Super MNC What To Do When Losing

Super MNC What To Do When Losing by Gray Fox

You are going to lose.

You are sitting in the lobby. You are looking at the enemy team. You know you are going to lose.

There is not a god dam hope in the universe that you could ever possibly win.

Or is there?

The main thing you have to do here is cut off as many losses as possible and run on assumptions. Because the enemy is going to be better than you, you assume that you will lose any fair encounter. That means you shouldn’t be taking any player killing risks. If you ever attack a player, it’s because of a KaKlaw or an attack of great opportunity.

If you don’t take risks, you can’t be caught overextending. By forcing yourself and your allies to play the game purely as bot killing and keeping what you have, you somewhat force the enemy to do the same. They won’t be able to get a strong lead if they never have any kills to reach it.

No deaths means no streak losses. If you all keep focused on bots, you should never find yourself falling behind granted that none/few of you die. You may want to go as far as not even trying for the annihilator and simply be prepared to buy fujibots so you don’t lose ground.

The purpose of all of this is that there are two gaps. Skill gaps and level gaps. Skill gaps occur naturally, level gaps only occur if you allow them. If your worried about losing because of an assumed skill gap, taking risks and feeding to result in a level gap wont do you any favors.

The game has a natural flow wherein the higher in levels you get, the longer it takes to level. Ergo, the harder it is to gain or sustain a level gap. This shrinks to 0 at level 15. Therefore, your best bet of success in any fight is to draw out the game and minimize level gap possibilities.

By doing this, you should also be storing cash. Cash is going to give you a temporary advantage in bots, juice, or what have you. If the game is prolonged and you aren’t feeding the enemy kills, this cash can levy you the advantage you need to try and push back.


This is a best bet scenario. Probability would dictate that you’re going to lose even with this. Your going to get in scenarios where you’ll be in PvP you can’t avoid. What I’m hoping for is that playing with this mindset is going to teach you how to better avoid conflict when you don’t want it, and how to better discern whether going for a kill is worth it or not. With deaths being as important as they are, this playstyle helps hone a new player on the ideas of Zoning and Risk vs Reward.

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