Pit of War War Build Guide

Pit of War War Build Guide by crow

Here is my guide for building war gladiators. There are 3 main types of war gladiators that have bled on the sands of the arena.

Offensive War Gladiator- An attack first based gladiator, still uses several defensive techniques along with his offensive arsenal to bring the pain.

Defensive War Gladiator– A parry based gladiator. His main strategy is to parry the incoming blows and hit back when his opponent presents and opening, similar to counter attack, but attacks on dropped guard. Where as counter attack, attacks immediately afterwards. He can and will go offensive when the right opportunities present themselves in the fight.

War Tank – A defensive minded gladiator that usually wins by exhausting his opponents. This is a very easy and popular way to win in the lower ladders, but becomes increasingly more difficult in the upper ladder of the game.

Hybrid War – I have not seen or come across many of these builds yet. I am currently in the early part of experimenting with this build with my 3rd and anonymous stable that I operate. I will update this when complete.

First thing to do when building a great war gladiator is to find a worthy slave with the right attributes for this task. I will do this in my order of importance.

Size – They have to be big enough to carry there armor without being encumbered too much. There is no point in having a war gladiator if you do not use the heavy armor. This type of armor is one of his biggest advantages in the game, so use it. I will not normally go any smaller than 75. (Alpha II is an exception, because I did not know much about the game at the time.)

Stamina – Because there armor is so heavy they will burn there energy a little faster then the other 2 types of gladiators. Also this is a must if you plan on running a defensive war or a war tank. An offensive war benefits greatly form this too, lets him keep attacking without stopping for a breather. I normally look for 80+ in this stat.

Strength – Your war glad needs to be strong enough to not only wear his armor, but also hit hard too. This stat I want it to be 70+

Intellect – Helps with your training and I believe a high intellect fighter brings intangibles to the fight that does not show up on the screen, but will get you a lot of wins. I believe it helps with your active skills. Hard to prove, but some of the best fighters mostly have high IQ. I want this skill 70+

Chi- this is a luxury skill, but definitely helps elevate your critical hits damage. I look for 65+ in this skill

Agility – If running a defensive war or a war tank this is not very important, since you’re are not trying to hit first and often anyways. Also with the wars skill set being built correctly you can offset others major speed advantage in many ways. We will get into that later. I look for this 65+

Presence – personally I don’t give a rats ass about this attribute.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Weapon skill- This should be the only skill you train till you get it to level 10 in the skill. I have argued with others on this concept, but I have emphatic proof now with my 3rd stable on this. There only losses for the most part come from exhaustion, and they only use grey gear and weapons and all of them have 85% or better winning percentages. It will normally take you till your glad gets around level 19 to achieve this. They are still winning consistently in the elite and juggernaut divisions. Also DO NOT use skill points on a 2nd weapon skill this can be done more efficiently later.

Create Distance- Might be the best overall skill in the entire game. Every single war or theatrics build at the top has this skill built to level 9 or 10. At level 10 you can count on you war glad using this actively once a round, this is incredibly devastating to a 2hander that only gets a shot or 2 a round. This skill has many times been the difference maker in the arena.

Feint – Drops your opponents guard (defense value) for the hit. This is very important when fighting other war gladiators, as it helps get by there guard and through there armor a little better.

Brute Strength – I would recommend this to all types of war builds. It conjunction with feint, it really helps in hammering past a wars armor and a theatrics guard.

Barreling Attack – unless your running an attack war glad, I would not use this. If you decide to use it, I would recommend only taking it to level 5 this will do the trick and let your Death from above skill take over.

Death From Above – Boosts your war glad’s attack power when your opponent is on the mat. This does work in good combination with barreling attack. I have not taken this skill past level 7, so I don’t know how effective it can be. I will update you on this later.

Grim Determination – This skill comes in handy during a very close fight. This skill is made for those running defensive or war tanks. It allows the fight to keep going if you have an advantage. Personally I don’t use this much, but I have seen its effectiveness at high levels.

