Super MNC Gunslinger Guide

Super MNC Gunslinger Guide by Awpteamoose


1- Offense
2- Defense
3- /-/
4- Offense, Defense
5- Trigger happy
6- Trigger happy
7- /-/
8- Offense, Trigger happy
9- Defense
10- Kneecap
11- Kneecap
12- Kneecap
13- Gunflurry
14- Gunflurry
15- Gunflurry

Why to play it?: A lot of dps, not dependant on range, skill based slow, perfect for both holding and pushing a long lane.
Why not to play it?: You suck at aiming, you have no team comms, you have 2 sharpshooters on your team.

Early game (level 1-7/8):
Tag bots with bodyshots or pistol, shoot people in the head. Kneecap if they get in range. Sometimes flurry to tag bots.

Mid game (level 8-12/13):
As soon as you see any pro, trigger happy and blow their face off. If you can’t, you picked a wrong class to play. Finishing off with a pistol might be more reliable sometimes.
Don’t go against multiple opponents, try to keep a few allies close since your shots pierce through them anyway. Juice with a pistol+trigger happy since headshots don’t do more damage while juiced. Sometimes flurry to tag bots.

Late game (level 13 – endgame):
Go where everyone else goes, shoot every opponent in the head. Don’t die, get juice, kill things.

Best buddies:
Supports – will patch you up, fend off everyone with a firebase, his grapple makes for easy headshots. His h/h gun will stop bunnyhoppers and let you 100% acc headshot easily.
Assaults – good for chasing ones with a few holes in their forehead. Annoying as hell so usually will draw all fire for you.
Karls – his stun makes for 2-3 easy headshots, good for chasing weak as well.
Snipers – his trap makes for easy 2 (4 with TH) headshots, if you add a kneecap and the sniper adds a headshot, the target is almost unable to move for another 1.5 seconds, which makes more headshots. If you both focus a single trapped guy, he’s dead. Unless you both are terrible.

Worst villians:
Chestons – his roar will make your headshots pointless, you can’t hit his head while he’s rampaging.
Veterans – will pull you into enemies. Has eety beety tiny baby head hitbox.
Tanks – his shield will stop you from doing headshot damage.

Your prey:
Assassins – can’t do anything to you if you can shoot things in the head. If you can’t, you’re playing the wrong class.
Snipers – you have more HP and have higher DPS.
Gunners – have nothing to counter you with, mortar shoots mortarts that don’t hurt.
Average Gunslingers – because they can’t hit anything -> do no damage to you.
Combatgirls – stay where her pussy can’t reach you, shoot her in the face. Laser makes for 2-3 easy headshots, even if it hits you it was worth it.

– Kneecap + TH pistol makes for easy 100% accuracy time. Especially combined with accuracy product.
– If you kneecap anyone, expect them to bunnyhop. Track their face accordingly.
– If you’re certain, hold LMB while shooting TH rifle. Less time wasted between shots -> more DPS.
– Try to avoid 1×1 if the opponent has an advantage. Height, health, armor, juice, level, small face – anything that might get you into unexpected trouble
– Gun flurry does no damage, though in a big radius. Tag huge endgame bot swarms with it.
– Comm a lot. Make sure people don’t get behind you, make sure you know if anyone gets behind an opponent. Call out weak targets, call out focus/grapple/stun etc on anyone you need. You’re the second main guy (gal) in the team (after Cheston).

tl;dr don’t die, shoot heads

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