Loong Online Dragon and Phoenix Event Guide

Loong Online Dragon and Phoenix Event Guide by Pandamoniums

Requirements: Level 45+

1: Event starts, run fast to Yellow Emperor Castle!

2: Find Dancing Phoenix if you have a male character or Dancing(?) Dragon if you have a female character and receive their quest (will not have scroll above there heads) (Phoenix [2190,2698]), (Dragon [2021,2699])

3: Go to the north gate [2107,3107] and use your Festival X finder then destroy what ever spawns

3.5:Complete this quest as many times as you can within the hour, the more you do the more experience you can collect.

4: Go to the “Festival Contribution Winner” NPC [2108,2746]To receive your experience.

Edit: I know i forgot to add a 4. to the picture but i believe its obvious enough as it is. (I am lazy)

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