SD Gundam Online Rank Up and Recommended Suits Guide

SD Gundam Online Rank Up and Recommended Suits Guide by jefferyau

Welcome new players, this is jefferyau (ingame name Allenby) giving you tips on level up from the training mission channel to expert channel. I also added recommended suits and what to save up for.

Part A

Rank Recruit

(you are only allow to enable the three missions at a time, so once you complete one enable the next one on your mission tab near the bottom right of your screen)

Clear tutorial mode maneuver training 1> complete mission and claim the prize> go to my room> break your new suit 105 dagger for 400 game points

Clear tutorial mode maneuver training 2> complete mission and claim the prize> go to my room> break your new suit M1 astray 400 GP

Clear tutorial battle training 1> complete mission and claim the prize> go to my room> break your new suit Gouf for 400 GP

Clear tutorial mode training 2> complete mission and claim the prize> go to my room> break your new suit GM siniper custom for 400GP

*NOTE you now should have 1600 GP and a training GM/zaku go to capsule second option on the bottom right of the screen, draw from capsule machine number 18. I recommend this machine for starters. You will now have 200 GP left.

you can get C ranks PowerGM rock, Dinn, Rick Dom, CR dom and a rare chance of getting Hambrabi and Calamity. these suits are better than the ones that you break since there’s a chance you get something with higher than customer 2 tune up slots on them and they will have higher status.

Use your new suit and enable mission challenge very easy [destroy the psycho) clear it four times and get a reward of 2000 GP. (under coop mission)

Mission briefing and objective destroy the three psycho located psycho 1. far end of the map opposite to where you spawn. psycho 2 will be in the middle of the map. psycho 3 right side of your spawn area. in the following order. Be sure to save your ammo on psycho, there will be extra suits spawning, but you can ignore them since you have 7 lifes, focus on your objective. Either A stand on a building and shoot the back of the psycho gundam or B land on psycho’s head and slash him.

GP 2200+ extra mission rewards, do destroy psycho a few more times with your suit until you rank up to PVT.

Rank PVT (claim rank up gift prize in storage for 2000 GP)

enable Battle support Ability Licensing Quest 1 & 2

Clear Single Ground mission (with your new suit you drew from machine 18) they all have long range attack so it can be cleared.

phase 1 protect strike gundam, stand behind strike and shoot down 18 enemy suits

phrase 2 shoot down 9 gundam heads, there should be 2 on each side, watch your radar. if  the three extra suit spawns stand on the two towers in the middle of the map shoot them down.

phrase 3 shoot down all zaku and boxes on the way, there should be one that give you HP half way and shoot the last box in the final room. NOTE: if you don’t kill all the zaku or you miss one of the boxes that give you hp master gundam will not spawn.

phrase 4 shoot down master gundam, make sure to keep your distance, and use your special on him when he’s around 25~35% health.

Clear Single Space

phrase 1 destroy supply boxes, overtime they will appear on the map. mean while you have to defend against 3 incoming zakus and 1 sniper in the background. kill the sniper first and fly backwards while shooting at the zakus. NOTE: in space you can press V to move down in space.

phrase 2 enemy battle ship approaching and we have two metal towers to block them, defend the two towers for 60 secs shoot down all suits approaching.

phrase 3 defend white base, destroy GM to clear the mission. NOTE: destroying Hambrabi will heal your white base, make sure you destroy all the GM that’s below white base and slashing the space ship.

complete the mission now you are able to enable battle suit, to do so go to my room with the above two mission completed, right click on one suit and enable battle suit. Note: this will display enemy on your radar in both pvp and missions until you reach rank SCPO.

now with your battle support unit equip use that suit and clear both Adapt A& B main unit ( private rank)

Rank PFC (claim rank up gift prize 3000 GP)

Note: you are now ready for beginner channel mission, leave the training channel and clear the following missions. in order

M01 destroy the psycho GUndam Easy> reward keep  Cque (useful in blue prints and good beginner suits) *tip same deal as training channel

M03 destroy the apsulus Easy> reward keep Ground gundam (useful to make Apsulus and a good beginner sniper) *tip back up at start behind the pillars and shoot as they spawn, blow up the gates and advance, ignore rising gundam and amatsu stand on the pillars and shoot apsulus.

M04 Test Factory Easy > reward red astray (useful for blueprint later and a good combo for melee basic slash 4 times + #3 slash down down) *tip stack left side on phrase 3 shooting the cannons, keep everyone on the same side. Phrase 4 kill aile strike by having an aile use map beam special while others use machine gun or laser on him.

M05 destroy moon base> reward keep Gundam MK II AEUG ( a good scissors)

M07 battleship normal> reward psycho (very useful suit in harder missions, you should use him for future missions until he have all his skills) (everyone in the room should use B rank or A rank for bonus damage for phrase two, destroy the ship on the top left first, then the ship on the bottom right, save the stable ship in the middle last. IF you have one A rank and the rest are B rank. get the A rank to destroy all the enginers and wings on each ship while the B rank destroy the main body.

now once you clear mission 07 normal for your psycho attempt normal mission 03 Destroy the apsalus for reward Strike and clear mission 08 destroy big zam for reward Aegis.

Leave the rest of the mission for suit you need for future blueprint it’s time for you to play some PVP.

I recommend players start with Normal and Boss mode for pvp from rank PVT>P03>P02> P01 (you will get from 73~109 pilot experience per match depending on the number of players and whether you win or lose

learn all the new suits you have gain from those missions and with all the rank up rewards you have 7500+ GP by now attemp to draw from the B rank machine or test your luck on other machine for your favourite suits. I don’t recommend playing death match right away since if you die with all your lifes in the first minute you spend the remaining time watching your team play for the rest of the game.

For ranks CPO>SCPO>MCPO>SCPO I recommend start playing death matches, come to expert channel and start a deathmatch room. You should get 90~133 pilot experience for win or losing in a 4 vs 4 deathmatch.

part B rank up your suits.

for rank recruit ~P02 suggest go back to training mission channel and play until destroy psycho very easy until your suit have at least special for pvp.

for rank P01~SCPO suggest

A) use your faith bonus every day play single mission (ground) 15 times on easy for 288 gold and unit experience

B) play battle ship of gunfire easy for 200 unit experience, make sure you have at least one B rank or A rank on your team for damage because C ranks don’t do damage to the ships in phrase two.

*tip get your A rank or B rank to destroy the engineers while C ranks destroy the main body of the ship. start with Defence ship top left one > then destroy supply ship bottom right> then destroy attack ship stable ship in the centre of the map..

C) play regular pvp match for 70~100 unit exp and just enjoy the game ( make sure you don’t kill the last person before time is 2:58 in death match for maximum gains)

D) go to expert channel set your B.Ship leader as the suit you want to train, play tag or grid matches win or lose you get 100 unit exp (make sure you don’t kill the last person before time is 3:58 in tag matches)

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