Saga of Hero Stats Guide

Saga of Hero Stats Guide by dysmetria

I’ve noticed a few people asking what stats they should raise in World Chat, so I thought that a guide might come in handy to help people raise them.  While we get a skill reset around level 50, and more from guild contribution and possibly even the treasure hunt, stat resets will cost you $ or a large amount of gold. So place those attribute points carefully.

Assassins are easy.  Put all your points into Strength.  Agility just does not give you nearly as much bang for your buck, and dumping some into Vitality takes away from your primary role, but you can go those routes if you want less DPS and a bit more survivability.


This class is easy as well.  No matter what skills you choose dump all your attribute points into Intellect.  You could dump some into Vitality for more survivability, but like with Assassins that would take away from the Daemons primary role as a DPS.

Unfortunately things get trickier with these last three classes.  With Rangers you want to increase Strength if you are are a Devil Shooter, or raise Intellect if you are a Ghost Archer.  If you are going for a hybrid build, then you should raise the stat of whichever skill tree you are using to attack with.

Assigning attribute points to a Priest is even more difficult.  You want Intellect if you are going to be a healer and go the Herald Priest Route, but if you instead go the Blood Evil or Hybrid route, you will have to choose between more damage and heal power from raising Intellect, or more survivability from raising Vitality, or even a mixture of the two.  There are a lot of ways to go here, depending on your personal preferences and which way you choose to increase your skills.

Warriors are also difficult to spec.  As an Unyielding you want to go full Strength, to squeak out as much damage as possible, but as a Hybrid or a Holy Rider, you should choose between Strength, Vitality, or a mixture of the two.  Again there are a lot of ways to go here, and ultimately that will depend on your personal tastes and skill choices.

Hope this helps and happy hunting.

Server: Heroes Awaken
Character: Longshot

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