SD Gundam Online Frequently Asked Questions

SD Gundam Online Frequently Asked Questions by Mistori

Game Related Questions:

=== Battle Support? =================
Battle Support is a small “bonus” or “handicap” meant to assist new players. It’s effect will start decreasing as players rank up past till and will eventually lose it’s effect by rank

Battle Support Effects:
1) Faster Auto-lock. (i.e. when you right-click to aim at someone)
2) Radar (usually obtained when someone on your team has communication command skill )
3) NO Stat Decrease or unit nerf (commonly mistaken due to the word “handicap” (source)

To set Battle Support:
Battle Support is only active on 1 unit at a time. If you want to change Battle Support to another unit, you must complete the 2 quests regarding “Battle Support Licensing” for Ground & Space Mode with any unit, not necessarily the one that has Battle Support.

Battle Support Effects Decreasing…

At rank:

I can’t beat xxx Mission on yyy Difficulty
You’re probably using the wrong units. The two units that are easily available to newcomers are…

Psyco Gundam

Apsalus II

and they are the bread & butter of finishing missions successfully. Psyco can be obtained from a quest, and Apsalus II can be created or drawn from capsule 8.

Another good choice for newcomers include…
Cgue that you also get as a quest reward

Generally, try not to use SP in missions. It’s very cool to see your unit pull off crazy moves and bombarding the nuts outta the enemy, but it wastes time and your damage can but done if all four players are shooting at the target.

For more details about quests & missions, head to and look for Quests & Mission Guides.

As a side note, not many people like seeing Psyco & Apsalus II in pvp, so please be aware.

What is Mastery and why does it get stuck at 6000?

Mastery is experience that’s separate from your unit as well as your user. You can take advantage of these experience by purchasing empty experience containers with astros, filling the capsules with the experience gathered by your mastery, and use it in-turn on your desired units.

It gets stuck at 6000 because you haven’t gotten to Rank PO2 .
Your master cap increases each time you hit the following ranks:
: 12000
: 18000
: 24000
: 30000

How do you get the blueprint for Sword Strike (or other AS units) right now?
Some blue prints can only be obtained via specific missions, these following blueprints are random drops.

AS- Hyaku Shiki Clay bazooka, Launcher Strike, Aile Strike, Sword Strike, Zeta Beam Saber, Shining Gundam Super Mode

A – Zeta, Elmeth, ZZ, Apsalus 2, G3, Strike Gundam, Aegis Gundam, FA Gundam, Buster Gundam, Psyco Gundam, GP03 Stamen, Duel Gundam, Shining Gundam

BS – Astray Blueframe 2nd L, Astray Goldframe Amatsu, Cgue Deep Arms, Lagowe

B – Efreet Custom, Cgue, Gelgoog Jager, Ground Gundam, Astray Goldframe, Astray Blueframe, EZ8, Dijeh, Astray Redframe, Gelgoog, Gundam, Gundam MK2 AEUG, Gouf Custom, Kampfer, Alex NT1

CS – GM Quel Repair, Ball Repair, Acguy Repair, M1 Astray Repair

These should be pretty much all of the random blue prints that you could get through missions.

sdgo wiki also has the same info on Random Mission Rewards
These rewards should be completely random, and has no regard on difficulty. Many players on the forum have gotten plans from normal/hard/expert difficulty. Whether or not higher difficulty has an impact on chance of getting a blueprint/plan, there has been no sources that have confirmed this.

How do I make xxx Unit
Most blueprints will require the “key” unit to be of rank Custom 1. When using the blueprint, you must gather each of the materials. The materials will disappear while the key unit will remain.

In order to rank a unit to Custom 1, you must train it…

Unit leveling system
Rookie > Soldier > Veteran > Ace > Custom 1 > Custom 2 > Custom 3 (if possible) > Custom 4 (if possible)

S: Great stats, often have unique skills
A: Good stats
B: Decent stats, great to train your ability as a player
C: Mediocre stats
Rank Suffixes:
_S it’s crafted (“Special”)
_R it can only be obtained through capsules (“Rare”)
_U it’s unique/user painted scheme
It’s possible to have those suffixes for all ranks (S, A, B, C)

Ranks effects in PVP
Normal PvP: (5 minute limit, unlimited lives)
S: 5 points gained by other team when defeated
A: 4 points gained by other team when defeated
B: 3 points gained by other team when defeated
C: 2 points gained by other team when defeated

Deathmatch PvP: (5 minute limit, limited lives)
S: 2 lives, 2nd life starts at 70% HP
A: 2 lives
B: 3 lives
C: 4 lives, 4th life starts at 70% HP

Battleship PvP: (required rank: PO2 , 5 minute limit, 1 life per unit on the ship)
Ships can contain units with cost totalling up to 10 and at least 8:
S: 5 cost
A: 4 cost
B: 3 cost
C: 2 cost

S + S (5 + 5 = 10)
A + B + B (4 + 3 + 3 = 10)
B + B + B (3 + 3 + 3 = 9)
B + B + C + C (3 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 10)

Playing S doesn’t necessarily make you a good player. If you die too easily you’re just giving the opposing team an easy win.
Basically: S = high risk, high reward. C = low risk, low reward.
When OverCustom comes into the picture, even B/C ranks can achieve attack power of S ranks.

In-depth Game Questions

What is OC? / Over Custom Information / Suit Customization
OC stands for Over Custom, where your unit has achieved all of its Custom levels and you go on to further increase your units stats.

