SD Gundam Online General Information and FAQ

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online General Information and FAQ by Dragoonza

This is a general FAQ for new players. If I’ve forgotten anything, pleas let me know and I’ll add it!

Required specs:

  • CPU: Pentium 4 – 1.8 Ghz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • VGA: Nvidia GeForce 4400 Ti or ATI Radeon 9600
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • CPU: Pentium 4 – 2.8 Ghz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • VGA: Nvidia GeForce 7600 or ATI Radeon X1600
  • DirectX 9.0c

THE BASICS:Q: What match modes are there?
A: There a good amount of match modes, and they are:

Team Points match is where teams will fight for 5 minutes, acquiring points via destroying the enemy! team sizes are 2-4-6, and points gained are C=2 B=3 A=4 S=5

FFA Points Match is the same, except it’s a total Free-For-All (FFA)

Team Death Match is a death match mode with lives, and the lives each rank gets are
C=3.8 B=2.9 A=2 S=1.75,   the decimals simply mean their last life is handicapped, starting at that fraction of health. (So an S rank will have full health it’s first life, but will only have 75% of it’s life upon it’s second. They can however still be repaired to 100% by a repair unit)

Battleship Match,
or tag TDM is when you choose one of your battleships to play with. A battleship can hold a total of 10pts. worth of units. Some examples are: 2 S ranks, 2 A ranks and 1 C rank, 1 A and 2 B ranks, etc.

This mode plays just like TDM, except you can tag between your units, allowing a varied form of play and strategy. You get 3-5 tags based on your battleship of choice, with the tag reload varying based on your tag count total.
P.S. Eventually you’ll be able to attack with your battleship once a match, but I doubt this feature will be on the NA server upon launch.

Going to skip zone or w/e it’s called, no one plays it anyways.
Boss Mode is a unique form of Team Points match, where one at a time a member of each team will be in BOSS status. They’ll have “no-flinch” status(meaning melee doesn’t flinch them)  and increased atk/def as well. When a boss unit is destroyed they yield x5 their normal point total to the opposing team, however a Boss unit will obtain x5 points from each of it’s own kills as well.

Q: You mentioned ranks, what are these/what do they mean?
Ranks are a power classification for units.
C ranks are your run of the mill mass production units, like Zakus, GMs, and the Jegans.
B ranks include some lower class gundams, unique units (Hambrabi, Methuss), and customized mass production models (Gouf Custom, CGUE Deep arms)
A ranks are more distinct units, consisting of high tier gundams (RX-78 magnetic coating, Strike), specialized unique units(The-O, Zeong), and Mobile Armors(Elmeth, Psycho Gundam)
S ranks Consist of flagship units, and top tier units. You’ll see mobile armors like the Neue Ziel here, gundams like the Wing Gundam Zero(EW), and final antagonist units like the Sazabi and Susanowo.

Beyond their point and life total differences; higher rank units have higher stats, more diverse attacks, and more unique skills. So where as C ranks will have a standard attack set, a basic set of skills (atk up/def up for example) the Wing Zero Custom(EW) will have two modes(5 weapon total) and the skills booster extension and ZERO SYSTEM.
So lower rank units need to win via spamming their lives, and higher ranks units survive via being bulky monsters of destruction.

A lot like the show, funny how that works…:D
There are also subranks,
U= Custom paint, these units are paint schemes from players on other servers. They tend to play a bit differently from their normal counterparts as well.
R= Rare, these units can only be obtained from capsules and events.
S= Specialized, these units can only be constructed via Mix plans(blue prints basically)

They play by the same rules of their associated main rank, but tend to be a little stronger.( I myself tend to refer to them as 1.5 rank units =P)

Q: Someone mentioned a Rock,paper,scissor system. What is this?
Beyond being labeled by rank, units are also labeled by their type of rock, paper, or scissor.
Rocks tend to be melee orientated, and use less boost to dash horizontally, but use a lot to dash vertically.Papers are your long range and sniper style units. They can dash vertically for very little boost, but horizontally their boost gauge depletes very quickly.Scissors are your mid game users. They have averaged use of their boost no matter their direction, and their attacks tend to be more based on mid range DPS.

