the products can be wrong as much of this is still speculative without hard data. You should find products which work for you. If Investing for the Unenhanced just makes you that much better then do it. This guide is supposed to provide a multitude of perspectives and scenarios, but if you don’t agree with it, then work what you know.

I also don’t mention scaling in this at all. Some products do scale, but I remark on them at the point they’re available. Considering I see scaling as basically doing the same percentage effect between pros of the same level, it seems unimportant to remark on fully.


Money Magnet (Tested)
By far the unanimous necessary purchase for pub play, Money Magnet is the easiest way to free up your grinding game. With a ridiculous pulse range (about the radius of a turret) and refresh time, Money Magnet turns those $5 coins into levels at a breakneck pace. The constant sweeping up of coins also allows you to focus on more important things, like killing bots (which drop more coins to be swept up), harassing pros, or grabbing armor and churros. It is recommended that when you buy a product, this is the first one you buy as it will directly improve your game.

In tournament play, only three players max should be running this product (your two heavy laners and your jungler). Two sounds like an ideal number, though I want to test this idea out myself.

Can’t Slow This
Speed is very important in this game. If you want to chase, get away, get somewhere, what have you, you must be at your top speed. Having that leg up gets you more places than anywhere, so naturally a shield against slows and snares would be very dynamic. Its decent cooldown means even random slows won’t cost you any advantage later on, and having the speed advantage in teamfights allows you to make more aggressive moves without fear of getting locked down into a trap.

Over Armor (Tested)
A product everyone has access to, Over Armor helps increase survivability significantly during the mid to late game. Though it starts at level 10, having Over Armor basically multiplies your HP by 1.5x, as you will now start regenerating armor, meaning if you want to tank up, simply sit back and knock down a few bots. It becomes active a surprisingly high amount of the time if you play well enough, even given you need full health for it to start. Also regenerating against enemy fire, something HP cannot do, is a big plus.

I’m thinking, more and more, Commandos do not need Over Armor. Given their low HP, and thus their low armor, plus the time they spend in the Jungle, they can top out on armor by dropped bits alone.

Spunky Energy (Testing)
A product that sends cooldown times straight to the basement, Spunky Energy in the hands of most pros can wreck a team. OCAS Support gets ridiculous, Lasers are firing everywhere, Bombs rain from the sky, and myriads of other insane things happen during that precious 8 seconds. To have all your nukes, slows, escapes, traps, and whatever else on incredibly short cooldowns, you could easily turn into a 6th player for your team.

The product description is currently wrong. You do not gain +200% Skill Regen, but instead go up to 200% Skill Regen. Whether Endorsements still factor is left to be tested.

Critically Late
To start, your base critical chance is 7%. To lose all that, but to have it back by Level 7 (or even 5 with Endorsements) when it starts mattering makes it difficult to really put a downside to this product. Having a natural 12-15% crit rate gives a decent edge in the late game.


Generous Kill
Generous Kill is a guaranteed heal for you and your teammates. It gives you more sustain than your opponent and can save the lives of those endangering themselves. Worth a try, as any kill product is rather usuable.

Cold Roll
Best for close range pros, Cold Roll can effectively lock an entire team in place if its holder gets the kill. Speed is king in this game, and getting a kill in a teamfight that can prevent your opponents from falling back can give you the roll this product’s name decrees. Also has some applicability in escaping after 1v1 ganks.

I hear it has a short range. Is it Ice Trap range or less?

Recommended primarily for Commandos, InSpire helps you continue your momentum in 1v1 ganks. This frees up your cash for gank bots, and your time for more ganks. If you’re planning to teamfight more often then gank or pick off running targets, you might want Generous Kill over this.

Spunky Lightning
As mentioned before, speed is basically God. Turning a walking crit-tank into a running one can mean single-handedly ripping through a whole line of pros and bots. Best used on pros who are very conscious about their range.

Parting Gift
The only Death Product to be deemed usuable by many. Death Products have a bad reputation as is since death itself in this game is not a wanted outcome, but if you have to go out it would be best to drop a good heal on your team. I’ve seen this product save quite a few people and turn some small fights around.

Jumpy Spunky
Chasing is more often about XZ-plane movement over Y-plane, but players have been reporting tricks with Jumpy Spunky. Combine with Spunky Lightning and you become virtually inescapable.

Also, you can be like Mario.

HANGOVER TIER (It was good, but now it’s bad. You know what I mean?)

Critical Kill (Testing)
On the edge about this one, though I am experimenting with it. Giving each team member around you a total of 17% critical chance (before any personal Endos or effects) theoretically can turn teamfights around or close a roll that much faster.

Devs, if you’re reading this, PLEASE put a visual effect on this buff. Oddly enough, the lack of knowing that you’re being critboosted really hurts this product since knowing about it can improve your decision making.

Death Dodger (Tested)
Although it has a tough proc condition, Death Dodger can accomplish its namesake and save you money, your life, and time when it activates. Keeping yourself under 10% health for 3 seconds and still alive is a tough endeavor that might require you to play offensively just to keep assailants off of your back.