List of Overcustom Levels
Overcustom 1-2: 1 Overcustom point per level.
Overcustom 3:    The unit’s repair cost is halved.
Overcustom 4-5: 2 Overcustom points per level.
Overcustom 6:    3 Overcustom points.
Overcustom Ex/7: An Ex Skill of your choice. A list of choices is available from the site below.

Warning: Overcustom CAN FAIL!!
Unlike Custom, each OC level has their own chances of failure. Upon failure your unit’s OC experience will be reset to OC0, but you will still retain your custom points/experience.

To prevent reset/failure, there are 2 items you can use.
1. Level Protector:   Ensures your unit’s experience does not reset to OC0 even if you failed, it will only reset to your current oc level (e.g. oc4 -> oc5 failed, back to oc4 with 0 exp).
The item will be used regardless if you passed or failed.
2. 100% OC Protector: Ensures a 100% success rate. This item can only be used for OC1~5. (e.g. it can not be used for going from OC5 -> OC6, as well as OC6 -> OCEX)

Both items are available through numerous quests, as well as random mission drops.

In addition, Level Protectors are available on SDGO NA from the in-game shop for the following prices in points:
1x = 3500 points
3x = 9800 points
5x = 15,000 points

A TW forum/bbs made a compilation of the success/failures of OC among all its users.;=70005&tnum;=333 (Warning: Chinese)
Below are the findings from the forum post:
OC1: 100% (never fails)
OC2: 71.6%
OC3: 48.9%
OC4: 28.7%
OC5: 17.2%
OC6: 11.8%
OC7: 5.8%
Bear in mind, these are simply statistics, not actual in-game values, furthermore personal experience can differ.
e.g. I’ve had the luck of being able to go from oc1 > oc6 without a single fail on serveral units in HK. A friend of mine who had a Heavy Arms Custom (EW) failed oc5 > oc6 25 times and it still hasn’t passed yet.

There’s a misconception that adding attack will decrease your unit’s defence. This is WRONG. This is how custom used to work a long time ago before the OverCustom system was introduced in SDGO KR. That system was never around in SDGO NA.

Sources & more detailed information:

How should I OC my unit?
There is no *correct* way to OC your unit. It’s all about preference. Some people prefer tanky units, some prefer agile units, some prefer offensive units. It will also vary per suit. Experiment!

Custom/OC stat gains per point
C: 0.9/0.9
B: 0.9/0.9
A: 0.6/0.6
S: 0.6/0.6
C: 1.8/1.2
B: 1.5/1.2
A: 1.2/0.9
S: 0.9/0.9
C: 0.6/0.3
B: 0.6/0.3
A: 0.6/0.3
S: 0.6/0.3
C: 0.9/0.9
B: 0.9/0.9
A: 0.6/0.6
S: 0.6/0.6
C: 2.4/2.4
B: 2.1/2.1
A: 1.8/1.8
S: 1.5/1.5
C: 1.8/1.2
B: 1.6/1.2
A: 1.2/0.9
S: 0.9/0.9

Some of these stats will also be modified by Fortress & Sniper Precision.
e.g. When fortress is active, OC in def will reduce from 0.6 gains to 0.4 gains.
And some other Chinese site whose link I lost.

For the units that do have a shield, it can be used to reduce the damage taken by 1/2.
Shields have a set HP, and when the HP of the shield is depleted it will be destroyed. The words “Crash” will appear indicating a destroyed shield. On some units, the shield will even disappear.

The size of the shield has no baring on how much HP it has.

Unique Shields: (not currently in the game yet)
NU: Pyramid shield (360 degrees protection, beam weapons do 0 dmg, but can still knock down), unlimited HP
V2A: Beam shield (1 side protection, beam weapons do 0 dmg, but can still knock down), unlimited HP
Energy Shields: i.e. Seravee, Alvatore (slightly more durable shields, 360 degrees protection), limited HP
I-field: i.e. GP03D Folding Bazooka (I-field not based on the I-field skill), limited HP

OGPlanet related questions:

Currently Released Content on OGPlanet’s SDGO?
Capsules: 1 – 30
Plans/Blueprints: Basic C/B/A ranks. Several CS/BS/AS are available only through random mission drops (check list above)
S ranks: N/A
Beginnger S ranks from quest (Freedom, Justice, Providence): N/A

Next update: (unknown)

Why can’t I play? I live in xxx region or yyy country!
OGPlanet’s distribution is only meant for North American players. Unfortunately we don’t know if OGP has any plans to broaden their network coverage to places outside of North America such as Europe or South America, so please be patient :)

Got Banned for no reason!
Quoting [GM] Roll up

Your friend needs to contact the help desk to appeal the ban. Account status’ cannot be discussed on the forums or with anyone else other than the account holder.

When will OGPlanet / SDGO N.America update their content to match KR/TW/HK/CN/JP?
OGPlanet has their own roadmap in terms of releasing content. So far most things said on this site are pure speculation by many gamers and I have yet to see any GM’s state if they plan to catch up or not catch up to KR. In fact, in a private message with [GM] FatCat, it’s stated the GM’s are unable to share any information regarding their release schedule due to their internal policy.

Game Client Modification:
Quoting [GM]FatCat

1. Changing the bgms are fine.

2. Changing the binary files (including but not limited to background/operators) can be subjected against the policy under ‘Using 3rd party programs’.

3. Sharing such programs on the forum will be reviewed and subjected against the policy as well.

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