THE GOLDEN RULE FOR TYPES IS THAT YOU DEAL 20% MORE AND ALSO TAKE 20% MORE.So for example if a scissor is facing a rock, the rock will deal 20% extra damage while the scissor will deal 20% less damage. This is why staying near-ish to your team mates and watching each others backs is almost always necessary.

Q: Is there PvE?
A:  Yes and no.
Yes in that there are mission rooms, where you and a team of 3 other players work together to achieve a goal against NPCs, often times based in a story arc of one of the shows.
No in that there are no other forms of pve and that these missions are short, and GRINDY in order to get the blue prints you desire.

In KR i ran a mission called “Descending Sword” based on an episode of SEED roughly 12 times. This is about and hour and x minutes worth of play. i got 30% of the vouchers I needed for the unit Mix Plan I wanted.

So i hope for all of you, that the rate won’t be as low here. It’s a game, not a job :S

Q: Is there a player ranking system?
A:  Yep yep! You start off as a trainee, and work your way up from there.
The ranks of Warrant officer to General are, however, based on your player EXP total compared to the rest of the server.
In KR I am a 2nd LT., therefore I’m within the top 30%.

Rank%2021%20general%20of%20the%20army.gifGeneral of the Army8,130,200Top player in game (1 person max)
Rank%2020%20general.gifGeneral5,420,100 (6,471,809)Rank 2-10 (9 people max)
Rank%2019%20lieutenant%20general.gifLieutenant General3,613,400 (4,511,719)Rank 11-100 (90 people max)
Rank%2018%20major%20general.gifMajor General2,408,900 (3,148,486)Rank 101-500 (400 people max)
Rank%2017%20brigadier%20general.gifBrigadier General1,605,900 (2,574,035)Rank 501-1000 (500 people max)
Rank%2016%20colonel.gifColonel1,070,600 (1,989,745)Top 1% of people
Rank%2015%20lieutenant%20colonel.gifLieutenant Colonel713,700 (1,684,721)Top 2% of people
Rank%2014%20major.gifMajor475,800 (1,481,920)Top 3% of people
Rank%2013%20captain.gifCaptain317,200 (1,182,728)Top 5% of people
Rank%2012%20first%20lieutenant.gifFirst Lieutenant246,000 (586,729)Top 15% of people
Rank%2011%20second%20lieutenant.gifSecond Lieutenant186,600 (308,010)Top 30% of people
Rank%2010%20warrant%20officer.gifWarrant Officer139,000 (178,957)Top 50% of people
Rank%2009%20sergeant%20major.gifSergeant Major103,400
Rank%2008%20master%20sergeant.gifMaster Sergeant74,900
Rank%2007%20lance%20sergeant.gifLance Sergeant48,600
Rank%2006%20staff%20sergeant.gifStaff Sergeant25,700
Rank%2003%20private%20first%20class.gifPrivate First Class1000
Rank%2001%20trainee.gifTrainee0You start with this rank

Q:What is unit customizing?
A: In short, it’s using Custom and OVER custom points to upgrade your unit. These are earned through leveling your unit.

The leveling order of your unit is:
Special attack
Skill 1
Skill 2

Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
OC 1
OC 2
OC half battery(costs less to repair your unit)
OC 4 (you get 2 points)
OC 5 (2 points again)
OC 6 (3 points, but low success rate)
OCEX Allows you to add a small 3rd skill, like .5 of a second longer boost, a point of attack, etc.

The lower the rank of a suit, the better performance increase you’ll see from customizing it.

I think that’s about it for general FAQ, if I think of anything else, or other veterans let me know of something I’ll update this. Enjoy!

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