SD Gundam Online Leveling Tips Guide

SD Gundam Online Leveling Tips Guide by MakoLezalo


This guide is for players who have some experience in the game, its main purpose is to provide tips for leveling and some walkthroughs for the best ways.

User Exp

Mission 6

User exp can be easily gained from any mission, the one I found fastest was Mission 6 Desert. A team of a few papers can do this pretty fast on very easy and easy mode. If you want you can even try normal mode. Most enemies in this mission are rock but, you don’t have to use a paper, anything you are good with is fine, although scissors might get killed easily on higher difficulties. When the mission starts there are a few waves of BuCues and eventually upgraded BuCues, plus a few other random enemies. You have to survive until time runs out, so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t getting enough kills, but you get Bonus exp for completing each of the 30+ enemy rounds. And if you finish enough rounds, the mission will  be completed.


Eventually missions may not give enough user exp or none at all, so you need to go PvP. PvP actually does hand out exp and a decent amount of points. I think missions stop giving out User exp after Petty Officer First Class, the “v” Rank. PvP may sound scary at first but, you will eventually get the hang of it.  Try having a pretty decent leveled Unit, and have at least a skill avalible. Also take note that types still have their advantages and disadvantages in PvP. You can try starting by joining or creating a room for C Ranks only, they are much easier to use then A or B ranks if you aren’t skilled. You have a choice of doing normal or death mathes. Death Match is a bit harder then normal matches, due to you only getting limited lives based on the rank of the Gundam you are using. Normal matches go as high as 6vs6 while Death Matches go to 4vs4. Death is generally quicker and gives more exp, Normal ends after a certain time and the team who wins is the team with the most kills. If you lose a pvp match you still get some user points. Once you get the hang of C ranks you can try using B or A ranks. After you hit Sergeant Major, the rank ups are given to a certain percentage of users with the highest exp. So to promote to Warrant officer you will need to be in the top 50% of all users Expwise. And to sum it up for end game user exp you’re just pretty much messing around in PvP racking up kills for emblems.

Unit Exp

Single Player Space

An easy way to get unit exp no matter your Unit’s class or rank is to use your faith points on the Single Player Missions, on any difficulties. You can choose whatever mission you prefer, I find the space mission faster since you don’t have to fight a boss. It’d best if you used a Gundam with good ranged weapons and movement though. It is in space, so the movement is slightly different from ground missions, take some time to get used to the movement changes. Basically it’s like you’re always hovering. For the first of the space mission you must destroy 6 crates if you’re on easy mode. They have timed spawns. With a fast unit with ranged weapons you can do this pretty fast. A few Zaku types will try and prevent you from doing this. After all 6 are destroy you move to the next part. The second phase has a 90 second timer. A enemy battleship will spawn with a few GINN. The battle ship will move until it stops at a destroyed ship, which acts like a blockade. You need to try and protect it. It breaks fairly easy though, but, don’t worry. After it breaks the battleship will move towards a second one. This one has more endurance, but after it is destroyed the ship will move to the escape point. So make sure it doesn’t get broken. Standing in the middle of the map with a ranged weapon is a good strategy. Once the timer runs out, the battleship will explode and you will move to the final phase. You spawn near the White Base. You will need to kill 20+ enemies while protecting it. Some GM IIs will charge at it with melee once they get close enough. You can stay near, generally below the white base in case they melee it, because you can’t really shoot them from above. Occaisonaly a Ball will spawn from the White Base, they will be on your team. Rarely an enemy Hambrabi or Murasai will spawn. Killing either one will heal the White Base. Once you have killed the 20+ enemies you will win, getting you 288 Unit exp and Points, if you had faith left.

Single Mission Ground

The Single Mission Ground requires you to have some ranged weapon, medium or long. The mission starts with you having to kill a certain amount of enemies while procting an injured Strike Gundam. You can probably stand next to it while shooting enemies from afar and switching to melee once they get up close. A few Snake Heads will shoot at you but you can pretty much ignore them for now. On the next part you need to now kill the Snake Heads. This is where you need the ranged weapon. A few enemies from the first part will spawn, you can kill them but focus on the Snake Heads. After you kill a couple you will move to the third stage. Their are Zaku I, Zaku II, and Zaku III here. It’s basically a huge indoor map with crates everywhere. Ranged weapons are really nice here. You need to break a few special crates at certain points in the map, they give you HP. At the end you will find a crate in an enclosed room, after you break it, you will move onto the final part. Master Gundam will spawn, it is Golden. If you have alot of time left, you will on easier difficulties, you can take this fight easily and use specials, and ranged weapons. Once finished you will gain 288 User Exp and Points, presuming you have faith left. Both these missions give you only one life, which isn’t a problem, however you do need to be careful on higher difficulties. Once your faith is out, you can pretty much run whatever you want, like suggested above.

Unit Levels and Astros

Unit levels go: Rookie>Soldier>Veteran>Ace>Custom1>Custom2. You get a special after becoming Soldier, and a skill for Veteran and Ace. Once your Unit hits Custom 1, you gain a stat point to use on any stat. It is recommended to put it on Attack, or whatever you find gives the most gain, try the point on all stats. You gain another point at Custom 2, then your unit is maxed for now, until Overcustom is released. If you have money you can buy astros and then purchase Exp Packs and use alot of them on your unit. The exp packs work by having you charge them with mastery. You can get fully charged exp packs from some quests. You can also buy different operators which will provide bonuses to your Exp and Points. Almost all of them cost astros.


Ign: Zeltior

Clan: Celestial Being

Feel free to PM me on the forums, or in game if you have any further questions or need help. All of the above methods work, and if you really need exp you can play on a Double Experience event for massive gain. Difficulties do not change the exp and point rewards, only the prizes/drops, like Blueprints, etc. Just try and be constant about your missions and PvP, get some friends and/or a clan to help you so you can have fun.

This guide was made using information mainly from my own personal experience  in SDGO and some basic research.

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