Pit of War FAQ

Pit of War Frequently Asked Questions by Nate

Q: Can I create multiple accounts?
A: You may only create another account if you have already expanded your barracks to 5 gladiators with your current stable and would like to manage more. Violation of this may result is the additional accounts being deactivated.

Q: Why does my gladiator pass out all the time?
A: There are many reasons this could be happening, and it is usually a combination of them. Here are some of the more obvious ones:

  • Your gladiator has a low stamina and you are running him at a high activity level and/or using an endurance intensive style like Berserk.
  • Your gladiator is weighed down in weapons and armour. Be sure to keep his encumbrance bar in the green (at or below 25%). As you get more experience you might find you can go higher, but if you are having trouble keeping your guy on his feet, then lighten up his load by using a lighter weapon or armour.

Q: Why did my gladiator lose, he had more health than the other guy?

A: Once a certain threshold is hit the Enforcer will start thinking about saving your gladiator and preventing him from dying. Sometimes both gladiators will be past that threshold and based on numerous factors (the Presence attribute being a big one) the Enforcer will stop the fight and save your gladiator even if he has more health than the other guy. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to take the chance that your gladiator’s opponent gets in one last lucky hit.

Q: How can I see my gladiator’s health and endurance during the fight?
A: Click on those little green square icons with the orange ‘+’ mark in them at the beginning of the sentence. That will expand down and display a lot of useful information on the status of your gladiator. This also works with critical hits so you can see what effects might occur.

Q: Why can’t my gladiator wear heavy armour without his encumbrance bar going yellow or red?
A: Your gladiator’s SIZE attribute is very important in determining the carrying capacity of your gladiator. Strength also factors into this but not as much as Size. You can’t train your size so if you want to make a gladiator who will wear the heaviest armour and not be encumbered by it, be sure to buy a slave with a very high size and strength.

Q: Why did my gladiator’s training points disappear?
A: Every day when the server resets at 2am PST all unused training points are removed. Be sure to log in each day and use them.

Q: How do I stop Jimmy the Squid from taking my gold?
A: In the Stable Upgrades section under the Staff option, you’ll see the option to buy Guards. Each time you upgrade your guards it reduces the chance Jimmy will come by and collect his money.

Q: How do I get more trophies?
A: The easiest and quickest way is to go to the bank and purchase them for real money. You are also allowed to convert gold into trophies at the bank. You are currently limited to one per day so if patience isn’t your strong suit you may prefer the first option. Alternatively you can sometimes find them during tavern contracts and are awarded one when your gladiator kills his opponent in the arena.

Q: What do the different colored gems mean on the items?
A: The gem color represents the quality of the item:

  • Gray – Has seen a lot of battles and better days.
  • White – A good solid item that can be counted on to deliver results.
  • Green – Magical items crafted by the skilled blacksmiths of the various races in the Great Realm.
  • Blue – Powerful items forged using arcane materials and master skill.
  • Purple – Among the most powerful and rare in the Great Realm, these items often turn the tide in any battle!
  • Orange – Legendary items and artifacts heard about in stories and heroic tales!

Q: What determines the level of the items the Blacksmith shows me?

A: The first time you visit the blacksmith and each time you cycle the items he checks to see what level the currently selected gladiator is, and then he shows you items around that level.

Q: What is in the Chamber of Power?
A: The Blacksmith keeps all of his very high end items (Blues and Purples) in the Chamber of Power. If you’d like to get yourself a big upgrade, this is a good place to do it.

Q: What is the school Arms & Armour?

A: Arms & Armour is the school of thought that teaches the following specialties: Rage, War and Theatrics. Think of the schools like Martial Arts styles such as Kung-Fu or Ju-jitsu. Within each of those styles there are more specific styles or techniques (i.e. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). As a Master of your own stable you have hired trainers from this school to teach your gladiators its secrets. In coming expansions more schools will be available.

Q: What is the best strategy to use and skills to train in for my gladiator?

A: There is no simple answer for this question. You will be better served to ask this question in the specific forum for your gladiator’s specialty and see if any of your fellow Masters will help you out.

Q: What are the attributes listed below the percent chance to train on the skills screen?

A: Those are the attributes that factor into calculating the percent chance of training that skill. Those attributes and his current skill level yield the final percent chance.

Q: If I’m unhappy with my gladiator how can I get a new one?
A: Go to the slave market and sell your gladiator and buy a new one.

Q: When I try and sell my gladiator it tells me I’m going to lose all his equipment, is this true?
A: Yes, when you sell a gladiator you are selling him and everything on him. If you don’t wish to sell his equipment then be sure to unequip anything you want to keep.

Q: I don’t have enough vault slots to unequip all my gladiators equipment, how can I get more?
A: In the Stable Upgrades section you’ll see a place to upgrade your vault. You can buy as many vault slots as you can afford, there is no cap.

Q: What are the “Challenge” and “Avoid” options?
A: These options give you some control over who your gladiators will get matched up against. Issuing a challenge or avoid does not guarantee it will be granted but instead gives you a chance it will be granted.

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