Mortal Online Magic Comprehensive Guide

Mortal Online Magic Comprehensive Guide by Xaz

This is a Public Guide on how to most efficiently level and play a Mage.

I am by no means an expert and this guide is subject to change. If you have any suggestions or anything is incorrect please post below so I can change the original post and credit you on the changes post

I hope you Enjoy Reading


Please bear in mind this section is very much up to preference and playstyle.

Stats and what they do for Mages.

Strength: Provides Stamina, Melee damage, Maximum Carry Weight and Maximum Equipment Weight.
Dexterity: Some Stamina and Footspeed.
Constitution: Provides Health, Stamina, Some Maximum Carry Weight, Equipment Weight and Runspeed.
Psyche: Provides Spell Resisitance, Max Mana & Passive Mana Regeneration.
Intelligence: Provides Max Mana, Passive Mana Regeneration, Spell Resistance and Magic Damage
A combination of PSY & INT determines Mana Regeneration.
Height: Bonuses to Max Health, Stamina, Maximum Carrying Capacity & Jumping Height.
Not putting points in Height will give you more Attribute points to spend on other stats.Height is currently unable to be changed after creating your character so think carefully.

Fun Fact: Pure Blood Sheevra 80 years old give 120 psyche cap, with a 104 int cap

A word of Advice: The game is constantly changing but I highly recommend Pure Veela 22 Years Old.
STR (82)
DEX (120)
CON (100)
PSY (102)
INT (92)
Up to 182 Max Height

Versatile to restat depending on the flavor of the month.

Fun Fact: Red Mages find it useful to read the Reading Skill book to increase PSY and INT attributes after a stat loss.

There are also certain Mage Builds that have lower dex and higher Intelligence or Psyche. These builds act as incredibly powerful healers but struggle when attacked in melee. Blocking attacks in combat mode with these Mana Battery builds is highly recommended.
Alone you are weak but in a group very powerful indeed.

_____ __________________________________________________ _____

Weight and its effect on you

The weight of your character can affect you in different ways. Your weight class will change your attributes in different ways.

Skeletal – ISBAD
Skinny – ISBAD
Lean – +5DEX -5STR
Fit –
No Change
Stout – +5STR -5DEX +5CON
Overweight – ISBAD
Bulging – RLYBAD

Please look for a more detailed guide for any other queries. Personally I like the hitpoint increase from being Stout which combined with my height gives me a close to 180 hitpoints.

But the Dexterity from being LEan is also an attractive option.
_____ __________________________________________________ _____

Equipment Weight

Different people will have different builds to suit their playstyle.

I personally have invested the 80 points (50 in Combat Maneovering and 30 in Armor Training) to boost my Equipment weight from 4 to 6.

You must be aware that for every equipment point you go over 4, a penalty of minus 10% Mana Regeneration is incurred.

It is perfectly feasable to wear Heavy Armor and still be an effective mage within a group. I personally require the regeneration and the mobility. There is nothing stopping you from lowering your dex significantly and investing those points into maximum mana and walking around like a Juggernaut using a shield to deflect attacks. Especially when Mana Potions are available.
_____ __________________________________________________ _____


These are non negotiable. These are directly related to your Magic/Mana.

Mental Training (Primary) – Parent Skill
Mental Offense (Primary) – This Skill significantly increases your Damage and Healing.
Concentration (Secondary) – 0-40% Chance to not be interupted while Channeling Spells.
Mental Focus (Secondary) – 0-50% Reduced Mana Cost
Fun Fact: Reading used to come under this as a Primary Skill, good to build up Reading skill early and to drop later when done Reading all your books

Vitalism (Primary) – Parent Skill
Mana Regeneration (Secondary) – 25%-100% more passive Mana Regeneration.
Optional: Meditation (Primary) – 0-75% more Mana Regeneration while resting.
You need 40 Resting to get Meditation. The higher this is the more Mana you will Regenerate.

Magic Schools (Secondary) – Parent
Ecumenical Spells (Primary) – This decides what spells you can or cannot cast and decides your spell fizzle rate.
Optional – Spiritism (Primary) – oooo00000

Below I will attempt to list skills that you may choose. I have already made my conclusions but this, as always subject to your preference.

Fun Fact: Even if you learn a skill and lock it 0 you still get + skill contribution from your attributes. ie 0 Survival +10 Swimming from Attributes.

