Loong Online PVP Build Guide

Loong Online PVP Build Guide by Grail

Preliminary Notes

  • This build is for players who’s focus is pvp and pk.
  • This build is for players who plan to play for a very long time(years), or have a lot of cash to drop into this game.
  • This build is not easy, cheap, or quick in unlocking it’s full potential.
  • This build is possible.
  • This build is extremely overpowered and imbalanced.
  • This build’s power is derived primarily from it’s secondary skill tree.
  • This build’s premise can be applied to several different main weapons effectively.
  • This build, and it’s variants, will inevitably become required for pvp’ers who wish to remain competitive.
  • This build has absolutely no comparison in terms of raw strength, both offensively and defensively.
  • This build is very different than any build I have seen and is initially somewhat counterintuitive.


Currently, the strongest and most popular pvp builds are yang/yin and bow based characters. There is debate regarding which is actually the strongest and exactly how these builds should be made and used. My build has such incredible potential it makes every debated and currently existing build irrelevant. One subject on which almost everyone would agree is the sub par results when pairing an internal and external type skill tree in a character’s build. I would agree with this statement with one important exception: the very build I am detailing in this guide.

This particular combination offers the absolute most destructive offensive capabilities possible in this game while simultaneously providing a permanent defensive capacity far exceeding any other build. Yes, you read that correctly, a single character using this build can both dish out more damage than any other damage dealing build and at the same time withstand far more incoming damage than any other defensive based character build.

Throughout this guide I will assume a character of level80 with either bow or saber as the primary weapon and skill tree.

Now on to the good stuff.

The Build

Attribute points: 158

Strength: 40 points

Gives the required 121 strength to equip level 80 armor

Skill: 118 points

All remaining points will be put into skill

Talent points: 218

Bow/Saber: 124 points(max)

You have a couple options when it comes to selecting your primary weapon. This build will work best with either saber or bow as your main hand weapon, but can theoretically be applied to just about any weapon type with varying results.

The skills you select within your primary skill tree will be very similar to builds currently existing. At this time, I am not going to go into any depth about the particular builds for your main weapon tree as there are many other sources that outline your options very well.

You will have up to 124 points to distribute within your primary weapon tree depending on if you decide to get additional skills in the battle tree.

Yang: 69 points

Basic Yang Mastery 10/10

Tiger’s Breath 1/10
Spirit Shell 8/10
Whip Hand Strike 8/10

Intermediate Yang Mastery 10/10

Qi Shield 6/8
Divine Star 6/8
Breath of Yang 6/8

Advanced Yang Mastery 1/10

Invincible Will 1/6
Vital Energy 4/6
Ghostly Strikes 4/6
Soul of the Void 4/6

Battle: 25 points

Basic Tactics 5/5

Intermediate Tactics 5/5

Light Changeable 4/4
Ride Like the Wind 4/4

Advanced Tactics 1/5

Spirit and Energy 3/3
Hold Your Breath 3/3


Equipment plays a huge role in the strength of any character, but this build requires incredible equipment to realize it’s full potential. The equipment requirements of this build are the sole factor contributing to the difficulty of obtaining the desired effects. It would probably take years to obtain everything through in game methods only, or a significant amount of cash to buy/craft the required equipment.

Bow/Saber[Main Hand]

Minimum Requirement

The best you can obtain


Level 80 Divine Clan Artifact, Engraved20 with unique materials, and maximum gems+inscriptions

Fist/Totem[Off Hand]

Minimum Requirement

The best you can obtain


Level 80 Divine Clan Artifact, Inscribe20 with unique materials and five +60 Skill Strength Gems Modified(320 potential each)

Other Equipment[Armor, Cloak, and Ornaments]

Minimum Requirement

At least 1600 potential on each and every of the ten items. Each item must be embedded with five seals for a total of 50 seals comprised of the following:

-20 Gold Yellow Emperor Seal(-3) [Seal level 2; Already Modified]
-30 Gold Yan Emperor Seal(-3) [Seal level 2; Already Modified]


Each of your ten items are level 80 purple quality with the maximum potential of 2700. The items will be embedded with seals exactly as outlined under minimum requirements however the additional potential allows the addition of up to three +60 modified gems per item and several engraves and/or inscribes.

