SD Gundam Online Level Up User Rank Through PvP Guide

SD Gundam Online Level Up User Rank Through PvP Guide by Ryuunovus

The best way to level up user rank is by PvP (Player vs Player) battle. However, it is advised to be at least Private First Class (otherwise you may risk getting kicked out of the room) . The reason I recommend PvP battle over normal missions is because that in missions, if you lose, you don’t get any user profile exp, but in PvP battle even if you lose, you still get 90 exp, and if you win, you get 130+. Not only that, it is easy to gain quite a good amount of in-game points from PvP battles.

Typical PvP battles


This is your typical non-stop deathmatch that lasts 5 minutes. Players will respawn shortly after death and defeating an enemy yields your side points. C-ranks are worth 2 points, B-ranks are worth 3 points, A-ranks are worth 4 points, and S-ranks are worth 5 points. The team or player with the most points at the end wins.


Just like points battle, but each time, a random player will be selected as the ‘BOSS’, PK by BOSS get double points, but when the BOSS get shotdown, it will be 5x the usual amount of points.


This is a deathmatch that can last up to 5 minutes. Players will respawn shortly after death provided they have lives remaining. C-ranks have 4 lives, with slightly reduced life on the fourth life. B-ranks have 3 lives and A-ranks have 2 lives, both with full health on all lives. S-ranks have 2 lives, but have about half health on the second life. The team that eliminates the enemy team first or has the most remaining team point value wins.

Here is what I would recommend you to do

1.     Of course you need some good units (MS) to before joining in a PvP battle (otherwise, you may risk getting kicked out of the room).

2.     To get good MS (Mobile Suit) is by completing quest, since it may take a lot of points to get a B rank or above from the Capsule Machines (but of course if you are very lucky, you can give it a try). Go to Beginner Channel and select Missions. Here is a list of quest I would recommend you to do,

Tutorial: Movement Training 1               Complete      Zaku II
Tutorial: Movement Training 2               Complete      M1 Astray
Tutorial: Combat Training 1                   Complete      Gouf
Tutorial: Combat Training 2                   Complete      GM Sniper Custom

but of course, these are only C Ranks units, but they do give you a good start. After completing a few Easy Mission, you should be on Private First Class, and new quests will be unlocked. The next set of quest I would recommend are the followings which will get you some B Rank units.

Easy Mission 3      Complete      Gundam Ground Type
Easy Mission 4      Complete      Astray Red Frame
Easy Mission 5      Complete      Gundam Mk-II (AEUG)
Easy Mission 6      Complete      Gelgoog
Easy Mission 7      Complete      GuAIZ
Easy Mission 8      Complete      Gundam Ez8
These will be good starter units for PvP battles.

3.     To get into PvP battle, go to Beginner Channel and select Battles.

And enjoy, sometimes it does get repetitive doing the same mission again and again, but with PvP, it’s a lot more fun, and you won’t get bored.

Remember, paper>rock>scissors>paper, so if you enter a room with lots of rocks (units), then change into paper (unit) for an advantage.

And of course if you want to enter PvP battle with an A rank unit, then you will have to complete the following quests

Normal Mission 1      Complete      Full Armor Gundam
Normal Mission 2      Complete      Duel Gundam
Normal Mission 3      Complete      Strike Gundam
Normal Mission 4      Complete      GP-03S “Dendrobium Stamen”
Normal Mission 5      Complete      Shining Gundam
Normal Mission 6      Complete      G-3 Gundam
Normal Mission 7      Complete      Psyco Gundam
Normal Mission 8      Complete      Aegis Gundam

But to complete those quest, it is better to have a well trained B rank.

Rank Table

Sergeant Major                  103,400
Master Sergeant                 74,900
Lance Sergeant                  48,600
Staff Sergeant                   25,700
Sergeant                           10,200
Corporal                            3000
Private First Class               1000
Private                               400
Trainee                             0      You start with this rank

Level Up Units
Again PvP (Player vs Player) battle is the way to go (you get more experience from PvP battle than those missions).

Unit Rank
with Soldier, you can use Special attack, and with Custom 1 and 2 you can increase your unit’s stat.

1. Go to Beginner Channel (instead of mission, select battle)

2. Depending on how many PK (Player Kill) you get, you get more experience, but at the very least you will get around 130 exp per battle.

(But if you prefer missions, then I would suggest Protect Jaburo Base Part One OR Single Mission-Space. Both will get you a good amount of exp, 150~220 depending on how well you do, but the problem with the single mission is that you only gain very little player rank exp, and with the co-op missions, if you lose, you can no player rank exp, in-game points, and only around 38 unit exp.)

If you have extra astro to spend, you can buy empty experience packs and fill them up with your mastery points to level up your units.

P.S. Make sure to check out events on Thursday and Friday which double exp gained from battle, as well as your daily faith points (which adds extra 20% experience).

Hope this helps

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