Agility (Primary) – Parent Skill
Breathing Technique (Secondary) – 0-10% less stamina drain when sprinting in non combat mode.
Footspeed (Secondary) – 0-10% more movement speed when not in combat mode
Jumping (Secondary) – 0-30% jump height and 0-5% less fall damage
Landing Technique (Secondary) (Parent Skill is Jumping) – 0-20% less fall damage
Sprinting (Secondary) – +20% speed while sprinting
The Secondary Skills provided by Agility is not to be ignored. If you want the mobility to get away or to chase people down I highly recommend you max this.

Riding (Primary) – Parent Skill
Controlled Riding (Secondary) – 0-35% less stamina drain when mounted
Swift Riding (Secondary) – 0-20% faster riding speed
Riding is the best way to not only get around but to escape ganks and chase people down. You can cast while riding providing that you are not going full riding speed and don’t rotate. Highly recommend you max this.

Anatomy (Primary) – Parent Skill
You need this to use bandages. You can bandage to save time and mana leaving you free to be able to either heal a teammate or cast that extra spell you need to finish someone.

Defensive Stance (Primary)
Would highly recommend maxing this on your character. A mage without this really is living on the edge.

Domestication (Secondary) – Parent Skill
Taming (Primary) – To tame a creature
Creature Control (Primary) – To command a creature

Combat Manoevering (Primary) – Parent Skill
Armor Training (Primary) – To increase your equipment weight and Protection
Heavy Armor Training (Secondary) – Better Protection for Heavier Armors

Fun Fact: Using attributes to boost your skills means you have room for more skill points.

You may want to check out Endurance for extra max stamina, Survival for Swimming related Skills or Balance for knockback and knockdown resistance. If they change how some weapons work this may be a requirement. Also Unarmed Blocking seems to be a fun one and extremely overpowered if you can land the blocks draining your opponents stamina and buying you time to either run or go aggressive.

Star Vault will probably add different spell skill sets so all of the above is subject to change. ie Unholy Magic/Holy Magic.

_____ __________________________________________________ _____

Levelling your skills

If you speak to the Mage Trainer you should have the basic Ecumenical Spell skill at the start, but if not, you get 1-80 by Reading Ecumenical Skill Books.

10-19 Purify
20-29 Corrupt
30-39 Lightning, Greater Healing
40-49 Fulmination, Magic Reflection
50-60 Thunderlash
60-70 Flamestrike
70 – 100 Earthquake

Fun Fact: If your earthquake stops advancing cast a Greater Heal on yourself, stand still then resume casting Earthquake. Should solve that problem.

Fun Fact: Use a bandage before resting each time to start working up anatomy if thats how your rolling.

If you find your spells are weak you need to spam Spurt on yourself to get your Stats up as well as Mental Offense.

Fun Fact: Hold Alt when releasing a spell to unleash it on your self

You will need magic books from Toxei or the Jungle Camp. Mental Focus is the most important skill and will not autolearn. Mana Regeneration will autolearn on its own pretty much if your Vitalism is high enough.

Having a high Intelligence skill will reduce the time it take to read books early on. Also will increase your mana pool.

_____ __________________________________________________ _____

Starting Out

I found I had no money when I started and no sugar daddies to provide me with help and equipment. So I made a Slag Hauler to help supply me with reagents.

I started out by creating a Slag Hauler in Meduli and killing a couple Pigs so I could afford Water. I then proceeded to mine, I mined until I couldn’t mine no more and banked all my Saburra.

You can now just go to the seaside and gather water. Check Actions in your skill list and drag to your toolbar.

I then took my Saburra Rock and Water to a Grinder and proceeded to churn out Malachite using the left over Saburra Powder to fund my skill books. First I bought Alchemical Minerology and then Sulphur Lore.

Please find an up to date Extraction and Refining Guide if you wish to delve into the world of Mining.
Fun Fact: Coal is needed later at around 60 skill for Flamestrike onwards always think ahead!

Maxing DEX and CON at the start is very difficult but increases your ability to get around on foot. The best way is to train Combat Techniques, then Defensive Stance, then Blocking. I personally read them and stopped reading pre dawn but now all you need to do is perform the action. All you do then is get some creatures or some allies to beat on you until you get your attributes to where you want them.
You must be blocking the damage for full effect!!!

Where to get Books, prices and other various information

For Book locations please visit this very helpful site:…ine-book-list/

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