Armor movement – One of the most important skill an offensive war gladiator can have. Especially a 2hand weapon or pole arm using war glad. This skill at very high levels will let you glad get the first shot in a round many times.

War Cry- Reduces your opponent initiative to attack. Basically along with high armor movement and high war cry your glad will get the first shot in many times if he is fighting offensively

Hamstring – One of my personal favorites. This at max level 10 will reduce your opponents attacks by 75%, which a higher levels can mean game over for that particular fight. If running defensively you can always have a fight strategy set up for this. Use the I attack more strategy and hopefully it will come up for you. I wish Nate would add “Opponent is hamstrung” option.

Athleticism – Very important skill for a defensive war glad or an offensive war glad using a pole arm or 2handed weapon. It increases your chances that you will successfully land your attempted shot on your opponent. A large weapon user only gets 1 or 2 hits a round and a defensive glad the same, so you need to make your attacks count.

Combat Instincts and Battle Prowess – These 2 skills I have not been overly impressed with. Yes your attack power goes down some during the fight. But I have not noticed a huge difference in attack power from early on in the fight versus later in the fight. I usually have a few points invested here but not much.

Master of Arms – If you plan switching the type of weapon your glad uses or want to use a shield, this is the skill. Remember this skill will only be as high as your highest level attained on your weapon skill. So if you get this to level 10 and your weapon skill is 9, then your master of arms skill is still 9.

Battle Hardened- I have not attained this skill but I am currently working towards it with Cypress. This seems to be the skill to use if you are building a War tank. I will update you with my progress when I get this skill going.


Offensive War glad build-

Weapon skill – level 10
Feint – Level 10
Create Distance – Level 10
Brute Strength – Level 10
Armor Movement – Level 10
War Cry – Level 10
Hamstring – Level 10
Athleticism – Level 10
Death from Above – Level 10
The other skills can be personal preference spread to either barreling attack, grim determination, Iron Jaw, or Combat instincts or Battle Prowess.
The combination of level 10 War Cry, Create Distance, Armor Movement, and Hamstring will bring the even the fastest most agile gladiators in the arena to their knees.

Defensive War – Use everything you see above but use the extra points available for either Combat Instincts and Battle prowess, maybe even Battle Hardened.

Also substitute your high level armor movement and war cry for master of arms and get a tower shield. Since your glad is not interested in striking first then you will not need the initiative boost.

War Tank- I would not recommend going outside the war skill tree. Except for 5 points of brute strength.

Weapon skill – Level 10
Feint – Level 10
Create Distance – Level 10
Grim Determination – Level 10
Athleticism – Level 10
Battle Prowess – Level 10
Combat Instincts -Level 10
Battle Hardened – Level 10
Master of Arms – Level 10 (Shield)
Brute Force – Level 5
War Cry or Armor Movement – Level 5


Offensive War

Strategy 1- Bash or Slash or Lunge, find your “sweet spot” which is that place where your guys makes his most attacks and still hits fairly hard. Different for everyone.

Strategy 5 – Fighting other War- I would recommend when fighting other wars is to parry them. There armor is such that a lot of times it is beneficial to wait till they drop their guard then strike.

Strategies 2-4 : These are up to you, but find situations that will let you “crank up the power” and your guy won’t get pummeled for doing so.

Note: I would not recommend standing in front of a powerful Rage and try to parry their shots, they are designed mostly to smash right through your guard. And 2hand rages are the best at that.

Defensive War
Strategy 1- Parry – Bash, Slash, lunge: Again find your sweet spot in which you attack accurately and powerfully.

Strategy 2-5- Turn the table and go offensive at the right times, or tank when the situation is right.

War Tank

Strategy 1: Duhhhhh Tank baby tank!!!

Strategy 4: When opponent is moderately tired I would recommend to start Parrying the shots and start firing back.

Strategy 5: When opponent is very tired: Bash, Slash, Lunge- He is tired and not going to fight back much, now let him have it!!!

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