Saga of Hero Honorable Ranks Guide

Saga of Hero Honorable Ranks Guide by noyee

Honorable Ranks
There are 19 Honorable Ranks in Saga of Hero as in the following list.

What are the benefits of Honorable Ranks?
1 Honourable Equipment (PVP sets)
Players with certain Nobility can exchange PVP Sets at Commander -Star polis (StarPolis x33 y77)

Annihilation Suit

2 Honorable Stipend Collection
Obtain 5 or more Gift Vouchers based on the Aristocratic Rank.1/day
How to promote your Honorable Rank?
When you reach Lvl 40 and completed all tasks; your rank will be Night, more or less, now doing tasks is less fame to earn, to promote your rank you need join the following activities.
1 Monster Slay
2 The Prophetic Arena Battle
3 Guild Resource Contention
4 Despatch – escort -loot
5 PK

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