Pit of War Top 50 Gladiators Analysis

Pit of War Top 50 Gladiators Analysis by Apoca1ypse

top 40 as of 10:15pm 30/12/2011 UTC +10:00

You’ll notice that war seems to occupy most of the higher end of the list, with all 8 in the top 20. The rest are splattered through the rest of the ladder. because of this, I bothered to do standard deviations to see how each class was performing. I also did it for each glad as well (and graphed too) in case managers are interested in their glads.

Note: S&B; = Sword and Board -> weapon and Shield

Graph of the top 40 std. dev for any managers interested.

Wars are doing damn well, being a standard deviation in front of the other specialties. rage is -0.2 and theatrics are -0.3, so they’re roughly even, but rage is performing a little better.

Next step was to check weapon configs, which were all pretty even. Lastly, I decided to see how each specialty/weapon config performed. It’s a little scewed because Eruption is such an outlier, but regardless, All the war variations are in front, lead by 2H War and DW War. PA war, DW rage and all theatric styles are even, while 2H rage takes out the bottom of the scores.


Points taken from 31/01/2012 (i neglected to note time)

this is the change in points that lasts month’s top 40 have had. the guys in black have retired or slipped out of the top 50

I’m a little sad that my 2H guys are doing so poorly. at least wargh is kicking ass, even if it is because belgarad gave him 11 wins while he was testing stuff

graph of everyone’s Std Dev

This is net movement of the various specialties/styles across january using those left from the december top 40. while it doesnt look too different, DW glads, who take up most of the field are performing much better. 2H rage still sucks, doubling it’s deficit

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