Mortal Online Fishing Guide

Mortal Online Fishing Guide by Arkah Kilair

The better they are, the farther they let you cast. only difference ive seen

Basic line is the cheapest, but will be lost every time your hook gets lost either by being stuck, or eaten. The strong line will not be lost so easily, if at all (ive never lost it). At 100 fishing skill, with all 3 different rods, i reel in constantly as soon as i hook a fish without stopping and have never lost a line, hook, or pole.

Different sized hooks will catch different fish more easily. The only two fish i’ve caught thus far, the Harberus and Canne (or whatever they are called) are a large and small fish, respectively. The size 10 hook will hook the Harberus but not the Canne. If a canne bites, you will see the “Something tugs on your line!” message, But setting the hook will fail, and vice versa for the size 1 hook.

Lets say your after Laake, for example. But along with the lake you often pull in herberus, Ventriosus, and water scorpions. (assuming ur using hook 5) If you want to ignore the water scorpion bites (why would you?!) you would swap to a size 10 hook. You’ll still get the tug message for smaller bites but you will rarely hook them. If you want to catch less of the bigger fish and concentrate more on scorpions and ventriosus, switch to a size 1 hook, as i assume they probably have smaller mouths?

If you are failing to catch anything (if it says Something tugs, you hit left mouse button to set the hook, and it doesn’t catch anything) try using a different sized hook.

I have used a size 100 hook to try to catch whales, with no success yet (i hope they exist)

You don’t need it, but it definitely helps. You can reuse the same bait over and over as long as you don’t lose your hook (or don’t lose the bait to getting your hook stuck). Fish will no consume the bait. Ive found that using the Canne (or whatever) fish, which is apparently very pricey per kilo, significantly increases my results. But you can really just use any old thing. so experiment.

If you feel a nibble, tap left mouse button immediately to jerk your pole slightly. This will increase the frequency of nibbles and bites. If you feel a Tug, that’s a bite. Tap left mouse button to set the hook, and if successful, your float will go under and your pole will bend. at this time, HOLD DOWN left mouse button until your fish is reeled in.

Use the ticker on your Fishing display (labeled in CM) to adjust the length between your hook and float. if you set the line too long, and the water isn’t deep enough to accommodate it, your hook will get stuck. I find that lengthening your line to a reasonable depth while fishing improves your results. I have not noticed any increase is the size of the fish at different depths at all, but different fish live at different depths (crustaceans close to the bottom for instance.[crabs like the surface?])

If you hook gets stuck, don’t panic, you may not have to buy another one just yet. Tap left mouse button to tug your line. If the hook is still stuck, the tip of your pole will bend slightly, showing some tension. Keep taping until your pole no longer bends at the tip. Usually you will free your hook, with only your bait being lost possibly.

It can be fun for others to shove our asses into the ocean or lake were fishing from, and watch us sink under the weight of all the fish we’ve caught. The price of success. This can be avoided (i’ve been told, never actually drowned this way myself) by making sure you aren’t right on the edge of the lake (if you can cast far enough), or by making sure you don’t carry (armor included) over 10 kilos.

I’ve noticed at night in game, that the fish rarely seem to bite. While at Noon in game, i bring in quite a damn haul. I’m not sure if this is the same for ALL fish, but the two i try to catch where i am certainly play during the day.

I wrote this guide as a newbie based on self taught fishing over the course of 3 days. I had been unable to find any up-to-date guides, and the two i did find had inaccurate information(e.i. “don’t reel while lien is pulled cuz pole will break” or “different sized hook do nothing” etc)

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