Super MNC Denying Tactic Guide

Super MNC Denying Tactic Guide by chronomaster

‘Denying’ is the act of you, the friendly player, landing a last hit on a friendly unit to claim a kill reward. Doing so often robs your opponents of rewards meant for the killer of an enemy. The whole idea of the tactic is to slow your opponents down in their grind so that your team is by comparison ahead, which puts you ahead to make earlier and deadlier pushes while your underleveled opponents cannot respond. Now, it is impossible to deny your bots or your friends, but it is possible to mess with yourself, given the right conditions. I’ll go through the mechanics of self-denial, and go through who has the serious ability to do so.

Note, regardless of what’s going on, denying oneself is still a drawback. You’re stuck in spawn, and anyone who was attacking you still gets money. The appeal is that everyone gets LESS money than they would have gotten getting a kill or a better assist slot than if you didn’t deny yourself. If you manage to somehow hit yourself and land the killing blow, you’ll take the kill credit, and everyone else gets an assist (or lesser assist), and any extra rewards like Streak Breakers or Grapple Kills don’t happen. There is three known, and a few speculative ways to force a deny.

  • Explosive damage
    The most common way to off yourself before your opponents do is to use your Pro’s explosive damage to hurt yourself. Any damage of yours, skill or weapon, that deals indirect Area of Effect damage hurts you for HALF of what it would normally hit for. Regardless of this reduction to oneself, this is by far the most consistent way to deny oneself since it needs the least amount of setup to do.
  • Falling damage
    Falling damage is another method, but is very unreliable. Since falling does so little damage (around 50 about 10 feet/3 meters up), do not focus too much on it unless you have a cliff and a lot of angry Pros chasing you. Note, falling off the arena counts as a kill for the last person that hit you, so don’t jump off thinking you made the best of a bad situation.
  • Bot/Turret damage
    Bot and turret damage is a way to get yourself dead and rob the credit from others. If you have a bot wave kill you, that bot/turret gets the credit for the kill, and everyone else involved gets an assist. Although it will read on the Killboard as if the player killed you, credit will still go to the bot/turret in the kill recap and the money given to the player is assist money. Note that dying from spawned enemy bots or player-owned turrets as opposed to the bot wave or stationary turrets counts as that player’s kill. It is unknown if a turret buffed by Combat Girl becomes hers for the duration of the buff.
  • (Own) turret damage
    Your own turret fire should be able to hit you and deal damage. This requires you standing in front of your base, it deals variable damage, and it’s probably not going to happen if you’re turtling that much already. I wouldn’t expect this to happen more than once in a blue moon.
  • Burn damage
    If you can set yourself on fire, burning out should result in a death by your own hands. However, it’s more than likely that if you are set alight by a different person, then burning out will count as their kill credit. Doesn’t hurt if you happen to be lucky enough to not be up against a Tank/Cheston.

Only a few pros can reliably deal explosive damage to themselves. These are the ones I’d focus on since denying is only really feasible with them.

==The Assault==
The Assault has by far the best options to self deny with, and paired with his high maneuverability means he has the highest success rate for doing so. At his disposal is his Bomb and his Grenade Launcher, both incredibly versatile tools that make taking yourself out often a net benefit even in the worst situation. The Bomb is currently the easiest way to self-deny, due to its consistent damage within the blast radius and the damage readout you have in the Skill window to estimate the time to detonate it with. Just set the bomb in advance to arm it first, as there is a delay before you can detonate it.

The Grenade Launcher can be used in point blank to self deny. The damage is less consistent because the explosion doesn’t count as a direct hit, but with little variance since you should be relatively close to your target. Do remember that all explosive damage to yourself is halved, so plan ahead and time your shots. Too early or too late and you’ll miss what little window you have left.

Support’s Airstrike, though it has a large delay, can still be used to deny oneself thanks to the high damage output of the bomb. Timing, always important in self denial, is even moreso when trying to deny yourself as a Support.

Other than that, you could try to set up your turret as a last ditch effort, but if you’re going that far you might as well try to survive unless you’re really that screwed.

Cheston’s barrel does explosive and fire damage. It’s less likely you will deny yourself as Cheston thanks to your burst heal and Rampage speed, but if you find yourself up against a wall (literally), just throw a barrel and hope you burn out before you’re shot to death.

Flak grenade. Enough said. since it’s an area DoT you probably have killed yourself with this already just trying to get your opponent off of you. Why your Ice Traps weren’t up, I’m not one to judge, but if you need to get out, here it is.

Karl’s stun does explosive damage, technically. You have to be in range of it, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re near death. Look on the bright side; you didn’t stun yourself if you did it correctly.

All have skills that can launch themselves high into the air. If you want to try it as a last ditch effort, be my guest, but that kind of mobility is more for escaping.

Though you should be able to just about blink your way out of trouble no matter what, Spark’s Ray Gun is an explosive projectile. I do not know if Voltage Spike is explosive as well, but if it is, consider how close you are to the ground…

No. Both the Gunner and Tank have explosive skills that they could self-deny with. However, it’s incredibly difficult to land a hit under the right conditions with them, and they are tanky pros to boot. If you got yourself that far into a mess, you’ll have to figure out how to deal with it yourself.

Note, the key part of denial is TIMING. Often the health windows to deny oneself are very slim. It’s a pain in the ass to land, but it can help ease the pain a little to make your opponents take home sub-$100 rewards from the hunt. Thing is, the tactic is so niche and difficult, I wholly recommend you don’t attempt it seriously unless you’re well aware of your classes limits, strengths, and you have a strong sense of situational awareness. There are many other things to improve on as a player, and this small tactic is only for those who can go the extra mile after making the first few hundred. Value your survival first and foremost, and learn, and learn, and learn until you can recognize situations where you can’t escape death. You’ve been warned, and plus this will probably be patched out by next week, so don’t expect much else.

Next up, Bouncers. Those bundles of joy from heaven you can send down from above to wreck your foes.

(Note: There is a lot of speculative material in this post for now, especially involving pros I haven’t had extensive time with. Please test out and report your findings so I can improve this mess of a guide. Also mind I will be editing from time to time as I find places to improve the text and suggestions come in. Remember anything that goes in here can also help out the devs with fixing this behavior, as this tactic is probably entirely unintended…

But sometimes the littlest quirks are the things we love the most, right? :V)

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