Details and ExplanationsThe huge claims I have made about this build may not be inherently obvious but can be made clear with a small amount of explaining and mathematical support. For organizational purposes, I have split this section into two sub-sections discussing both aspects of this build’s power.

Defensive Power
The unparalleled, near game breaking defensive power of this build is derived from your equipment and it’s seals combined with the yang skill Qi Shield. Understanding the defensive capacity of this combination requires a quick explanation of resistances and armor.


Armor is not explicitly defined in game but has been decently researched and documented by players. The accepted approximation is a 10% damage reduction for every ~300 armor.

Full level80 purple armor will result in approximately a 1500~2500 armor statistic on the character depending on upgrades and the type of armor. This is a static 50% to 83% damage reduction of all damage received.


Resistances are divided into seven different stats with each different category of weapon represented as a unique damage type. Totem and Fist(yang and yin) are considered as a single weapon/damage/resistance type. Every ten points a character has in a resistance is equal to a 1% reduction in damage taken of that specific type. Resistances can also be negative when a character is affected by certain debuffs and/or rage.

Qi shield’s Description reads “Reduces external damage taken by 35%” but in reality qi shield adds 350 points of resistance to each of the four external resistance types. This distinction is important and makes this build’s defensive power a reality.

Qi Shield’s +350 resistance points to the four external damage types combined with the 50 seals embedded in your equipment gives your character a total of 1000 resistance in every one of the seven damage types in this game.

If you’re still not catching on, 1000 resistance is equal to a 100% reduction in damage. Your character takes zero damage all the time. The only way your character can be damaged is through the use of resistance debuffs.
Bad ass.

Offensive Power
The offensive power of this build comes entirely from the yang skill Ghostly Strikes. This skill gives your character a 20 second buff letting all of your attacks ignore 80% of your target’s armor. Due to the percentage nature of this buff, the actual benefit to your character is directly proportional to the defensive strength of your enemy. The more armor your target has, the greater the effect ghostly strikes will have on your damage output.

As I stated earlier, a full set of level 80 unique(purple) quality armor will net players between 1500 and 2500 armor depending on several different factors. This gives a 50% to 83.3% reduction in damage you are dealing to this target. Ghostly strikes will reduce that armor count to 300~500 leaving your enemy with a 10% to 16.6% reduction in the damage you deal to them.

Realistic Quantitative Comparisons using Hypothetical Examples
Using some more math we can make direct comparisons between my build and others to further illustrate the incredible gap in power. I will compare a bow build using sword or saber as it’s secondary with my build using bow/yang. We will assume the following as given and equal:

-Level 80
-Exact same skills within the bow tree
-All attacks are made while under the status of debuff “blessed arrow”
-The second external tree adds 30% base damage output to the bow/other external user
-Exact same quality of equipment
-Assume an armor stat of 2100(70% reduction) for both players
-The bow/external character upgrades equipment for only increasing damage giving an extra 20% base damage oupute
-A skill which has a base damage of 10,000[10,000 base damage for bow/yang, and 15,000 damage for bow/other external]

Bow/external attacks Bow/yang:

Bow/Yang has 480 remaining Impact(bow) resistance, 48% reduction in damage.
15,000 [Base Damage] * .52[Impact Resistance] * .3 [Armor Reduction] = 2,340 Actual Damage

Bow/Yang attacks Bow/external

bow/external has -550 impact resistance (55% increase in damage) and 420 effective armor due to ghostly strikes (14% damage reduction)
10,000 [Base Damage] * 1.55[Impact Resistance] * .86[Armor Reduction] = 13,330 actual Damage.

I think those numbers speak for themselves. Bow/Yang will deal 469.7% more damage then the typical pure external bow user when attacking each other.

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