Loong Online Quench Guide

Loong Online Quench Guide by Cornhole

So after a long time messing around trying to figure out what the quench does, I have found out how to use it.

Before you can even worry about using the quench hardener you need to go to GuanTai in Yellow Emperor Castle and complete his quests so that you can get the dragon soul ability.

At some of the levels that are in the next picture you can gain the items from doing the quests.

You might be wondering what does this all have to do with the quench!?

I’ll tell you This quest provides you with two thing the ability to use the tables that are on equipment and it provides you with a dragon soul.

The dragon soul is what you will add to the piece of equipment that the table says you need to put it on.

Later your equipment might change and so will your dragon soul table needs.

This is were the quench hardener comes in. You can put equipment that has a dragon soul on it and change it to another type of dragon soul.

When you put an item in to the quench hardener it will need to have a dragon soul to be quenched.

As you can see, you will need quench materials.

You can change the dragon soul from one type to another. If you look at the example given of an item in the quench shop you will see what it takes to change the dragon soul to another type.

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