Current suggestions are to run it on carry-type pros as an insurance policy, as you tend to be worth more than your allies if you are running on a high killstreak and are outleveling the opposition. My tests lead me to believe the proc never happens when I could ever use it; either I die because I’m a prime target at 10%, or I heal just above the cap and it doesn’t proc, making me further unsafe if I do drop below 10% again. More testing might be required to sway my opinion on it, and I suspect it might do better on pro/endo combos of high health and low regen.

I could see a good player using this to get home and spawn Scramblers, keeping an everlong pressure of skill lockdown. If one could consistently get this product to proc, it could actually be beneficial even over losing a pro on the frontline.

Leg Up
Going to have to evaluate this one personally. On its face, that’s 14 surges of health and armor that anyone can benefit from. However, that’s 14 surges that occur with a level up, which makes it seemingly erratic. There are a few anticipatable uses for it (such as early ganks), but only testing this can really bring me to a complete opinion on it.

Lime Spunky
Getting a health boost with Juicing almost feels redundant since your regen is so high, but it could be useful to escape close calls or press a fight further on if you can’t close the deal. Considering the high cost of Juice, I wouldn’t see it as a defensive use of money, but Lime does give it that capability.

Since tanky Pros can accrue Juice at a higher rate, you could use this to become even more tanky.


Hot Hands
Gives everyone the potential to deal Fire damage, a 6 second DoT that prevents health regen (something Moose won’t let me forget), but as a grapple. Naturally, Veteran and Commandos benefit from this quite a lot. However, on anyone else, it’s essentially a waste of a slot against better alternatives (but can still find some utility on Defenders if you don’t have a better product). Giving anyone the ability to stop regen and deal a solid form of damage (although easy to extinguish) sounds good on paper, but it’s not terribly useful outside of 1v1 situations. Grapple purposes are usually to lockdown players to secure kills, and Hot Hands is essentially redundant in that regard, so only classes that like to engage in 1v1 would benefit from the extra damage.

Health Inverter
Not a terribly useful product in general, because you will often find yourself outdamaged if you need the lifesteal that badly. Pros with inordinately high DPSes (Gunner comes to mind) will be able to abuse this product, but lighter or less DPS-oriented Pros won’t be able to make much of this if they’re already on the downslide.

Health Inverter applies to instances of damage, not any portion of damage that would bring you up to 20%. What this means is that heavy bursts that hit multiple targets (Combat Girl’s Laser, Support Airstrike, Assault Bomb, Tank’s Death Blossom) can heal for high amounts of damage in the right situations. It also applies to any source of damage from the bearer, so Combat Girl can play safer around her kitties with this product.

Crack Shot
Having high accuracy is nice for many mid-range pros. However, considering accuracy doesn’t affect falloff, this product loses some value. Having a high accuracy would help with hitting long distance targets, but the falloff is what kills you. If it doesn’t proc with melee weapons, then Wascot might find a use for it with his fakeon.

Awesome Spunky
For laughs. It could turn that Flip Switch into a reversal for you, or you could use it to troll people on Gun Mountain’s bridges. Use it to add a bit more distance between you and your pursuers. It’s another product that basically turns Juice into a defensive buff.

Critical Armor
Keeping full armor is much harder than keeping full health, since armor is always the first to go. Might have some application on Gunners or Tanks, due to having ways of keeping their armor up.

Juicy Spunky
Having a level cap of 15, Juicy Spunky simply doesn’t come around unless someone drags the game out too late, which nobody intends to do. It’s a bit of a gamble of a product. That said, if it is your team’s goal to outcarry the opposition, Juicy would help. Given the fast paced nature of pubs, it might not be wise to stock this. This might be a product that changes in value with matchmaking, however.


Clean Slate
Some pros could benefit from it, although it is a ‘Death’ product of sorts. Cheston’s slow Rampage regeneration in particular could use it. Seeing this makes me wish it proc’ed when exiting spawn, instead of just when respawning. Otherwise, hard to make it viable at all.

Investing for the Unenhanced
The numbers are in, and this product is not a sound investment. In order to get to the cap of $10 per refresh, you need to hold $2000 in the bank, which means you’re not buying bots which could earn you more money and field dominance, or that you’re sitting on a Juice you don’t want at your disposal. Anyone who saves up for Jackbots might find use in this, or the income might push you to the next level (I’d have to test it myself to see just how well this does), but honestly money is there to be spent, and there are many productive ways to spend it.

Other Death Products
No. For one reason or another, because of their offensive nature and the requirements to get them out (dying), the other death bombs don’t have much power. Death Wave is only truly useful in LocoMoco anni fights, Blaze of Glory is extingiushable, At’Em Bomb leaves crumbs for your opponents (and has a high level requirement), and Slow Death just isn’t competitive with After Shock (which isn’t above useless either). Avoid these like Extra tier Endorsements.

I might reevaluate these some time in the future. Though I’m quick to pass judgment on them, I don’t actually have any hard data (and it’s tough to do so. After all, testing them involves dying). Death Wave and After Shock are the only death bomb products that seem to have any utility, not counting Parting Gift, but the high price for them and the fact that they require you to die just to use them turns me off for now.

Snappy Comeback (Tested)
Almost completely outmoded by Metabolightning dispensers near the spawn. Again, if this proc’ed coming out of the spawn, it might be more useful. Of course, there is stacking Metabo with this, and then overclocking as Support, but honestly you can find a better product than this one.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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