Loong Online Tips

Loong Online Tips by Pandamoniums

Please post tips you think people should know or things you wish you knew before you played the game etc.

– To delete a character you must first set a security password

– To view all skills click “simple display” at the bottom of the talent skill screen.

– Some NPCs have quest but don’t have scrolls above there heads.

– On local map (press N outside of a city) blue dots are quests

– On local map (press N outside of a city) Red dots are event monsters

– On local map (press N outside of a city) Double left click to auto run to your desired location

– After level 15 you can purchase Transfer points with in game money by click tactics at the bottom of the talent skills screen

– Press E to change weapons instantly

– Try to save the materials you get from earlier quests as they can be useful at later levels. (for upgrading etc)

– Save your dragon charms in till you are level 40 to get yourself a free level 40 set+weapon+cape

– If you plan on crafting (making items armors weapons etc) i would suggest you start collecting your materials at a low level as Vitality is annoy and takes ages to regenerate.

– For an easy title get 10/50/100 friends.

– Don’t be afraid to use those pots at lower levels they are fairly cheap.

– People are able to PK you from level 30 upwards

– Join a guild and make friends. The games more enjoyable that way.

– Check the Known issues thread http://loong.gamigo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27

– There is a manual pathfinder where you can input cords into underneath the mini map (the little hand)

– You can dual in the cultivating Court (not confirmed yet i haven’t tried (Npc says so))

– To make your weapon glow go to the Engraver Npc

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